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Samantha Thompson is a junior in high school. She has had only three best friends for the past five years. What she doesn't know is that her friends are keeping a secret from her. They are all werewolves. She accidentally meets 'the new guy' named Carter. But he's not a werewolf nor human.


6. Chapter 6: He's Back

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"See, now that wasn’t so bad, was it? You have got to learn to socialize sweet pea. Or else nobody’s gonna take you seriously." Lillian wasn’t trying to be mean, or at least I think. Well she never does it on purpose anyway.

"Mom I do socialize, just not with people that knock me over then ask me out to homecoming tomorrow night." I grabbed my mouth to snatch up those last few words with it but it was too late and she had already heard the words ‘ask me’ and ‘homecoming’. I wasn’t going to tell her until I knew if I was going myself.

"Yea but you want to go to homecoming with him! Girly you make no sense." She laughed and reached over to grab my cheek and pinch it for a few seconds. "Aww my Sammy J’s all grown up." She laughed even louder and even wiped a tear from laughing so hard. I let out a sigh and groveled out my window in whispers.

"What’s wrong with you honey? If I was ten years younger and had a nice boy like that ask me out on a date I would not be like this." She poked me in the ribs and found my ticklish spot and I smiled big and let it go just that fast. She stopped poking me. "Ok maybe twenty years younger." More laughs came out of her.

"I’m just glad that its Friday I guess. I don’t know if I’m going yet mom. He asked me but he didn’t even give me his phone number or anything. So I’m guessing that he was just kidding with me."

"Oh so he’s a jerk then? I get it now. That’s why your not so happy cause he’s a jerk to you?" She looked at me, pulled the car into Phil’s driveway, and parked it there. I grabbed for the latch then she locked the doors. "Wait a minute honey does this guy bother you?"

"No he’s actually a nice friend and that’s all. Can you please let me out of the car now, please?" I gave her a hug and grabbed for the latch again this time it opened up. I took my book bag out and slung it over my back and ran up to Phil’s front door and knocked. My mom sat in the driveway until Phil’s mom let me in.

"Bye Sam have fun studying!" my mom yelled and pulled out the driveway onto the street then drove away.

"Hi Sam. Phil’s not home yet. He went out with Emily to go pick out their homecoming clothes. If you want to sit down and wait for them to come back your more than welcome to." Phil’s mom, Kim, had a very cozy home. It always smelled and looked fresh. The pillows were always so puffy and the wood floors never looked pale. They almost always glistened with a lemon scent. Every time that I walk into Phil’s house it reminds me of a weird cover up.

The smell of the lemon scented floors and the puffy dark pillows all looked fake. His mom was the same way though, always trying to cover something up. I sat on the couch and she went upstairs to her bedroom to go back to whatever she was doing.

"That was fun. We need to go shopping for your clothes more often I believe that you could learn a lot from me Phil." Emily and Phil came through the door and I turned the television on to act like I wasn’t watching them.

"Yea I guess that would be pretty cool." Phil noticed me or at least I think that he did and I scooted over to the armrest of the couch and relaxed my head on my hand. I pulled my feet up on the couch and curled up next to the armrest, real snug-like. Almost like I’d been sitting here for a while.

"Hey Phil, hey Emily." I stared at the television screen and didn’t look over when Emily sat down at the other end of the couch leaving space between us. Phil took his tuxedo upstairs to his room and ran back downstairs to fill in that space left open between her and I.

"Hey." She said back.

"I seen your sister today. She gave the new guy Carter a love note." I watched the profile of her face, which was absently watching the sports channel.

"Oh really, I told her not to do that because of who he hangs around." Was all Emily said before Phil could start talking and asking questions.

"Excuse me Emily," He looked at her and she nodded, then he looked over at me. " Did I invite you over to my house? I could have sworn that I told you that I was coming to your house later. And what’s up with you not liking me today?"

"Wait a minute Phil! I wasn’t the one that started this mess in the first place! So why does it sound like your blaming me? And first off mister…!" I got up and grabbed my book bag. "I wasn’t the one that gave you dirty looks in the hallway and I wasn’t the one that was trying to ignore you! You were! So now who’s the one not liking whom today? Huh!" I stormed off and slung the front door open then slammed it shut. I sat down on the porch swing and after Phil told Emily to sit there and flip through channels he was outside too.

"What are we doing fighting like this Sam? We’re best friends, so what if you have a weird boyfriend or something like that. True friends stick together right?" He laughed an embarrassed laugh and I smiled a little bit after he was done then he came over to sit next to me.

"So you’re going to the dance with Emily?" I smiled friendly at him and he stood up.

"Come on." Was all he had to say for me to understand, I stood up and gave him the tightest hug ever, and I didn’t want to let go either. It was just too perfect of a moment to let it pass by.

