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About a girl that moves to Forks with her newly divorced mother.


3. Chapter 3: Dinner Invite

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Chapter Three: Dinner Invite

“Hey, Baby!” Quil calls as I make my way over to them, I smile looking into the passengers window at him.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Giving a local native a ride.”

“What?” I looked over at Embry and he smiled at me. “ You guys came all this way to--”

“Just get in before I change my mind.” Embry said laughing turning the key to make the engine roar.

I laughed too,”Okay.”
Once I was inside the van I was surprised how clean it was, for some reason I was expecting trash to be all over the floor. Then again Embry must have a tidy wife. I also noticed my bike sitting tidy in the trunk and I smiled.

So we can either take you home, and you can start on your homework. (Snore, snore). Or you can come hang out at Sam and Em’s house with your native brothers…Your choice.” Embry started to drive the car slowly as he pulled out of the parking lot and made his way down the road.

“I’d love to chill with my Native Brothers.” I said laughing, I didn’t agree because I didn’t want to be rude…There was something about these people. They had such a light about them , the more I got to know them the more I loved them. And these days I took all the friends I could get.

“ Aw, dude this is gonna be awesome…” Quil said looking at Embry.

“Jeez, I didn’t know you liked me so much Quil.” I teased him, leaning forward in my seat to poke him.

“Oh, I do but not as much as your lover bo--” Suddenly Embry took his eyes off the road to slam his arm into Quil’s chest. “ Ow, what’s your problem! Not like she’s not gonna notice he’s there.”

“Why? Whose gonna be there?” I asked generally confused, but hoping I knew who they were talking about.

“Don’t listen to him Babe. I didn’t want to tell you this…but someone dropped Quil on his head when he was a kid--”

“That’s not true! I just kind of rolled…technically I wasn’t dropped…” Quil said looking out the window.

I sat back in my seat laughing while Embry started tickling Quil. The rest of the ride was sort of quiet, and it wasn’t long before we pulled up to Sam’s place. It was a light blue house , two stories tall placed close to the forest.

I could hear everyone before we went inside, and I could smell a huge dinner cooking. Embry and Quil didn’t bother knocking instead they barged inside.

“Hey everyone, we brought someone!”

I could hear one of the men’s curiosity, “Who is it?”

“Who do you think it is man? Isn’t it obvious?” I heard someone else say.

“Would you guys shut up and let her in.” Sam said. I felt a little embarrassed I’d been standing on my tippy toes trying to catch a peak of everyone between the huge backs of Embry and Quil.

And simultaneously they both turned to let me in, which sent me tipping over falling right on my face. I didn’t know what to do first, laugh or cry.

Everyone was silent though as Embry helped me up, and my whole face felt hot with embarrassment. But at last looking at everyone’s horrified glances I busted up laughing. And then Quil started laughing, then Jared, and then Paul and before I knew it we were all in hysterics. Even Emily who was still cooking dinner peered in laughing along with us.

As the laughter died down I realized there was only one person not laughing and that was Jacob. When I first saw him I stopped laughing, and I couldn’t stop looking at him…I got butterflies in my stomach and I felt like I couldn’t move. He sat there on the stool by the couch in the living room. He didn’t look amused like everyone else, instead he looked extremely irritated.

“That’s just what I need the howl of a pack of wolves.”

“Shut up Jake.” Quil said smiling, “Come have a seat Babe.” He ushered me in the house into the living room and made me sit on the couch right beside Jacob. He looked up at Quil hell in his eyes.

I looked at him, and I wanted to say hello or ask him how he was doing. But he wouldn’t even look at me, instead he continued to give Embry and Quil death glares.

Finally Embry looked over at us, “Jake what’s wrong with you face? Your all red…are you blushing or something?”

Everyone started to laugh, except me. Jacob’s face went blank and a real blush took it’s place. Then just as it was gone he’s anger reappeared, and he stood up storming out the house so quickly I felt a heavy breeze with his exist. And the butterflies in my stomach that had been up fluttering around died down and rested.

“You guys…” Sam said annoyed.

“We’re just trying to help.” Embry said, “I shouldn’t have teased him though; your right.”

“Yeah , that was pretty stupid.” Paul said taking a sip of beer sitting on the other side of the room.

