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Muddling Memory

It's been 10 years since Bella changed and all she can remember is the pain, but someone is lurking in the shadows... Waiting for her memory to return.
I'd really love some reviews and ratings. I know it's my first one ever so I don't expect a lot, but feedback would really help me improve :) I can take it... Whatever you throw at me! ... I think ;)


5. And in the forest there sleeps a secret

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Please note these characters do not belong to me. The were created by Stephenie Meyer (genius) and the story below is me going along with my (poor) imagination and making up a little something silly![From the Point of View of Bella]

Vampires don’t sleep and the first few years this annoyed me. I had so much time on my hands, but nothing to do. Now as I ran with Charles and Theodore I felt humans at the edge of the forest. I urged them towards the house and reassured them that I was safe, no chance of slipping up as we’d fed once already tonight.

At first I thought the humans were dead, but their hearts were still beating. I saw from my perch on a log that they had their eyes closed and the looks on their faces were peaceful: if they were dead, at least they were happy. But they moved, and one little boy spoke: “NO DADDY! NO!”

I quickly scanned the house, but did not sense, nor did I see, a man. The boy was sleeping in a room with another little boy, about his age, down the hall from a woman I presumed to be his mother… Maybe his father had died?

“NO DADDY, DON’T LEAVE, I WON’T BE ABLE TO FIND YOU!” And with that the little boy screamed and sat bolt upright in his bed. He screamed and screamed until I sensed his mother move into the room and embrace the boy before he woke his brother. The scene was so intimate that I felt like I was intruding: this was someone else’s life.

I moved on but as I turned a scene flashed across my mind. I was standing just inside the forest, down the road from a house that looked vaguely familiar. A police car was standing outside it along with an old truck that looked so old that it probably wouldn’t start. I was touching a tree trunk feeling reminiscent when out of nowhere there was a blur of white. Charles sank his teeth into my neck and immediately the pain began as venom coursed through my veins. Theodore came out of nowhere, “Quick Charles, Edward is on his way… He’ll be here soon-”

“Don’t you dare. Give her to me. Bella, don’t worry, I’m here now. You’ll be fine.” His voice was the velvet from my daydreams, and I willed the scene not to leave my mind.

“It’s a bit too late for that,” said an icy musical voice… Jane! “She’s mine now, you’ll never see her again. You had your chance: you, Alice and Bella could have all joined us. But you chose to be selfish, to keep her to yourself. Bad choice. Tut tut, Edward you should have known better. Now you will suffer. Theo, take her away.”

“NO!” Edward was suddenly on the floor shaking with pain, screaming out in agony. He seemed to master whatever pain it was that he was feeling and clearly said, “Bella, my love. I love you. Wait for me. I will find you.” But then the screaming resumed as Jane moved into my sight, again careful to never show her face. She stood before him and squeezed her fists together slowly, Edward’s pain clearly intensified was far beyond tolerable. His perfect face and topaz eyes were all that remained in my mind as his scream blended into mine and the vision disappeared.

I stood, stunned. So Charles had bitten me, that was crap. Jane could cause people pain by looking at them, also crap. Theo and Charles were working with Jane, triple crap. How could I escape? Why had they done this to me? I felt fury working itself around my body and I tried to control it, to clench it in my fists, to stop it spreading before I lost influence over my body. I wanted to scream but the little family was too close, they would hear me.

- Who cares? I felt betrayed. Edward, whoever he was, suffered because of me. He loved me, he wanted to find me and because of that he had suffered. I stifled a scream. Wait Bella, calm yourself. It was no good, as if the trees shared my pain, they began to quiver, the leaves rustled and were picked up by a wind I could not feel. All the animals were quiet…

… Except for one: the howl of a wolf shocked me into abandoning my fury. The trees and the leaves stilled and the animals resumed their chatter. I could hear the padding of paws towards me and the approach of the smell that attracted and repulsed me.

All of a sudden, a wolf appeared flanked by Charles and Theodore. At once my fury doubled, tripled... “Bella, no. Calm yourself.” It came from inside my mind… The sound of velvet… The sound of Edward…