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About a girl that moves to Forks with her newly divorced mother.


1. Chapter 1: New Friends

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Chapter One: New Friends

I’m not used to being the new girl. It’s not me, I was never that new mysterious chick in school. I was the dorky loser that many people pretended not to know after a while. I was the one who had the worst name but managed not to get picked on anymore after seventh grade, when my classmates got tired of the charades. Because it’s only funny for so long.

Could you imagine me? If I had a dad in the navy or something and my family was always moving? [ You know if my parents were still together]. I couldn’t imagine going to a new school once a year or every six months and having to break that barrier…to be accepted as a person. To find my place in society [ By society I mean high school], could I go through the taunts many times over and over again?

No, I don’t think so, I’d be a freaky outcast with purple hair and bangles. Now I am that girl, minus the hair coloration. Not that there is anything wrong with purple hair, I’m sitting in my new room right now looking at a sales paper for hair dye. And I’m dying to know what I would look like with purple hair. Oh yeah, and I wear lots of bangles and bracelets. Besides arm wear, I just got the third hole in my ear two months ago; my mom agreed to let me if I didn’t get a nose ring instead.

Don’t think I’m some rocker chick though. That’s not the case I like many different types of music, mostly the popular kind because really I don’t have that many connections to music.

If you asked me my favorite kind of music I’d say R&B and ska, you could lock me in a empty room with just my ipod blasting my rhythm and blues and I’d be happy. I’d more then happy, I bet you’d could lock me in there and come back three days later and find me smiling and singing along to my favorite song.

I’m getting off track though.

My name is Babette Beatrice Ballari and I just moved from San Diego to the rainy state of Forks, Washington. I’m a California girl, as far as I’m concerned…Why live anywhere else? I mean it’s like you have the whole world in one little state. You still can see fall leaves, you can go to the beach, there are lakes, snow in the mountains, valleys and ranches, and there are so many different cultures…

And look at me now…I live in a town with a white population! White only, no Hispanics, Asians, Indians, or Blacks for that matter.

How is a black girl going to hold up in a place like this?

That’s what I ask myself as I close the sales paper and throw it to the floor, where I will most likely trip on it later. I feel like crying as I shiver in this small little room. I look behind me, the window is open about five inches high.

No wonder I’m so freaking cold.

I get off the bed and walk over to the window, but as hard as I pull on it, it won’t budge a smidge. Sighing I give up and head downstairs and go into the door on the left, the kitchen.

My mother is sitting down looking at some paper work, she has her huge glasses on. I cringe before I make my presence known, why does she wear those?


She looks up and smiles at me, her huge eyes radiating kindness as usual.
“Yes Babe?”

Of course no one ever says “honey” or anything tender like that, my nick name Baby [ sometimes Babe] was enough. If I ever had a boyfriend I’d never know if he was being cute or if he was just saying my name platonically. I mean when really hot guys say my name, it makes me swoon. But then really ugly dorky guys used to say my name a lot, to the point where I wanted to either shove a sock down their throats or throw up.

“The window in my room is stuck. And the heater isn’t working.”

My mom frowned, “ Go look in the basement we’ve got some extra blankets up there. And when you come back down I got some hot coco you can use to warm yourself up.”

“Alright, but your going to get the realtor to fix the radiator right?”

“I’ll try, but most likely she’ll refer me to the seller. I think he’s quite handy.”
I make a skeptically sound come out of my mouth,”Tis, he must be, almost everything in this house is broken.”

My mom gave me a disapproving look, just as one of her papers fell on from off the table, laying on the kitchen floor like a dead victim from a cliff fall.

“Hey it’s all I could afford, and this is the best job offer. Living here will do us some good Baby.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I say disregarding her and picking up the paper from the ground. I don’t know what it is, and begin to read it out loud, to myself. “’ Proof of Quileute heritage from the American Indian Reserve Blood Ties Foundation…You and your family are now recognized as being descendants of this tribe…’”

I look at my mother and she smiles at me. “Well that’s how we got such a great deal on this house. And why else to you think we live right outside of La Plush?”

