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About a girl that moves to Forks with her newly divorced mother.


6. Chapter 6: The Pack

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Chapter Six: The Pack

That night Jared and Kim drove me to the spot in the cliffs. They made polite conversation but nothing of complete interest. I wondered what I might find out tonight. I was still scared but maybe after tonight we’d all have a big laugh. They owed me an explanation and I was eager to hear it.

We all sat around the fire in a circle. Everyone was there, the elders, Billy, Quil Senior, and Sue Clearwater. Then there was Sam, Emily, Jared, Kim, Paul, Susana, Embry, Amy, Seth, Collin, Leah, her son Ian, and Brady.

Sam smiled at me and called everyone to listen. “It’s time to start.”

Everyone quieted down and listened to Billy as he began the story. I wouldn’t be able to dedicate it perfectly, but the first story was about Spirit Warriors. Men who could leave their bodies and enter a spirit world to protect their tribe. They could control animals to do their bidding and they could whisper in the wind. They were like brothers because they could read each other’s minds and no secrets separated them.

There was a chief and his band of warriors, one of them wanted to raid the other tribes and take control of all the land. The Chief saw his evil plans in their spirit forms and kicked him out of the tribe.

He became vengeful and succeeded in a plot to take over the Chiefs body. Eventually through the help of a wolf the Chief became a great man wolf and defeated him.

The blood was passed down to many generations, all of the Chief’s Sons could also turn into large wolves. They used this power to protect the tribe.

This curse still exits today.

When Billy finished his story there was a pause, an unsettling silence around the fire. Then slowly he spoke again.

“The wolves were very special. Besides hearing each others thoughts in wolf form they never aged and healed quickly. The most mysterious thing about them was imprinting. One of them would see his future soul mate, and the earth move, and time would stand still. Imprinting on someone meant wanting to do everything and be everything to them. It was more than just love at first sight. These legends have passed down for hundreds of years.

“Only a few wolves sprouted every generation, and as it seemed a small number meant less danger. The reason for the wolves to come back would mean only one thing. That something would threaten the safety of the tribe.

“The pack of men from every generation were meant to fight and protect against the cold ones.”

Billy talked on and on, I began to feel sleepy my head leaning against someone’s shoulder. I couldn’t remember who anyone more, or even if there had been someone beside me. Who ever it was they wrapped their arm around me keeping me warm as the wind picked up swirling the fire around but not managing to put it out.

My eyes began to close as someone spoke to me.

“So Babe…what did you think of the stories?”

My body stiffened, realizing it was Jacob that I was leaning against. I sat up quickly my heart speeding. He looked at me, his expression I didn’t understand, and he was still waiting for my answer.

“I uh…” I thought about it, everyone around the fire was quiet waiting for me to answer. I looked over at Ian fast asleep in his mothers lap. “It sounds like its real.” The another gust of wind swept by the fire this time putting it out just as I heard Sam’s reply to me. It took me a moment to process what he said. “W-what did you just say?”

“I said the legends are real. Werewolves do exist.”

In the dark I couldn’t make out his expression, but I didn’t need to I really believed him. I believed in my nightmares.

“Where are they? Are they in the woods?” I looked behind me looking into the trees. At any moment I expected everyone to start laughing at me.

I felt Embry on the other side of me, he lit a match and set it to the fire. He face glowed with an intensity against his tanned skin. “They’re right here. In this circle.”

I snorted, “Embry stop trying to scare me…”

Sam stood up along with Paul, Jared, Brady, Collin, and Quil. Then Embry and Jacob rose on either side of me. All of them towered over me around the fire, looking like Gods.

“We’re all werewolves.” Sam said looking at me, his face willing me to believe him.

“No…your not…” I said locking eyes with Leah. I know she wouldn’t bullsh*t with me. Maybe I’d look at her and she’d start laughing. But she didn’t, she looked worried, and I looked over at Emily, she too looked worried. “If anything you fight monsters…are you telling me your all monsters then? That you run around at the full moon and bite people? Eat them? Kill them? Chase them at night?”

Jacob scolded, “Weren’t you listening? We’re werewolves because we protect the tribe against bloodsuckers. We. Don’t. Bite. People.”

I was shocked by the venom in his voice. Plus the fact that he was talking to me again. And in the fire light I couldn’t help but notice how good he looked. His muscles showing because his shirt was off and his hair dangling in front of his face. He was looking down at me too, and as usual he expression was unreadable. At first it was peer anger and impatience, but then I saw something else. The way he looked into my eyes was unexplainable.

