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About a girl that moves to Forks with her newly divorced mother.


2. Chapter 2: School

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Chapter Two: School

Forks High School. If I had to describe it in one word? Plain. Yet it was intimidating, and it was like a bunch of little creepy houses put together over a school property. Like a cult living on a compound. It didn’t help that I already had a rather ignorant “city-girl” opinion of Forks. And you take me to this place and call it high school?

Maybe it’s because it took me a bus and a bike ride to get here. Not that I didn’t do that back in California, I rode my bike to school all the time. And catching the bus isn’t such a big deal, it’s just gosh a town bus? I felt like Rosa Parks in that stinky old bus, and the people on there looked they were the original freedom writers.

Then again maybe I’m not agitated, because my whole body is shaking as I make my way to class. I’ve got first period Honors English with Mrs. High. I’m too anxious to laugh at her name as I make my way into the classroom just as the bell rings.

A woman of about forty or so sits at her desk reading. She has light brown hair shoulder length and wiry. She’s wearing a long blue dress, and huge glasses. I sit down toward the back. It was my little attempt to go unnoticed.

The moment my bag hits the ground people started filling into the room. They stop at the door to hang up their jackets as they greet each other. I had disregarded the coat hangers because I was still freezing my butt off. As everyone sat down I saw my plan was working really well because no one even looked at me.

The tardy bell rang, and Mrs. High stood up from her desk.

“Good morning, today we’re going to start our analysis of Catcher and the Rye. I’ll take attendance and then I want everyone to take out their anticipation guides.”

Students shuffled around into their desk taking out their homework and stopping for a side conversation with their neighbors.

“Jean Anderson?”

Was the first name called out, but I couldn’t really hear the other names because the side conversations have turned into free time chatter. And then as it always seems to happen, there was a pause where everyone was quiet at the same time. Or maybe everyone was quiet because of the name Mrs. High was saying the same name over and over again.

“Ba-beat Ballari?”

“Babette,” I say loud enough for her to hear, “But you can call me Baby.”

It must have been the shock of having a new student at their school, and then the combination of my name…Because the next thing I knew everyone was laughing.

I had been nervous enough, even so first period passed in a blur as well as the rest of the day. By lunch time I had an understanding, an agreement between me and my classmates.

No one wanted to talk to me, to even look at me. I was an outcast, and I was banished to the back table at in the cafeteria. I mean even places that were empty , if I even looked at the table people gave me glares. No one wanted the new girl anywhere near them.

I hadn’t really thought about what had happened. That fact that no one had talked to me. That’s never happened to me…I’ve never been in a place with over a hundred people where not one person would look me in the face. I’ve never had so many people snicker behind my back . And never has anyone ever made fun of my personal style before.

(After school three girls walked past me talking loudly about how they thought three piercing were trashy. I mean, honestly, I didn’t get the nose ring! It’s my ears, the place any sensible human being get’s pierced. And it’s right above the second whole, instead of on the top of my ear.)

But my peers were so insignificant to me. The whole day I’ve only had one thing on my mind. All I seem to be able to think about is Jacob. A strange man I have just met, and yet everything I do, every time I speak, I feel different…

I’ve been over infatuated before, but this is nothing of the sort. When we finally left the barbeque I thought maybe it was just chemistry and Jacob had felt it too. And through all this worrying I had little time to think about the cryptic things said last night.

I walk out the school building and my way over to the bike racks. Right away I realize my bike is gone. I look around and I’m surprised to see Quil and Embry in a van waiting for me…I think about the day I’ve had and I wonder if would compare to the day I’m about to have.