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About a girl that moves to Forks with her newly divorced mother.


5. Chapter 5: Nightmares

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After my dream about Shoomu I woke up and found her in my room starting at me. I looked at her sitting upright in my bed. And I looked away from her. Ever since then I can’t stand to have her around me as much. But the dream about Shoomu isn’t the reason why I can’t sleep anymore. It’s the wolves, the werewolves. I dream about them every night, and wake up scared.

I think it’s the stories the others have told me, and then it’s that day at Billy’s house. I haven’t been able to close my eyes with out seeing them. And as this happens I haven’t seen any of my friends from La Plush. Especially not Jacob, who I wanted to see almost as much as the others but I couldn’t. What happened at Billy’s house kept me away, I didn’t know what to think. It’s worse that I didn’t know what happened. Sometimes I think I overreacted…but I remember all to well the things I heard and saw.

Everyone is talking about it, on the news they talk about the Forks Rangers investigating the damage to the forest and the cause of the mysterious smoke. My mother found out that I was at Billy’s house that day. She’d been calling the house like crazy, when she came home she started yelling.

“What the hell happened? What were you doing at Billy’s house?”

I told her what happened and she seemed just as confused as me. She called Billy for herself and he tried to reassure her that nothing had happened. But my mom didn’t believe him.

“Billy, we know something happened over there. Why are you acting like this? Like you have something to do with it?”

She talked to him for a good half hour and I was so confused. Billy wasn’t a bad man, but I understood my mother’s anger. And she really thought there was something wrong with me. Over the past two weeks, with me not being able to sleep, ignoring Shoomu, and not even cracking a joke or smile she’s done nothing but interrogate me.

“Babe tell me what happened? Did someone hurt you…”

I told her over and over again exactly what happened. And she just pressed me even more.

“Well did Jacob come back…”

I didn’t tell her about that, I found it kind of pointless and mostly my business. N-no…”

“Are you sure? Did any of those boys touch you? “

That’s when I lost my patience and started yelling at her. I wouldn’t eat anything she cooked and I wouldn’t look at her or even talk to her. The fact that she didn’t believe me or could assume something so foul made me furious.

That’s what I’m thinking about right now sitting at the lunch table. It’s my table really, it has my name all over it. ‘Outcast Table, Property of the Big Baby’. I’ve been trying to eat some beef stew but for some reason it seems way to cold and I get the idea that it looks like plastic. I give up on my meal dump it into the trash can near my table.

I come back and look through my backpack for Catcher in the Rye. I actually really like this book. It’s nothing like I thought it would be. Holden is understandable and so hilarious. He calms me down and takes me away from school for a moment.

“I think if you don't really like a girl, you shouldn't horse around with her at all, and if you do like her, then you're supposed to like her face, and if you like her face, you ought to be careful about doing crumby stuff to it, like squirting water all over it. It's really too bad that so much crumby stuff is a lot of fun sometimes.”

I’m laughing in my head, some how this part reminded me of R-Kelly. I keep reading and I’m about to turn the page and then suddenly my book is on the floor. I look up surprised to see two rough looking boys giving me glares.
“What the…?”

“Your sitting at our ******* table!” The bald one said, I didn’t imagine why he wanted to be bald for…it’s so could in Forks I think he’d appreciate having a full head of hair.

“Your table…” I look at them speechless.

The other one has his hair slicked back, he looks like he wants to punch me, “Yeah, our table. And yet here you are.”

“Well, yeah here I am , I’ve been sitting at this table for two weeks. And I haven’t seen you over here before.”

The bald one grabs my book from the floor, “We were on a little vacation. Now take your nerdy book and leave.”

I don’t know why, but seeing him hold the book like that made me scared. It wasn’t just a book he was holding to me…it was Holden. And that moment I needed Holden. I decided to be the bigger person.

So I snatched the book, “Fine, I’ll leave.”

I walk away from them briskly but they don’t let down so easily. A few seconds later Slick Hair is in my face, “Oh, what you think we’re just gonna let you off that easy?”

I started at him bewildered, “What are you going to do? Sue me?”

