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Samantha Thompson is a junior in high school. She has had only three best friends for the past five years. What she doesn't know is that her friends are keeping a secret from her. They are all werewolves. She accidentally meets 'the new guy' named Carter. But he's not a werewolf nor human.


1. Chapter 1: Dizzy

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The countdown started in my head as I watched the clock on the wall toll again and again. Just thirty more seconds and I would be free of this first day of school. I’m a junior this year and still think of my school as if it were a piece of dirt. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had school spirit before. I went to the rally before the first football game of the season last year.

My three guy friends and I enjoyed watching the game but its just that it took forever. Not only do I have to sit and explain each play to my mom but Mikey; one of my best friends would not shut up. First days of school aren’t as bad as getting a tooth pulled but it is up there.

Every year Tony, Mikey and Phil, my three best friends, pull off some sort of a stunt to start the year off fun. This morning Tony and Mikey got left over, Fourth of July, fireworks, stuck them in some vacant locker, lit them on fire and slammed the door shut. Every year they have an audience. And every year that audience grows bigger.

Unfortunately this years audience had a couple of the school’s principals in it. Mr. Hench is the vice principal here at York High, him and me are on very close, good, terms; seems how I get straight A’s and perfect attendance every year.

Then there’s Mrs. Fray she’s the head principal. She has her good days and her bad days. She basically chooses your fate and if she’s in a bad mood she’ll send you to Mr. Hench; that way she doesn’t have to deal with you. Which is great on your part but she doesn’t know that.

Mikey is Tony's brother and to me he is that one friend you have to look out for because they just seem too cute to be guilty.

If I could choose which friend was my favorite I think that I would have to go with Phil, he’s just more sensitive than the other two. And he knows when to make me laugh and when to comfort me when I don’t feel good. He’s the one that gives all the free hugs a girl could get, not to mention his sparkling baby blue eyes that just tear your heart out when he flickers them your way.

Then there’s Tony, well he’s pretty much the funny one, the one that is never serious and is always taking bad things and flipping them completely around. Tony, Mikey and Phil are all cousins.

And me, let’s just say I'm like their little annoying sister, that has an open mind that flutters with brilliant ideas constantly. My name, by the way, is Samantha Thompson, Sam for short. I’m not your average girl. I don’t like taking Home Economic classes or long, slow walks on the beach or any of that. I’m a plain and simple tomboy.

I usually bail Mikey, Phil and Tony out of detention so I better make it to the principal’s office quick, before the sentencing starts. I was still watching the clock just three more seconds. Three… two… one. Ding! The bell finally rang and I walked slower than any other kid did to the door; knowing that if I rushed I’d get trampled. I was feeling a little bit nervous about what I would say to Mr. Hench to free them of detention.

I walked past the teacher’s desk and he got up. "Sam are you feeling okay?" He asked with a serious face, his eyebrows furrowing together in concern.

I stopped walking and turned around to reply. "Because you look really pale." He continued not noticing me tucking my chin down, letting my curly brown hair cover most of my face.

"Yeah, I’m a real dead person, huh?" I glanced up to see if he had taken my dry sense of humor in offence. He was actually smiling like it was truly the funniest thing he had ever heard. He started to laugh to himself. He probably thought that I was crazy.

"Okay well then, see you tomorrow Mr. Nelson." I said interrupting his selfish laughter.

He just replied with a gentle smile and said, "Yeah sure Sam. Thanks a lot for the laugh kiddo I needed that, see you tomorrow."

I waved goodbye with a quick half sweep of my hand and left the room, as soon as I seen that the door was closed behind me I sprinted for the principal’s office.

When the office’s door was within ten feet in front of me I slowed to a fast walk. I opened the door and was struck by a human body. I ran into some boy that wasn’t watching where he was going.

I fell to the ground; he caught himself with his hands on the doorjamb. I didn’t land so gracefully and my head bounced hard off the tile flooring beneath me.

The boy's book’s and thing’s went all over the floor, "What the? Are you serious? Dude my stuff went everywhere! I just organized those! Man look at my stuff…" He went on and on obviously not realizing the true danger in front of him.