"You need a ride home?" He let me go and I shook my head ‘no’.

"I need to walk home and think about what you would look like as a wolf." I smiled and he laughed, but before I walked out of the house Emily came down the stairs from the bathroom with her homecoming dress on.

Strapless, thin, and long, were the first words that popped into my head at first glance. It was red, V-necked and had shiny red sequins running in a spiral down the sides of it.

She turned around, and then it was strapless, long and airy. There was a slit going all the way from her upper thigh to the bottom of the dress. My mouth formed the shape of an ‘O’ and I turned to walk out the door. I left after that and walked home.

I live about a mile and a half away from Phil’s house so it’ll probably take me thirty minutes to get home or something like that. When I finally make it to my street I can see my house in the distance, not very clearly but clear enough to notice that there’s another car in the driveway.

I ran to the foreign car peeked through the glass at all the junk that was in it; some old records, work boots and a lot of furniture and bags of clothes sat in the back where the last row of seats were supposed to be. This car was in a fairly decent shape for a Toyota Corolla Station Wagon. I saw empty Marlboro cigarette cases lying on the floorboard and realized who it was.

This person, this thing of a man is my mom’s ex-boyfriend. He wasn’t exactly what I would call boyfriend material. He was always sick in the head and forever in his own drunken stupor Just thinking about him makes me cringe. And now he’s back.

"Well it wouldn’t have to be like this if you weren’t such a loser!" My mom yelled at the top of her lungs and I ran as fast as I could inside to protect her.

I grabbed the front door handle yanked the door open and screamed as loud as I could when I saw that he had my mother by the neck. He threw her towards the couch; she bounced off of it and hit her head on the coffee table. Then he started to come after me.

I stood there until he got at least two feet away from me and ran. He started to follow me but he was too drunk already to actually start running, so he got in his car and drove away from the house, away from me.

I chased after the car hollering at him, ‘Don’t ever come back! Or I’ll kill you!’ again and again. ‘Til he cut the corner too short and jumped the curb, then he took off fast.

I came to my senses and sprinted back to the house. Almost all my neighbors were looking out their windows or doors and watching the whole dilemma unfold like a dramatic scene in a soap opera.

I ran in the house and slammed the door shut behind me. My mom sat up and I saw a streak of blood running down the side of her face.

"You okay? Is he gone now?" She asked as she rubbed her neck and closed her eyes.

"Yea, Yea. Are you okay? You’re the one that I’m worried about!" I grabbed the car keys and helped my mom up and out the front door.

"Where are we going honey? I’m fine, really." She slurred this and I put her in the passenger seat and closed the door for her. I got in the driver’s side and put my seatbelt on. I have my license but rarely ever use it.

"Put your seatbelt on please." I tried to stay calm but a little hysteria came out in my voice.

"Honey?" She reached over and grabbed my arm. "Honey!"

"What mom? What!"

"I think I’m going to pass out!" She let go of my arm and closed her eyes. She was pale and looked wore out.

"You still with me mom? Mom!" I grabbed her arm and shook it and she nodded her head ‘yes’. "Don’t pass out! Mom! Listen to me! Don’t pass out! Cause how am I supposed to sign all those papers when we get in the front door?" I tried to make the situation light but there was no need, other than to calm myself.

I parked the car out front of the hospital, while some security guard was yelling at me to move it. I ran over to my mom side and basically drug her out of the car. After the guard seen what I was trying to do he stopped yelling and started helping.

The guard took her from my helpless, hands and carried her through the sliding doors and into the main lobby. He put her in a wheel chair and she was still out.

"What happened to her?" He asked but before I could answer him a nurse came over.

"So what’s going on over here?" The nurse looked at the cop before she looked over at me. But after his shrug she asked me the same thing. "What happened?" I stood frozen for a minute staring at my mom’s face.

"Umm, her ex-boyfriend came back and started to choke her. Then I came home and he threw her and then he left." I spoke quite fast for the common ear but she could understand every word of it, even through the fresh tears falling down my cheeks; I wiped them away.

"Did he hurt you? Or anything like that?" The guard jumped in the conversation immediately after that, I looked for a nametag, it read E. Cullen.

"No, no. I chased him away." The guard smiled after I said that, like a girl my size could chase away any man big or little. The nurse took the wheel chair from my hands and another nurse handed me a clipboard.

"You got to sign her in hun." The other nurse smiled at me nicely and I followed her to the waiting room. Then she went back to the desk. The guard sat in the waiting room with me and tried to help me fill out all the paperwork for insurance and social security numbers, we left all that at the house in her purse.

"My name is Emmett Cullen, I’m a security guard for the hospital whenever they need me." He held his hand out for me to shake.

