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Muddling Memory

It's been 10 years since Bella changed and all she can remember is the pain, but someone is lurking in the shadows... Waiting for her memory to return.
I'd really love some reviews and ratings. I know it's my first one ever so I don't expect a lot, but feedback would really help me improve :) I can take it... Whatever you throw at me! ... I think ;)


2. Living out of the loop

Rating 5/5   Word Count 712   Review this Chapter

Please note these characters do not belong to me. The were created by Stephenie Meyer (genius) and the story below is me going along with my (poor) imagination and making up a little something silly!

[From the Point of View of Bella]

“Why are you making such a fuss? I know I was late, but it was marginal. You tell me I’m part of the family but you don’t give me freedom like you give the rest.” I was furious; half an hour later than expected and they were acting like the world was coming to an end. “I want you to trust me. I know I’m the youngest of us here, many of you are over hundreds of years old. Thing is you still flinch at the presence of a human, ten years and I’m already flawless. No one suspects a thing, just let it go. To the teachers I’m just a perfect student who can be expected to answer and explain questions they don’t think the rest of the students could. To the students I’m just a know-it-all pretty little spoilt girl that the boys all lust over and the girls all envy. Nothing is out of control.” I felt vain, I felt disgusted… But honest.

Charles had been focused on me, he was trying to calm himself, trying to make his face seem neutral. Seem like Switzerland when it was more like Nazi Germany. Eventually it became Dunkirk; resigned. “I know you think you’ve got it under control, you probably do. – Your thirst anyway. But we’ve been at this longer than you have, a look could be misconstrued, a sentence could be misinterpreted. We’re just worried for you. You’re part of our family, our coven… We care for you deeply. You’re young, oh so very young. We’re all in our twenties and thirties, we’re just anxious because if something goes wrong, how would we know? Would we wait until it reached the TV stations to act? … The school is far enough away that we can’t see or hear what you do, and when we do come closer you get angry because you think we don’t trust you. Trust takes time, Bella. But we’re trying.”

Theodore looked worried and was about to erupt with words of wisdom when Charles silenced him with a glare, “Don’t. We understand your need to interact with people who share your physical age even if they don’t compare to your mental maturity. If we begin to suspect anything we will move, again. – For now we’ll stay, there isn’t any danger.”

At this Theodore spoke up, “I heard some wolves today. They’d make some good hunting. The sound seemed loud and the growl mature, I suspect they’re rather large.”

“NO!” I don’t know why I felt so protective of wolves, but I’d always stayed away. If there were a choice between a bear and a wolf, I would choose the bear. Between a deer and a wolf, I would choose the deer even though the hunt would be less of a challenge. For some reason the wolf seemed more intelligent, more human than any other animal I had ever encountered.

The men exchanged a worried glance and then looked to Jane who was standing by the window as still as a statue, “I know what you’re thinking. I can sense your worry, but fear not. It’s not what I assume you think it is. It can’t be, I’ve made sure, I’ve taken all the precautions. Don’t insult me so by doubting my integrity.” Her musical voice cut through the air and squeezed around my muscles. Instinctively I tensed up and lowered my gaze to the carpet. She’d never spoken a word to me but I could sense her authority and knew she had the final say. Theodore and Charles twitched in their seats with pained looks pasted on their faces but they did not utter a word.

Jane then left; she exited the room taking care to ensure that I did not see her face. To this day, after ten years of living with her, I had yet to see her from the front. I felt out of the loop, as though there was something they weren’t telling me, something they didn’t want me to know…