Baldy come up right behind me, “Oh, and she’s funny. Real nice, I think we got a new pet right Laurence?”

“What?” Laurence grabs my book from my hand while the bald one snatches my bag. “Hey, stop it!”

But it’s to late, Baldy starts ripping up my bag making all my stuff fall out. I’m screaming and yelling at him. Then that’s when I hear the rip. I turn around and see Laurence ripping Holden. I’m breathless.


Laurence is laughing, and I want to cry but instead I want to hit him. But as it seems I have the chance to do neither because the principal walks over to us security behind him.

Baldy notices them first trying to get a way but he trips on some of my pencils. If I had been watching outside of the situation I would have laughed, serviced him right. Laurence was still ripping up Holden and then he finally turned around to see the principal. And let me tell you he didn’t look so tough then.



I’m in the forest surrounded, I still see the glowing yellow eyes in the dark. They follow me, my every twitch. The same thing happens like in every dream, I see a path way and I run for my life.

I’m sprinting through the trees, my heart flattening against my bones, I can hardly breathe. I can hardly think about anything, just one thing. Surviving. I can see them on either side of me, in front of me, I can hear them behind me I can feel their hot breath on my back. I try to run faster, and I trip on my own feet.
They come closer , closing in on me, one of them Russet colored with deep black eyes comes close to me. He looks at me and the up at the moon and he howls low and deep.


Embry called me the next day. He sounded friendly and acted as though nothing had happened the day before. And I complied I had no reason to be angry at him. Even though everyone had kept me in the dark, they didn’t do anything to intentionally hurt. Maybe they were even trying to protect me.

We talked on the phone for about ten minutes and he invited me to Sam’s house again. I agreed, and he came within fifteen minutes. When we got there Sam was waiting , I guess Emily was gone somewhere with the kids.

“Hello Babe.”

“Hi, Sam.”

I sat on the couch with them, and Embry didn’t waste anytime.

“Listen Baby, we’ve heard you’ve been sort of down lately.”

I looked away, “That’s what everyone thinks. I’m sure you heard that from my mom.”

“We’re kind of worried about you, especially your mom.”

“I’m fine…”

“She told us you haven’t been sleeping.”

I looked back at them angry, “You’ve been like checking up on me?”

Sam ignored my comment, ”Why haven’t you been sleeping?”

I look down at my hands refusing to answer. Embry comes to kneel down by my chair, “Babe, you can tell us anything.”

I lift up my head, to see the concerned look on his face.

“I can’t sleep anymore because I’ve been having nightmares…it’s not that big of a deal you don’t have to worry so much.”

Embry gave Sam a look, that I couldn’t see before he looked back at me.

“Dreaming about what?”

I almost snapped at the moment, he was acting like he was a psychiatrist.

“It’s really stupid, okay it’s not a big deal.”

“You were really freaked out that day at Billy’s house…anyone would have been if you got something on your mind you can talk to us.” Sam says.

“Why don’t you just tell me what happened? Because I was scared out of my mind and I had no idea why. Who were you fighting? It sounded like World War II out there. And those howls…I guess it reminded me of the stories. For the past two weeks I’ve had dreams about them--nightmares.”

“About werewolves?” Embry asks.

For the next five minutes I tell them about the dreams they listen to me and tell me it’s nothing to be worried about.

“Werewolves…aren’t going to hurt you.” Sam said.

But he didn’t say, ’Those were just myths, werewolves don’t exist.’ Like I’d been expecting him to, and neither did Embry. And that’s when I knew, they must have been fighting wolves that day in the forest.

“Because they aren’t real right?” I say demanding him to agree with me.

“Baby we’re going to have a bonfire tonight, come with us.”

I was about to shout again and then I realized, “Is Billy going to tell the legends?”

“Yes, after tonight…” Embry began, I looked up at him intently,” You’ll have some answers.”

Sam spoke now, “Will you come tonight?”

I paused something wasn’t right about these people. Something was wrong in La Plush, in Forks. Something was wrong all over, the killings had slowed down but the terror had been all the same. And it was so much worse not knowing anything.

“Yes, I’ll come tonight.”