"Samantha Thompson" I shook his cold hand.

A man walked in with his hand bundled up in an old rag with ice. He seen me staring and said, "Chop saw accident." I felt goose bumps all over when I seen a little baggie with something else in it, a finger maybe. I let out a long sigh when I was finally done and sat back in my chair. The first nurse, whose nametag read Alice, came back.

"You can go see her now all we had to do was bandage her up a little, she only needed a couple stitches. I’ll take you to her if you want. Follow me." I got up and followed the nurse to my mom’s room. "She’s a little out of it." Emmett, the security guard, left.

She was asleep or looked like it. "Is she asleep or what?" I asked the nurse, Alice.

The nurse nodded, "She’ll wake up in five seconds." Then she left and closed the door. I walked over to the bed and sat down next to her.

"Mom." I whispered in her ear and she woke up.

"Hey girly."

"Hey. How are you feeling?"

"I’m fine. Fantastic really." She smiled and sat up a little.

"So guess what?" I asked playfully.


"Now we’re going to have matching scars." I laughed and she tried to but it came out groggy.

"Well kiddo I’m tired. When do you get to take me home?"

"I don’t know. Let me go ask the nurse okay. Just stay here."

"Hun, where else would I go?" I smiled and walked out the room to find the nurse. Surprisingly enough the nurse was walking my way.

"Hey umm, is my mom allowed to leave tonight?"

"After the morphine wears off she can go, but I think that’ll have to be tomorrow morning."

"Oh, so I’d have to leave her here for the night then. How long could I stay here with her?"

"You can stay here with her for as long as you like."

"Okay thanks." I walked back to her room and sat on her bed. "The nurse said that you can’t leave the hospital ‘til tomorrow morning after your morphine wears off."

"That’s a bunch of bull. I don’t see why I’d have to wait ‘til morning, when I feel perfectly fine." But I could see that her eyes were heavy and started to droop.

"How about you go to sleep and don’t worry cause a hospital is the safest place that you could be right now. I’ll be right here when you wake up."

"Oh alright. I’m feeling pretty sleepy. Good night sweet pea."

"Good night mom see you in the morning." She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed Phil’s number. It rang then he answered it.

"Hey Sam, what’s up?" He sounded like he just stopped laughing.

"Yea hi, umm, remember me telling you about that guy that my mom dated for awhile before we moved here?"

"Sure why?"

"Well he sort of came back today and," I got up off the bed and walked out into the hallway, "umm well I’m at the hospital with my mom right now and,"

"Which hospital? I’m on my way." He interrupted me.

"Memorial," then he hung up on me. I walked to the main desk and waited for him. As soon as he seen me he had a puzzled look on his face.

"I thought you were the one hurt." He ran over to me and squeezed me tightly in a hug.

"Why’d you think that? I’m the one that chased him away." I said lungs collapsing. He let me go; I took a deep breath in.

"Oh sorry. There’s no way you chased him away! With what? These puny hands!" he flailed my arms up and dropped them with a laugh. "So what happened? You have to tell me everything." I turned and started walking back to my mom’s room towing him along behind me by his whole arm.

"I’ll tell you later at your house."

"At my house?"

"Yea you didn’t know that I was spending the night over at your house? Oh wait that’s when you hung up on me!" I opened the door slightly and noticed a doctor in the room talking to Lillian.

"It’s okay you can come in." The doctor said from the other side of the door. He grabbed the door handle and opened the door further. Phil stepped back.

"I can’t go in, I get claustrophobic in small hospital rooms." He was staring at the doctor like he was going to have a fight with him.

"Oh alright, just go sit in the waiting room then." The doctor said. I walked in the room and he closed the door behind us.

"So how’s she doing?" I was staring at him too not because I wanted to fight with him, but because he has this strange glow about him.

"Nothing I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen and I was just passing by and figured I should come check on her." He smiled at me and flipped a paper over on his clipboard. "Says here that you go to York high," I nodded, "do you know Carter Cullen?"

"Yea I met him yesterday. Why?" I sat in the chair next to my mom’s bed.

"He’s my son. He said that he was going to homecoming with you, is that true?" He put his clipboard under his arm and turned to me.

"I don’t think that I can go, I mean my mom’s in the hospital. So I guess that it wouldn’t be the best time to dance and be happy."

"He was really looking forward to going with you. But you have bigger things to worry about, I’ll tell him you’re not going." He looked over at my mom then back to me.

"I mean there couldn’t possibly be anyway that I could go now, could there?"

"Samantha Jane! You better go with that boy! Got his hopes up and everything. You should be ashamed of yourself turning him down like that over me. I’ll be fine when I get home and in my own bed." My mom sat up quick in her bed and shook her finger at me. Dr. Cullen just smiled and left the room.