As soon as I get up I’m going to tear his head off! I thought to my self. Finally the boy noticed me when I started to prop myself up on my elbows.

"Oh sorry about that. I guess that I should have watched where I was going huh?" He said as he lifted me up under my arms like I was an infant.

All of my 100-lb. body was limp against him. I wasn’t really aware of what was going on, but I was pretty sure that I was going to faint in about a second, so I kept my eyes shut and held still, as if my body would let me move anyway.

I heard him call for the nurse and then everything went blank. When I finally came to consciousness again, I opened my eyes and sat still listening for any voice that might be familiar to me.

"How long has she been out?" my mom, Lillian, asked the school nurse.

"She’s been out for about a half an hour." the nurse replied.

"So how bad did she hit her head?" Lillian asked in a panicky tone.

"She was bleeding a little from impact but we stopped the flow and fixed her up with a couple bandages." The nurse said a bit proud that she had something that serious that she controlled.

"Aww poor Sam! What happened?" Mikey said as all three of them came storming in with worried faces.

"Did she need bandages dude?" Tony asked the school nurse. He calls everyone dudes. The school nurse Linda just grinned proudly and nodded.

"That is awesome," He said looking over at me.

"Ah Sam, what did you do?" Phil said as he walked over to the side of the chair that I was sitting in. He reached over to take my left hand in his right one and looked over at him to smile.

"Hey guys" I said in a low voice, sitting up, looking at everyone.

"Oh Sam, want to go home now?" Lillian said as she bent down to kiss me on my forehead.

"Yeah what time is it?" I said trying to find my cell phone in my pocket, pulling my hand out empty. "Wait a minute where’s my phone?" I sat on the edge of the seat and watched a figure of a boy, not just a boy but the boy, walk between Tony and Mikey from behind them, by the door. I hadn’t noticed before but this boy had bright green eyes and shoulder length black hair.

"It must have fell out of your pocket when you went down." The boy said as he handed me my cell phone.

Not looking up at him, I snatched the phone out of his hand and quickly put it in my pocket. I was afraid that if I even glanced up, I’d punch the kid in his face for knocking me down like that.

The boy started to walk away. "Wait, you got a name?" I said looking up. That was a huge mistake because I actually have seen this guy before. I think he’s in one of my classes no wait more than one, maybe even two.

"Yeah, it’s Carter. And I am sorry. You think you need help getting to your car?" He said as he took two steps forward, only a few feet in front of my chair.

"I will need help, no doubt about that. I mean it’s the least you could do right?" I said with an icy tone.

"Right, you ready to go now?" He said taking another couple of steps closer.

"Yea help me up would you Phil?" I said looking at Phil.

"No need for him." Carter said as he put one of his arms across my back and the other arm under my legs, and picked me up out of the chair with one swift motion.

"Wait just one second!" I said pushing away from him.

"What, you said so yourself you were going to need help." Carter said looking at me with his pretty green eyes. He smelled sweet and I nuzzled my nose in deeper to his chest. The smell was making the dizziness go away.

"Yeah, sure that’s all fine and dandy that you can carry her, because we all can, she only weighs like a couple pounds, but put her down!" Phil said getting up from his crouch to stand in front of Carter.

"Phil it’s ok. I’m still feeling dizzy and he owes me for causing the dizziness." I said looking back up at Carter’s face; he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Wait, this dude knocked you down?" Tony said fuming now, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen him mad before. Tony got up in Carter’s face; "You knocked her down? Did you even say sorry? Sam do you want me to kick his butt?" Tony looked up at me, being shorter than Carter by a couple inches.

"Alright back down Tony." Lillian said from behind us.

"I’m just looking out for her Lily, that’s all. I don’t want him to be the one to carry my best friend out of the nurse’s office. I want to do it! After all she’s only known this dude for like five minutes compared to my five years and she wants him to carry her. Especially after he knocked her out! No! I won’t calm down not until this dude hands her over to me!" Tony said folding his arms across his chest.

