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Another Day, Another Destinity

Bella Is ready. Ready to marry Edward, and ready to become as beautiful and immortal as he is. However, with the releasing of a propchey, and the arrival of a new coven, Bella and Edward must face new dangers, and they begin to realize that everyone has trials to face. Excert from later chapter:Edward grinned. “Looks like we have to save the world again.”“Not the world,” Alice corrected.“Just Forks,” I said.

Before you ask, I kind of deleted this while I was posting chapter five, so I'm just going to repost everything (Thank goodness I saved all the chapters). If I happen to find this the next day, safe and sound, I'll just delete thisversion, and let everyone else read the last version.

3. Chapter 3: Back to Reality

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Chapter 3: Back to Reality

At Carlisle’s grim announcement, the room exploded.

“No,” Edward snapped. “I will not go. Bella is not going to Italy, and I’m staying here with her.” His arms gripped me in a comforting hug, and I held on to them.

“Not everyone has to go.” Alice said simply. “I only saw Carlisle and Emmett going, but more of us may decide to go.” As she said this, she looked at Jasper meaningfully. He nodded.

“Does that mean Jasper will also go to Italy?” I asked, curious.

Alice stared into space for a moment, then reluctantly nodded. “He would have wanted to go, regardless of what’s in his future.” Alice whispered.

“What is it?” Jasper asked

“The Volturi will ask you about joining them,” Alice whispered. “I-I’m not sure about what they would say, but they would want your power among them.”

“It would help them end disputes and calm their victims.” Edward muttered.

Jasper shook his head. “I wouldn’t go even if I was able to keep to the same lifestyle I live now,” he said. “The pain and suffering of their victims would touch me, and I wouldn’t be able to bear being a part of something so painful. Even though it would be an honor, I wouldn’t accept.”

Alice nodded. “I thought so.”


A little while later, I was sitting behind to the counter of Newton’s, playing with a jar full of old-fashioned candy, the ones you would see in a general store.

I almost didn’t see a customer come walking through the door.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked in my best cheerful salesgirl voice.

The man came walking up to me, and as he stepped up to the counter, I watched him. He was a tall, thin man, with black hair that he had gelled back. His face was pale, like paper, like Edward’s face, and his eyes were pitch black. He wore a gray shirt, with a black jacket, and denim jeans, with leather cowboy boots, complete with spurs. In his hand there was a tan colored fedora hat.

“Do you need anything?” I asked.

He nodded. “I need some help with this box I bought here earlier today,” he told me. “I’m trying to load into the back of my car, but I can’t seem to get it to fit. Maybe you could help me.”

I wanted to tell him he had the wrong girl, and that I was a clumsy teenager, and that maybe I should call Mike.

“Sure.” I told him. “Where’s your car.”

“Out in front,” was his stoic reply. I marched out to the front of the store, and found a black Dodge Viper GTS sitting in front of the store. He pointed to a large, square tent box leaning against the door.

“It wouldn’t fit in the trunk,” he said, “so I wanted your help putting it in the back.” I picked up the package, with a little help from the man, and we slid it into the car. He turned to me, and smiled.

“Thank you,” he said, stretching out his hand.

I shook it. “Please shop with us again.” I replied. As he drove away, I remembered his cold touch, like a cold wind against my bare skin.

The man I had just helped was a vampire.