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Vampire and the witch

Edward never never came back, and Bella never jumped off the cliff. She moved to Jacksonville to live with Renee, but encounters witches. She soon finds that she is one as well.Bella returns to Forks after Charlie dies, bringing her knew witch friends about forty years later. Her witch powers, have stopped her from aging. What she finds in forks is something she never thought she'd find again

This took me a half an hour to come up with a good story opening.

14. Chapter 14

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Bella's POV

i was about to knock on the door but before i could it swung open and Emmett was standing in the door way.

"Bella!" he exclaimed. The picked me upand gave me a bear hug. "I missed you so much." he said.

"Missed you too Em.'' i said as he put me down. I looked behind me where Chris was standing.

"Chris this is Emmett, Emmett this is Chris." i introduced. Chris held out his hand for Emmett and em smiled and took it.

"Welcome, any friend of bella's is a friend of mine." he said. Then Alice appeared next to him with jasper trailing her.

"Hi Alice." i smiled. Her face lightened at the fact that i had said hi to her.

"Hey, Bells." she said moving forward to give me a hug. We were now heading to the dning room-not thatthey use it except for sitting.

"How have you been?" i asked them trying to start a conversation. All three of them looked down as if wanting to escape the subject.

"Fine" Alice answered for them. i nodded but let the subject drop.

"Not much has changed." i pionted out gazing around the room.

"Well i like things neat." a soft voice behind me said. I turned to see Esme and Carlisle. The both wore their friendly smiles on, but i could tell that they were trying to stay calm.

"hello." i greeted them formally. I leaned down to give esme a kiss on the cheek. Then i moved to carlisle. He opened his arms, and i leaned into him.

"It's nice to see you Bells." he said into my hair. I tensed trying to keep from crying. I pulled back and breathed.

"So where is Rose and edward?'' i asked really wanting to get this over with.

"Right here." came rosalie's voice. i looked up. She smiled at me and came over to me and kissed my cheek. "Missed you Bella." i stood there shocked. Rosalie had never ever kissed me before.

"Missed you too Rose." i said hugging her back. Wow. This was getting wierder and wierder. She pulled away and i looked behind her where edward stood watching me. I nodded in acknowlegement. he nodded back.

'Everybody this is Chris." i said hooking my arm through his. "Chris This is Carlisle, Esme,Edward, Rosalie, Alice, and jasper." i pionted outeach one of them. "and of course you've already met Emmett."

Chris shook hands with all of them and gave kisses to esme alice and rosealie.

"Bella has told me so much about you." he said. They all looked at me with horrified expressions. Chris took the hint. "Yes, i know what you are, but i'll tell you now that it doesn't bother me. well unless by some reason you end up going back to killing..."

"Chris i think i'll take it from here.'' i said interupting him. He nodded. "What Chris is trying to say is that you can trusthim, and the sisters." carlisle stepped in.

"So tell us bella. what have you been doing for almost sixty years?" I smiled athim and was about to start my story, but then Piper,Leo, Phoebe and Paige orbed in. Followed by Whyatt- whom i haven't seen in ages.

"Started the party without us didn't you' piper said.