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Vampire and the witch

Edward never never came back, and Bella never jumped off the cliff. She moved to Jacksonville to live with Renee, but encounters witches. She soon finds that she is one as well.Bella returns to Forks after Charlie dies, bringing her knew witch friends about forty years later. Her witch powers, have stopped her from aging. What she finds in forks is something she never thought she'd find again

This took me a half an hour to come up with a good story opening.

12. Chapter 12

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Bella's POV

I opened the front door to Charlie's house, my house now, charlie was dead. And it was my fault that he was.

"Bella!" Chris exclaimed as he orbed in the hallway. I rolled my eyes and started to back out of the house.

"Wait!" I stopped and peered at him.

"What?" I asked innocently. "I can't leave the house too?" His brow furrowed.

"Bella please, I'm sorry i just...i just got a little jealous that's all." He took a step forward and grabbed my shoulders. "Please forgive me bells. I really am sorry." i let him pull me close and hug me. Chris really could be the charmer sometimes, which i guess is kind of ironic seeing as though he's the son of a charmed one.

"It's okay." i siad pulling away. For some reason his hug wasn't very comfoting as it had been before. "Just don't do it again." i punched his arm."


Alice's POV

We were all on our way into the house when theses blue lights came out of nowhere and flashed three girls infront of us.

"Are you the cullens?" one of them asked.

"Yes." Japer said behind me. The three of them look at each other and nodded.

"Whiach one of you is Edward?'' They asked. We were all silent. Edward stepped forward.

"I am." The one on the end raised her eyebrows and whispered somehting to the others.

"No wonder bella fell in love with him. He's hot." The one in the middle one rolled her eyes. I guess the other girls said things like that a lot. I looked over at Edward who was a little uncomfortable from the exchange.

"What do you wamt?" Edward asked. The girls returned their focus.

"We want you to talk to Bella." The one on the other end said.

"I already did. This morning." he said crossing his arms. I knew that pose. He was being stubborn. "She made it pretty clear that she did not want me in her life anymore." The flirty one whispered to the other two girls again.

"If only Cole would understand like he does. Maybe she and i should switch men."

"Phoebe." The one in the middle said.

"Please Edward" she said to him. "Think about talking to her again. We know she still loves you."

"Trust us we know Bella." The flirty one siad.

"Come one guys." Said the one on the other end. Then the blue lights returned and they were gone.