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Another Day, Another Destinity

Bella Is ready. Ready to marry Edward, and ready to become as beautiful and immortal as he is. However, with the releasing of a propchey, and the arrival of a new coven, Bella and Edward must face new dangers, and they begin to realize that everyone has trials to face. Excert from later chapter:Edward grinned. “Looks like we have to save the world again.”“Not the world,” Alice corrected.“Just Forks,” I said.

Before you ask, I kind of deleted this while I was posting chapter five, so I'm just going to repost everything (Thank goodness I saved all the chapters). If I happen to find this the next day, safe and sound, I'll just delete thisversion, and let everyone else read the last version.

4. Chapter 4: Prophecy

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Chapter 5: Prophecy

“So nothing happened?”

I nodded. “All he did was ask me to help load a tent. But while he was shaking my hand, I noticed it seemed cold, like yours or Edward’s. As soon as I found that out, I was just surprised that he didn’t throw me into the back with the tent I loaded.”

Alice stared. “Are you sure? I mean, he could be headed here right now because his talents involve tracking, or he can sniff you out for some reason.” Alice paused, and I took the moment to talk to her.

“It’s fine, Alice. Maybe you should check on the house, and see if he’s heading this way.”

Alice nodded, and closed her eyes. A second later she opened them, and a huge smile was on her face. “No, he’s not coming, but Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper will be here in less than fifteen minutes!”


As I sat in the living room, I almost didn’t hear him enter.

Edward sat on the couch next to me, and as his arms wrapped themselves around me, my heart celebrated his arrival by thumping faster than usual. I saw him smile, and curled up next to his chest.

“How are you?” he whispered to me.

“I’m all right,” I murmured. “I just can’t get that other vampire out of my mind.”

Edward pulled me closer. “I should have been there, “ he said. “I should have been there to protect you. What if he had taken you with him, and I didn’t know where you had gone. What if he had hurt you in some way.” Edward’s voice trailed off, but came back a second later. “I would never have forgiven him, or myself. I would make you feel as safe as possible before hunting him down. But it would have been all the more worse for him if he had hurt you.”

I wrapped my arms more securely around Edward’s marble body. “Well,” I said. “If he tries to take me from you, he’s going to have a hard time doing that. I’m stuck to you like glue.”

Edward kissed my forehead softly, and pulled away. “That’s good,” he whispered. “Now I have you all to myself.”

I kissed him with as much intensity as I could, and I felt him smile as he kissed me right back, his body molded perfectly to mine as we held each other close.

“Not exactly the first thing I want to see when I get home.” Emmett’s voice rang out from the front of the house. I broke away in time to see Edward grab a pillow from the couch, and toss it at Emmett, who was not expecting the object. Edward smiled as the projectile made contact with Emmett’s head.

Jasper glanced at us, and smiled. “ I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.”

“Our pleasure.” I told him, and Edward laughed.


Jasper pushed a piece of worn, yellowed paper toward me. “Everything’s there. You just have to read it. Carlisle wanted to speak with Aro, but he’ll be back tomorrow.”

I took the paper with shaking hands, and read.

Human and Vampyre,

Love’s Hour of Power

She holds the Keye

To uncommon Allies

But only his sacrifice

Can Cure a Leader’s Heart.

“It’s the original.” Edward muttered. “I’m surprised that they would give us that old a prophecy. Then again, Aro highly respects Carlisle. Maybe he thought we wouldn’t destroy it.”

“But what does it mean?” I asked, confused.

“It means that a human who loves a vampire is uniting a common enemy of vampires with vampires for a common purpose, and someone has to sacrifice something, and cure someone, or something really bad will happen.”

“I guessed as much, but what does it mean? For us, and for everyone who lives in Forks ?”

No one spoke for a minute, everyone lost in his or her own thought, or in Edward’s case, reading the thoughts of every single person in the room, except me.

Edward grinned. “Looks like we have to save the world again.”

“Not the world,” Alice corrected.

“Just Forks,” I said.

“Forks and everyone in it.” Emmett replied.

Jasper glanced around. “Let’s get started, then.”