"Well I do believe that you will need two hands to carry her don’t you think!" Carter said shoving me towards Tony, almost dropping me. Phil caught me, with one hand under my legs and the other arm under my back; just like Carter had. All I could hear was my mom gasp with fear of me falling from Carter’s hands and my head swirling; and all the dizziness flushed back.

"Thanks Phil." I said as I hugged him around the neck. Phil started walking towards the door. This was the closest me and Phil have ever been. He felt so warm against my cold body.

"Somebody grab her Book bag, and hold the door open for us." Phil said in a demanding, deep voice. Looking over his shoulder at Carter still standing in shock that he caught me so quickly. Carter grabbed my things and Mikey ran over to hold the door open. As I rested my head against Phil’s chest I could hear his heart beating. I closed my eyes and counted how many heartbeats he had until we got to the car outside.

"Phil?" I asked my eyes still closed.

"Yeah hun?"

"Am I hard to carry? I mean am I heavy?"

"No. Why do you ask?" Phil said looking down at me. Noticing that my eyes were still closed, and my head pressed tightly to his chest.

"Because your heart is beating really fast. I must be too heavy for you to carry or else your heart wouldn’t be beating so out of control." I finished my sentence and then opened my eyes, but I didn’t look up to meet his.

"Well I don’t think that it has anything to do with how heavy you are." He said looking back up, grabbing the handle on the car door and opening it.

"What do you mean?" I asked; totally oblivious to what he had to say next.

"I mean you don’t weigh much to me honey."

"Oh." I said with a yawn. Phil took a deep breath and put me in the seat, and buckled me in while mom had started the engine. He closed my door and jumped in the van with the other three. Mikey and Tony were in the back row of seats in my mom’s blue, Ford Windstar minivan. In the next row up there was Phil who sat right behind me and Carter behind my mom.

"So Carter," Lillian said, "Where exactly do you live?"

"On Market street number 3,5,4."

"Are you sure? You know we can always just kick you out right here!" Mikey said with a bite as he leaned forward.

"Stop it Mikey or you’ll be the one I kick out!" I said turning around in my seat to stick my tongue out at him, and give Carter a slight smile.

"Okay, Okay stop it, you don’t need to fight like that, you’re friends remember?" Lillian said interrupting my stare down with Mikey.

"Yeah Mikey stop being such a butt face!" Tony said in a taunting tone.

"Weren’t you the one who was acting like a fool in there? Were you trying to get Sam hurt?" Phil said defending Mikey. Tony just scrunched down in his seat and clenched his fists.

"Stop it!" Lillian Screamed back at all of us. We were shocked in silence. "Now Carter what street did you say that you lived on hun?"

"Market Ma’am" Carter said, too polite.

"Oh please. Call me Lily." Lillian said turning the rearview mirror to look at his reaction. "Okay?"

"Sure", was all Carter said for the rest of the ride to his house. As soon as Carter got out of the car my mom took off. Did we embarrass her?

"Man, that dude was weird!" Tony said jumping into the seat in front of him. "And did you smell that he must have stopped taking showers for the past few years."

"Shut up Tony! Like you aren’t weird?" I said trying to defend Carter now. "And I thought he had a sweet smell."

"Aww Sam has a crush on the new guy, Carter!" Mikey said as he leaned forward to taunt me.

"You can shut up too!" I turned around to look at Mikey but noticed Phil instead. He was staring blankly out of his window. He looked like he was thinking too hard or something was too big for him to think about.


"Hmm?" he said his head tilted a little my way to glance at me.

"What’s wrong?"

"Oh it’s nothing"

"Phil it is never nothing."

"I’ll talk to you later about it okay? Not now."

"Oh okay. Promise?" I said and turned back around to face the windshield.

"Promise what?" Phil said leaning forward.

"Promise me that you will tell me. Duh!"

"Yes of course. I promise." With that he fell back into his seat.

We pulled up in the driveway and I took my seat belt off and opened the door feeling the crisp, cool night air that I was too busy to feel before. Phil got out to help me, just in case I was still feeling dizzy. I wasn’t, so I told him not to carry me inside. But he still kept one, warm arm across my shoulders.