I can hardly believe it, “Wait, you mean to tell me…that my heritage is right up the road and you are just now telling me this?” I practically shout because I am so astounded but mostly excited.

While I beam, my mother frowns in annoyance, “Baby, I told you this three days ago…Don’t you remember me running in the house holding the letter in my hands and me jumping around…” My mother trails off as she sees the recognition on my face.

“Oh yeah , you mean when I was sitting on the couch listening to my Usher CD, which I had just purchased on Itunes… No I’m sorry I kind of missed out on whole reason you were dancing on around the coffee table in circles. Honestly I thought it was a ploy to annoy me.”

My mother is half annoyed and half amused, as I hand her the letter and head out of the kitchen.

“Hey Babe wait a moment.”

I turn around expectant.

“I forgot to tell you, Billy invited me to a barbeque tomorrow.”

I smile, my brightest smile, “Aw, have fun mommy.”

She scowls me, “Your coming too Babe!”

My smile fades away, “What? But why can’t I just stay--”

She cuts me off, “Because we have been here an for over a week and you haven’t left this house. ”

“Yeah I don’t leave the house because I have an abundance of music, snacks, and tolerable television. Why would I want to explore the backwards town of Forks? Or get lost in any of these jungles out there? I mean does it kill you that I’m perfectly content?”

“Look Baby you can’t hibernate forever. Tomorrow at noon sharp we’ll be there.”
I dart my mom an evil look and head up the stairs slamming the door. She knew more than anyone else that I wasn’t a people person.

The next day I’m riding shot gun in my mom’s Explorer. She drives along a trail that should lead us to one of the beaches in La Plush. I’m forlornly looking out the window inspecting the woods and realizing how much moss it has. The trees twist at odd angles and intertwine with each other reaching up, almost if they are all racing to reach the sky. And down below are the inferior creations of nature: bushes, and mushrooms followed by more fungi and moss.

I stop looking out into the forest and look ahead where the trail is about to end. I can see smooth sand and rocks, followed by a turquoise ocean that stretches out into the deep blue. I’m fascinated and I realize I found a bit of home here in this foreign land. Because there’s nothing more beautiful to me then the ocean.

I feel my wrist for my charm bracelet feeling the out line of star fish, turtles, and sea cows. Then I feel on my neck for my dolphin necklace just as my mom is coming to a deep ridge in the road and we go down for about ten seconds and then she turns to the left.

We’ve arrived, I can see many other people and their cars. Seeing so many people I realize that we’re invited to a community, almost tribal event. I feel somehow ashamed and out of place. And I wish that I wasn’t here.

My mother locks the car doors and pulls me along. And I’m getting more desperate to get out of this jam. I know it would be silly to take off running, but in my mind I’m already half way down the beach, wading in the water.

By the time we find Billy, a middle aged Quileute in a wheel chair, I’m cursing my imaginary self that has managed to escape. Billy smiles and introduces us to his older companions.

“Come on Aaralyn let’s go chat with the adults and Baby can go hang out with the younger one’s.“

My mother looks reluctant but agrees, and I’m off for adventures of my own. I find my self walking at a fast pace, and heading down the beach trying to catch a moment alone from all the strangers around me.

Ten minutes later, here I am sitting on the beach looking out onto the crashing waves of the ocean. My feet are covered in sand after I’ve went wading, and I love the feeling as I bury part of my legs. It’s almost therapeutic really. I love the way the sand sizzles against my skin and almost burns me. Which most people would probably find weird. Just as they would find it disturbing how hot I like my water in the shower, and how many blankets I use at night. For some reason I like a lot of heat, and I love to stay nice and warm. It’s just too bad I’m living in Forks, I’m not going to see another day like this for a long time.

“Hey there,” I hear a deep voice say behind me. I turn around and I see a pair of huge bare feet beside me. I look up to see a man of about six feet and a half tall, a Quileute who wears a friendly smile on his face.