Quil laughed at him, “Your face is pretty stupid.”

He said this just at Paul had taken a gulp of beer, and he ended up spitting it out on the floor.

“What did you just say?” Paul looked like he wanted to punch him, but Quil just laughed.

Emily came into the room, “Hey don’t spit on my carpet.”

“Sorry Em, I can never get used to Quil’s retardation.”

“Is that the best you got?” Quil said, and Paul looked at him standing up from his chair.

“You guys, shut up. Your being very rude to Baby.” Sam said, and he looked at Embry, “Go find Jake will you?”

Embry didn’t argue with him, instead he nodded and existed the house in the quest for Jacob. Emily walked over to me, and sat down beside me.

“How are you anyway Babe?”

“I’m pretty good actually…” I say distracted, feeling like I was missing something.

“That’s good, I’m so glad you came. I get sick of having the men around so much. I hope you come by more often. “

I take in the scent of the food in the kitchen and I smile at her, “Well if you cook, I will come.”

Emily laughed, “Oh my god, your so funny. Come in the kitchen with me, I want you all to myself.”

“Emily?” Jared said raising his eyebrow and looking over at Sam.

“Hush.” She said and then finally we were in the kitchen.

She sat me at the table with a glass of lemonade as she continued to cook. It looked like she was fixing a holiday dinner for the homeless , there was so much food.

“Oh my gosh Emily, why are you cooking so much food?” I said peering at the huge meat loaf pan on the counter.

“Well, we’ve got to have enough for everyone.”

“What? For the whole week?”

Emily laughed lightly, “Ah, you funny girl you’ll see.”

Two hours later I saw exactly what she meant. Six men sat at her table, including her and I: three pans of meant loaf where eaten. As well as four pots of mashed potatoes, five baskets of biscuits, and three tubs of vanilla ice cream over four pans of brownies.

I could barely eat seeing the display of how grown men eat. All I was able to eat after watching Quil and Jared was one serving of meat loaf and one ice cream covered brownie. Surprisingly Emily didn’t eat much of it either, instead she had a salad with a small portion of meatloaf.

Our conversation was both odd and entertaining. We talked about the old Quileute legends, which was basically saying that we were all descendants of werewolves. I found this fact entertaining, the whole night we kept joking about it. Embry and Quil must have growled at each other half of the night. I didn’t know why Sam and the others insisted on talking about it so much. But I didn’t mind, they even invited to come to the next bon fire on the cliffs.

When dinner was over the men existed to go in the living room and watch television. And still Jacob had not returned, when Embry came back he whispered to Sam and he nodded. I felt it wasn’t my place to inquire about Jacob, but I couldn’t help but think of him all night. I kept looking out the window hoping to see his approaching shadow. I kept my eyes locked on the door hoping he would bust in and pull up a chair.

And for some reason as Emily asked for my help with the dishes, I imagined him laughing. I thought I’d gone crazy as I looked behind me peering into the living room. But it was just Embry, laughing and shouting holding a video game control.

“Baby are you ok? You seem so distracted.” I smiled at her as I pulled on a apron and started to rinse as she washed.

“I don’t think so…I guess maybe I’m just a bit tired.”

“Oh, I thought you were looking for someone.” Emily said, I kept my head down intent on rinsing a fork as my face turned red hot.

“Who would I be looking for?“ I gasped, snatching a plate out of her hand.

“Jacob of course.” She said bluntly.

I stared at her trying not to look helpless, “Who is that again?”

Emily laughed so hard she ended up flinging bubbles at me, “Baby, are you really going to pretend you don’t--”

Before she could finish speaking I got some water and splashed it on her. She froze, and I froze and then suddenly we both went crazy. She got bunch of bubbles and threw them at me and then a sponge. I reacted by grabbing the soap bottle and squirting it at her. So then she grabbed the hand soap. We were both having so much fun we didn’t notice all the men in the doorway staring at us like we were idiotic.

Emily saw them and started laughing hysterically and so did I.

“Women…” Jared said shaking his head.

But Quil was laughing at us, along with Embry and Paul.

Sam looked amused, and came over to his wife who was sitting on the floor in a pile of snubs with her legs split on the ground. Her hair was completely engulfed with bubbles.