It seemed like forever before he finally turned away from me.

I didn’t know what to say, I looked around at everyone. What the hell were they staying? Bloodsuckers? Ew….oh he means like vampires. Because vampires and werewolves hate each other. So then that day at Billy’s house…

Something clicked in my mind, the howls right outside the window in Jacob’s room. The pounding and crashes shuddering through the woods. Seth getting hurt….that stone inside his body. The fact that he looked perfectly fine now.

I looked at him, his shirt was off too. There should have been a bandage, a scar, something there. But no, just smooth tan skin and his muscles. My eyes darted to Paul. I remembered seeing the scars on his face one moment and then when I looked back they were gone.

Then I thought about my nightmares, horrible, horrible nightmares.

“S-so that day at Billy’s house you guys were the wolves howling outside?! All that crashing and stuff was you fighting vampires? And then when you guys got hurt--you healed right away…”

This couldn’t be true, I met Jacob’s eyes again.

“Yes that’s exactly what happened.” Jacob said, he looked perfectly calm now. Almost content, ugh.

“Naw…I doubt that…no I-I refuse to believe something so stupid.” I blurted out. Jacob’s face crumpled, and I instantly regretted it. Instead of yelling at me or getting angry he grabbed my hand.

“Of course, we’ll have to prove it to you.”

I felt my freezing hand thaw in his large warm one, it covered more than half of my hand.


“We’re going to show you.”

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The men lead the way down the path into the clearing. Jacob and I followed close behind them, the women even farther behind us. I kept tripping over branches and moss. It was mostly because of the darkness, and plus I was extremely anxious. But it surprised me as Jacob wrapped his hand around mine again. My heart was already speeding and then it froze for a moment and the butterflies picked up in my stomach beating furiously against my rub cage. If something bad were to happen to me I almost think it would be worth it.

When we got there the women stayed close to the trees. They looked into the clearing like it was a performance area. The men stood in the clearing whispering to each other. It seemed they were trying to decide something.

I was standing with Jacob at the far end of the clearing. He still held my hand and looked down at me with a wary expression. And I got more scared by the second.

I saw Brady run off into the trees, and the other men walked toward me and Jacob. They stopped about three feet in front of standing in a line their backs turned to us, looking at the trees where Brady had wandered off to. I thought it was strange how they stood there as if protecting us…

It was that moment I looked deeply into the trees, at first I saw nothing. And then I saw Brady jump out of the trees in mid air. His deep hazel eyes shifted enlarged and then suddenly in a blink of an eye a huge hazel wolf was running toward us. It was real, taller than a horse, a huge snout and those deep yellow eyes.

Before I even realized it I was screaming my head off.

I pointed over to it, yelling my head off falling to the ground. Jacob caught me grabbed me form behind. We were bent low on the ground.

“Shh…its okay.” I was in hysterics my heart racing faster than it ever had, expect only once when I unconscious at night fearing the moment just like this one. Jacob continued to coax me as the wolf sat their in the clearing looking at me. Oddly enough I could see facial expressions on the great wolf, he looked like he was trying his best to smile.

When I felt jerk in my arm I realized I was trying to run away. Fright was deep within me from head to toe and then I looked around at everyone. At the women, sitting there trying to look casual. Then at the men, who were calm also.

That’s when I realized that I didn’t need to be scared. Suddenly I stopped trying to fight against Jacob, he felt me slack and loosened his grip on me.

I looked up at him, “Wait a minute…so my friends really are wolves?”

Before anyone could answer I did something no one expected.

I started laughing my head off, relieved and completely sure that I wasn’t on scare tactics.

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I’m in the forest surrounded, I still see the glowing yellow eyes in the dark. They follow me, my every twitch. The same thing happens like in every dream, I see a path way and I run for my life.

I’m sprinting through the trees, my heart flattening against my bones, I can hardly breathe. I can hardly think about anything, just one thing. Surviving. I can see them on either side of me, in front of me, I can hear them behind me I can feel their hot breath on my back. I try to run faster, and I trip on my own feet.

They come closer , closing in on me, one of them Russet colored with deep black eyes comes close to me. He looks at me and the up at the moon and he howls low and deep.

And this time I don’t wake up. Instead I sit and wait. He chuckles, panting his tongue hanging out of his mouth. A smile in his eyes.

“Tag your it.” He nudges me ever so slightly before howling again in amusement and running off into the forest. The other wolves followed him laughter seeping through their large sharp teeth.

I got up and toward them the moon shining on me, I was running toward my friends, my family.