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Vampire and the witch

Edward never never came back, and Bella never jumped off the cliff. She moved to Jacksonville to live with Renee, but encounters witches. She soon finds that she is one as well.Bella returns to Forks after Charlie dies, bringing her knew witch friends about forty years later. Her witch powers, have stopped her from aging. What she finds in forks is something she never thought she'd find again

This took me a half an hour to come up with a good story opening.

1. Chapter 1

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 329   Review this Chapter

Bella's POV

i stared up at the small house in front of me. It had been years since my last visit and even longer since i had lived here. I felt a reasuring hand on my shoulder. I looked up into the eyes of Chris. My whitelighter.

"Ready?" he asked. I turned back to the house. No. I wasn't ready, nor would i ever be. But i had to do this. For Charlie.

"yeah." i said and pushed myself to take the next step. I could feel the tears trickling down my cheek. I climbed the set of stairs leading to the front door. Chris was following silently, he knew how much this hurt. He had loved Charlie too.

I reached out to turn the knob, but frooze and pulled away. When i entered the old home, Charlie would not be there. Realization washed over me as i thought of the memories i had had with him.

No more Charlie searching aimlessly for his tie. Nomore Charlie calling me up to see how the sisters and i were doing. No more Chief swan titiles.

He was gone. And it was all my fault.

I took a deep breath, fighting back more tears and reached for the knob again. This time turning it and letting the old wooden door swing open to releal the dark emptiness of the house.

Chris's POV

Bella and i entered the house slowly. At first i was expecting Charlie to call from the living room telling me to come watch the game with him. He had been Bella's father, but he had also adopted me as his son. My own father ignored me, and Charlie hadn't.

I watched as Bella fingered the chair where Charlie used to sit. Her eyes were teary, and i could tell she was trying to hold them back. She hated crying infront of people, it made her feel weak.

"I'll go pack some of his things." i said and bounded up the stairs.