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I didn't realize till much later that he was hoping she would be to me what Esme was to him...

Rosalie is a new born vampire and edward still isn't sure if carlisle did the right thing in changeing her.But what will happen when what carlisle wanted actually happen can they stay together?

a Story about Rosalie and Edward and the ups and downs of being a Vampire. (set in an alternate universe) Banner by me serenity banner

This is only my second fanfic so i hope everyone likes it

5. Chapter 5 - realization

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The trees flew past me at an alarming rate I had never run this fast before.

And I wasn’t slowing down any time soon.

My speed was fuelled by my anger.

My anger at Carlisle for changing her because he thought we could be together

Well he could keep dreaming because whe- no if I went back I would regard Miss Hale as only an acquaintance, not even that I might even ignore her fully.

That would be difficult because, although I was trying to be careful earlier and not become attached I knew I already had. All that time sitting beside her, talking to her as she screamed I knew deep down that I was already in too deep.

I cursed myself for caring too much.

I always cared too much.

I stopped running now and sat down on a boulder I was far enough away that I couldn’t hear their thought anymore.

It was relief not to have voices in my head all the time.Just so peaceful.

I thought about the last few days.

The problem was that even I could see what had happened to me.

I had changed.

Rosalie had changed me. I could see myself looking and acting happier than I had before she had become one of us.I didn’t even realize that I could be happier without becoming human again.I was quite content with my life.

It had only been a few days but that was enough.

I could also remember seeing Carlisle looking happier and the same with Esme.

Now I knew why.

I had practically been blind; I hadn’t seen what was going on before my very eyes.

I knew what I had to do, and I hated it. I would have to probe her thoughts regularly to make sure that she hadn’t started caring for me. I didn’t want to breach her privacy.

A part of me pointed out that I might not need to read her thoughts to find out if she had feelings for me ,that part of me told me that it was obvious what she felt for me ,it was in her eyes when she looked at me.

I listened to that part of me for a few seconds and I even felt myself hoping that it was right. Then I realized I was hoping for her to like me ,so I quickly dismissed that thought.

After a few minutes of just thinking I was aware that I was not alone anymore.

I stood up quickly and was about to start running when she stepped into the clearing.

I’m sorry Edward. I didn’t mean to make anything difficult and I didn’t want to start anything between you and Carlisle, I know how close you are.

She looked so upset, if vampires could cry she would be in tears.

“Why did you come here?” It was meant to be accusing, nasty almost.But even I was surprised when it came out soothing and gentle.

I couldn’t control my emotions around her, I couldn’t be anything but kind and gentle even when I didn’t want to be.

I sat back down on the rock and put my head in my hands and started cursing myself for getting so involved, for caring too much.

The sun was just breaking through the clouds ,I could feel a little warmth on my back.

I could hear Rosalie’s thoughts but I tried to tune them out so they were just a distant hum.so as you can imagine I got a little worried when her thoughts suddenly cut off.

I looked up to see why there was suddenly nothing on her mind and realized that the sun was shining on me and I was sparkling in the sun.

She took a careful tentative step forward toward me, and that changed everything.

Before she was standing in the shade of a huge oak tree, but this small step toward me had put her in direct sunlight.

My breath caught

Her beauty was unearthly. Before today I would of said that it was impossible for anyone to be that beautiful.

It stunned me I didn’t have time to look at her thoughts before my brain was flooded by a perfect memory of her face,filled with wonder and curiosity at me in the sun,and the same three words. Over and over and over again:

I love her