“Here, us men will finish the dishes. You two should go clean your selves up. Jared start cleaning.”

“Why me?” Jared muttered under his breath making his way in the kitchen.

Sam grabbed Emily and placed her in his arms and headed up the stairs as she laughed the whole way up. Embry did the same to me, which I was kind of embarrassed for him to do. I expected to be way to heavy for him but he carried me as if I was extremely light. As he carried me up the stairs teasing me, I looked behind me to see Jacob had just come back in.

He looked at us, and had an incredulous look on his face. He didn’t know what to make of me covered in bubbles, or seemed to not even want to ask. When he saw me looking at him, he looked a way and made his way into the kitchen. My heart sank away as Embry carried me further up the stairs.

Twenty minutes later Emily and I made our way back down the stairs.

“May I borrow your phone Em?” I ask as she made her way in the living room giving Sam a kiss.

“It’s by the door.” She said smiling. “That’s a good idea it’s getting late.”

I make my way into the front room and find the small green phone on the table. I dial my mom’s cell number and she picks up on the first ring.

“Hello Babe?”

“Hey Mommy.”

“Finally you call me, where are you? I got half an hour ago I’ve been worried sick.”

“Relax! I am sixteen years old, I can take care of myself.”

“Yeah, and your so responsible! Thanks for calling me when you got the chance Babe.”

“Relax, Embry and Quil invited to Sam and Emily’s place and I had dinner here. And I guess I kind of lost track of time…”

“Well, guess what. Get your butt back on track and your better be home in the next fifteen minutes.”

Before I could say anything she hung up on my face.

“She has some nerve…” I mutter slamming the phone down on the receiver.

I rush into the living room, which is a big mistake when your in a house full of huge men. I end up crashing into someone and smashing my face on something extremely hard. I feel like I got the wind knocked out of me and I’m on the floor cold.

A few minutes later I wake up on the couch human giants crowding around me. Emily yells at everyone and tells them to leave. The only one’s that stay are Sam, Embry, and Jacob. I think I’m still in shock because I just stare at him for what seems like a full minute. He won’t look at me, instead he looks at his feet. Emily is putting a pack of ice on my head. And suddenly I jump up and stand up on my feet, “Could someone give me a ride home?”

Emily stands up too and puts the ice back on my head. “Wait, Babe slow down, do you know what just happened to you?”

“What?” I ask.

“You just crashed into Jake in the hall and hit your head pretty bad.”

“Oh…” I just look at him for a minute. “Can I have a ride home…my mom is going to be so pissed at me.”

Everyone is quiet for a moment, and finally Sam speaks. “Well Jacob, since you’re the one that made her fall why don’t you give her a ride home.”

Jacob was leaning against the wall, he couldn’t stop staring at me now. He looked so serious and I was still pretty out of it. “Well, let’s go then!” I shout, swiping a pillow off the couch and heading for the door.

For some reason I push at the door, and Jacob comes from behind me and pulls it open for me. I stare at him, shocked, “How did you do that?” I laugh making my way out the house into the parking way and keep walking to the forest. Jacob comes up quickly to stop me stirring me toward Embry’s van.

Next thing I know I’m laying down in the back seat with the ice pack on my head again and Jacob is driving down the road heading to my house. I sit up suddenly, more sane now. I grab a seat belt and buckle myself up and look at Jacob through the rear view mirror.

He looks kind of sad, and has his eyes still on the road. I don’t know what to say, my stomach is fluttering again. I look out the window and close my eyes. I can’t fall asleep, but I pretend I am.

Soon we come to a stop. “We’re here…” He says and the deep vibration of his voice makes me open my eyes and look at him. But he’s already out of the van sliding open the door for me. I undo my seat belt and make my way out the car but as I do, I look into his eyes and I almost fall.

He catches me gently, and holds me up, “Sorry.” I try to stand on my own but my legs are wobbly.

“It’s…ok.” He says he supports me as we make our way to my door. I notice me has my backpack hung over his shoulder. “Here.” He hands it to me as I open the door with my key.

“Thank you.”

“Welcome.” He says, and we look at each other for a moment. Then suddenly he turns away and heads to the car.

I stand on my porch with the door open breathless.