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I didn't realize till much later that he was hoping she would be to me what Esme was to him...

Rosalie is a new born vampire and edward still isn't sure if carlisle did the right thing in changeing her.But what will happen when what carlisle wanted actually happen can they stay together?

a Story about Rosalie and Edward and the ups and downs of being a Vampire. (set in an alternate universe) Banner by me serenity banner

This is only my second fanfic so i hope everyone likes it

2. Chapter 2 - Thoughts

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Chapter 2-Thoughts

I was waiting now any moment now she would wake up.

Carlisle was at the hospital and Esme was in the back yard planting a rose bush.

We have this tradition that Carlisle started when he changed me. When there was a new addition to our ‘family’ he would plant something. I had never known about this until I found out from Esme.

He had planted an Oak tree for me and a lavender bush for Esme. Esme had now taken over responsibility for the planting, she chose what and where she would plant.

Esme thought it would be a good idea to plant a Rose bush for Rosalie.

Personally I thought the whole planting tradition was a bit cheesy but Carlisle and Esme didn’t. They enjoyed it

She stirred. I sat up immediately and put down the book I was reading. Her eyelids fluttered open

She got up very suddenly and started walking around the room, obviously unaware of my presence. But then she saw me. She stopped.

And then she broke down. She slid to the floor heaving in great dry sobs. I didn’t know what to do.

“Shhhhhhh” I said trying to soothe her. Slowly approaching her.

She didn’t pay any attention so I picked her up. She didn’t look shocked and she just kept trying to cry, so she must’ve heard me approaching. I took her over to the armchair I had recently vacated and laid her down gently.

Her thoughts were those of the night Carlisle saved her. She thought she was dirty, tainted even.

“Your not” I said trying to comfort her. “It was not your fault. It was Royce’s fault. He did this to you, you couldn’t stop them.”

I don’t know how I kept my voice calm and even when I thought of what they did to her.

She looked up in surprise and I didn’t know why until I realized that she didn’t know I could read minds and I had just answered her thoughts.

“I’m Edward Cullen” I stood up suddenly making her jump.

It was then I realized how beautiful she was. Her hair, which was scraped back into a no longer neat French plait, looked like it could have been made from pure gold. It almost shimmered in the sunlight – actually, scrap that, it did shimmer in the sunlight.

Her eyes although they were deep red they were also almond shaped and wide, her pale skin was smooth and flawless. Her nose and cheek bones were both perfect and angular. Even for a vampire her appearance was stunning.

I was at a loss for speech as I stared at her but she stared straight back. Her thoughts pretty much mirrored mine:

Oh my god. He is gorgeous. His hair it’s not brown but it’s not ginger its almost bronze. No it is bronze. His eyes their smouldering, they’re beautiful. They’re Topaz. Why has he suddenly started smiling? His smile-there’s no word for it. If he’s not careful I might melt...

I couldn’t help myself. Her thoughts were so funny. I was grinning now. This should be interesting Pigheaded Miss hale not thinking about her own appearance for once, and on top of that she is thinking about someone else’s appearance. This has to be a one off.

“I’m Rosalie Hale I live a fe-I lived a few streets away.” She corrected herself “somehow I don’t think I belong there anymore” she finished off.

It was more of a question than a statement.

“I think you might be right about that.” I replied