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I didn't realize till much later that he was hoping she would be to me what Esme was to him...

Rosalie is a new born vampire and edward still isn't sure if carlisle did the right thing in changeing her.But what will happen when what carlisle wanted actually happen can they stay together?

a Story about Rosalie and Edward and the ups and downs of being a Vampire. (set in an alternate universe) Banner by me serenity banner

This is only my second fanfic so i hope everyone likes it

4. Chapter 4 - The Hunt

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I was now running as fast as I could toward the scent of the deer. A red haze fell over my eyes

I was aware only of the sound of my movement and the sound of the deer’s heart beating frantically as it tried to out run me.

But no Deer could out run me. The poor creature was fighting a lost cause.

A sudden sound distracted me momentarily, a rustling in some bushes but then it was gone as sudden as it came the sound stopped and apart from the deer’s heart there was silence.

I kept running cursing at myself for getting distracted by what probably was a small woodland creature.

I started running again virtually flying through the trees.

I hurtled through into a clearing and stopped abruptly.

The seen before me was indescribable.

Rosalie was crouching over the deer I had been chasing for the last ten minutes sucking every last drop of blood from its body.


She looked up unexpectedly and wiped her chip of the drop of blood that was there.

“Well” she answered hesitantly “I went into the woods to find you and I smelt what I assume was the scent of this deer. I can’t remember much after that. I was running, I remember that and I also remember seeing you frozen looking at the bushes I had just passed. But that’s about it and then I was here and” she stopped and looked down at the deer

It looked like she had only just realized what she had done.

“Ewww….I must’ve been really thirsty”

She looked at me a look of disgust clear on her face. I started laughing. I couldn’t help her expression was really funny.

And then she started laughing as well and it was a beautiful musical sound and I was astonished at how wonderful her laughter sounded to my ears.

I was staring at her again with a grin on my face and the wonderful thing was that she was staring right back with pretty much the same grin.

This girl, who I thought was pig headed, self centred person actually turns out to be the most amazing person I have ever met, her emotions and thoughts seem to go a lot deeper than any other young person I had met before.

I could tell where this line of thought was going and I knew if I didn’t stop thinking about her right there, or any other time for that matter I knew I was going to end up dangerously attached to her.

And I couldn’t let that happen.

Esme and Carlisle must’ve heard us because they entered the clearing only minutes later.

And for some reason there was a huge grin on Carlisle’s face.

I checked his thoughts to see what he was thinking and was shocked by what I found:

Edward and Rose are so nice together maybe they are suited for each other after all.

I suddenly stopped laughing and looked at Carlisle with Expression that told him that I had just heard what he was thinking. His thoughts now looked like this:


Rosalie had now realized that I had stopped laughing but she didn’t have time to ask me why as I ran as fast as I could deep into the woods.