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Samantha Thompson is a junior in high school. She has had only three best friends for the past five years. What she doesn't know is that her friends are keeping a secret from her. They are all werewolves. She accidentally meets 'the new guy' named Carter. But he's not a werewolf nor human.


5. Chapter 5: Timberlyn

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Fourth block seemed to pass by in a blur. Carter had to go to a different class fourth block so I sat in my usual lonely seat in the back of the room. When the bell did finally ring for this, unusually long, day to end I felt like all the weird things that happened today melted slowly off of me. It took me a couple seconds to get up out of my chair.

I walked out the door slow and worried. When I walked past the office I seen Tony sitting on one of the office’s waiting benches. He waved at me to catch my attention more. Then he smiled and pointed at someone sitting on the bench beside him. He waved at me to ‘come see’ and pointed even harder at the person. I let out a sigh and stomped over to the office door and swung it open to the smell of vomit and the dirt the janitors used to clean it up with. I made a gag noise then covered my nose and mouth with my shirt. Then I walked over to Mikey.

The person was hunched over herself on the bench her face was hidden in her hooded sweatshirt. She looked like a ‘mini-me’ the way she was sitting. Mikey was sitting as far away from her as possible on the edge of the bench.

"Isn’t this awesome? I asked the new girl to the dance and she got sick on me! After that she got sick in here. The janitors came in and cleaned it up though. Pretty cool huh? She never even answered me." He looked over at the stained carpet and then over at the pale faced girl. "You okay now hun? I mean that was a lot of food there." He stopped rambling when she looked over at me.

I wanted to say ‘hello’ but there was something different about this girl. She had deep brown eyes, almost black, and she was scaring me a little the way she was staring at me.

"Hey, You okay? My name’s Sam." I wanted her to feel comfortable around me, everyone else is. She was still staring at me like she wanted to kill me.

"I know what your name is." She looked away for a slight second then laid her eyes back on mine.

"Oh, did Tony tell you?" I folded my arms across my chest, not with anger just with boredom, and let out a sigh.

"No, Carter did. He won’t shut up about you and your clumsiness. Before yesterday he didn’t know you and now he thinks he knows everything about you. I think that he’s wrong." She stood up and took two steps closer to me. "What makes you so special?" She whispered this but I could still hear her.

"I don’t know, why don’t you ask him? I don’t look at myself as if I’m special to him or to anyone else. We’re all the same inside." I took a daring step closer to her.

"That’s what you think, that we’re all the same? Well you’re wrong about that most definitely. You see me as a pale, fragile, little girl. But I see you as din…"

"Timberlyn! What are you doing?" Carter came in and just as I was going to take another step closer to ‘Timberlyn’ he snatched her up and ran out of the office with her. It only took a second for him to grab her and run out of there.

"Isn’t she so pretty?" Mikey let out a sigh and propped his head up with his arm on the back of the bench.

"I don’t know. I don’t look at girls the same way that you do." I lowered my head and walked out the office. I keep thinking when I go home that I’m going to see Phil, Tony, and Mikey sprawled out on the furniture in the living room watching sports. Not today Sam. All your friends hate you, or was it just Phil? I can’t keep up with this lousy dramatic game. I’ll make my mom drop me off at Phil’s house there’s no way that he’d make me leave then, his mom loves me too much she’d take my side. I walked outside and got in my mom’s van.

"I want to go to Phil’s house we have some studying to do for tomorrow’s quiz." My mom looked at me then back at the windshield and started the engine.

"What’s the quiz on? Maybe I could help you study, like old times when you wanted my help with something." She glanced at me and then glanced at the rearview mirror. "Wow. I hope she’s okay."

"Who?" I followed her eyes in the rearview and there was Carter holding up Timberlyn with one arm around her waist and one of her arms around the back of his neck. They were standing with a group of people.

There was a small pixie-like girl holding hands with a slim, athletic built boy, next to them stood a tall muscular built boy with a girl that was much prettier than any porcelain doll that I’ve ever seen. Then there was a boy with bronze colored hair and a charming smile that was holding hands with a girl that looked like she was in the wrong fairy tale but felt the same happiness they all did.

"Oh her. She’ll be fine she just got sick all up and down the hallway and the office. I think she’s going to make it. She didn’t seem sick when I talked to her." I said with a little fire burning deep and full of questions. Who are these gorgeous people and where did they come from?

"Hey isn’t that the boy that I gave a ride home to last night, should we ask them if they need a ride home? I know where they live now!" She always asked questions that are rhetorical, this was one of those questions, and I answered her anyway.

"Absolutely not! That boy knocked me down last night don’t you remember? I could have died! Hello earth to mother!" I almost never yell at my mother that way and I try not to. I knew that I should never have said that because she smacked me right across my mouth.

"Samantha Jane! Don’t you ever talk to me like that again! Do you hear me?" She coiled her hand back for another blow but I knew she wouldn’t hit me more than once. After the tears started rolling down my cheeks unwillingly I slouched in my seat and covered my face with my hood.

My mom put the van in reverse and backed out of the parking spot. She pulled up next to them and put the van in park.

"You guy’s need a ride home?" She said rolling down her window as I was rolling mine up; still slouched and covered. Carter came over to the van with Timberlyn. I was peeking through a hole in my hood.

"Oh, hey miss Thompson. I think that we have a ride coming for us but thanks anyway." He smiled at her and Timberlyn winked at me.

"Oh that’s fine just worried about you and your friends, alright then bye." She started rolling her window back up but before it was all the way up I heard Carter say something it sounded like he was right at my ear whispering, ‘you’re going to be fine, Samantha Jane’. I turned quickly in my seat and watched as he stood with his friends and I drove away.