“ Oh, uh hi…”

“You must be Babette, Aaralyn’s daughter right?”

“That’s me, but just call me Baby please.”

“I’m Embry, welcome to La Plush Baby.”

I smile at him, there was something about him that made me feel at ease.


“So why are you sitting here all by yourself? You should join the party, the foods almost gone.”


Five minutes later we reach the tribe. Everyone is sitting on a wooden benches helping themselves to hot dogs, hamburgers, and an abundance of things that I didn’t know people ate at barbeques. Embry leads me to a table full of other men his age, with women and children.

“Everyone this is Baby, she’s new to Forks and La Plush, and she is also a distant member of the Quileute tribe.” Embry announces and everyone stares at me and examines me with their eyes, except one stranger who has his back turned to me.

“Baby, I’d like you to meet Quil and Claire.” Quil gives me a nod and a smile, then he smirks as he teases Claire, who I suppose is his younger sister.

“Sam and Emily over here.” Embry says pointing me to a another young man, but maybe one of the oldest with a beautiful woman who Embry tells me is his wife. She has only one flaw on the side of her face, a huge gash that runs into her eye and down her cheek away to her hand. I try not to stare and Embry moves along with the introductions.

“This is Seth, Jared, Paul…” I can tell that Quil, Jared, Seth, and Paul get along really well there’s something about them….They seem so close, sitting here smiling and clowning around with each other.

Then I look at the women, they seem so in love with their husbands. There’s Kim, Charlotte, Katy, Susana, and Amy. The way they sit beside their husbands and look up at them….Seeing them here now, it gives me a weird feeling…a good feeling. Which I never get when meeting new people.

I wonder why some of them are married so young…And then there’s Leah. Even though she smiles at me, I can tell she is a head strong person. She holds a small boy in her lap, demanding him to sit still. I think he must be her son, but his father doesn’t seem to be here tonight.

I was about to grab a plate and sit down, but Embry didn’t forget the forlorn shadow of the group; the one with his back turned to us. I had for a moment forgotten about him too.

“Hey Jacob, I’d like you to meet Baby.” He kept his back turned away from us . There was shivers in the air as day turned into sunset, and finally Embry got impatient with this man.

“Would you turn around already, and say hello?”

I heard him sigh as he set down his bottle of beer onto the sand. “What kind of name is Baby ?”

I grinded my teeth in anger, “It’s my name.”

He spun around to look at me glowering. Then suddenly I gasp, I feel like I was getting hit with a lighting of pleasure. I feel like I’m looking at a gorgeous crystal that I dug up in the muddy confines of South America. I feel like, like I’m in love, because I’ve never seen anyone as wonderful as him.

His deep set black eyes bore into mine, and his hair hangs attractively around his face. Even though he glowers back, he has nice wide lips, and a broad chin. He wears no shirt and his muscles look as if they were a Indian woman’s clay sculpture. Perfect and bulging in all the right ways.

As he glazes upon me he stops glowering and takes on a look of surprise and I love the way he looks, just the way he is. Its more than just mere physical attraction.

Everyone around the fire is still quiet and Embry stabs the silence with his words.

“Well…uh yeah Baby like I was trying to say this is Jacob…”

A tiny little pitiful sound comes out my mouth. Jacob and I can’t take our eyes off each other. Not for a while because we each feel like something important will be lost if we look away. At least that’s how I feel.

“Baby…” He gasps and finally he looks away standing up heading into the forest.

I look after him and then I glance around at everyone else.

“And we thought it would never happen.” I heard Quil say but I didn’t look at him, my eyes were still locked on where Jacob had disappeared.

Then I heard Seth laugh, “We thought he might be queer too…”

“Shut up! It’s a relief…” Sam says as he eats finishes off his burger.

I look at Sam in confusion but he just smiles closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. I turn to look at Embry beside me holding Amy’s hand.

He smiles, “Finally we found you Baby.”