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Vampire and the witch

Edward never never came back, and Bella never jumped off the cliff. She moved to Jacksonville to live with Renee, but encounters witches. She soon finds that she is one as well.Bella returns to Forks after Charlie dies, bringing her knew witch friends about forty years later. Her witch powers, have stopped her from aging. What she finds in forks is something she never thought she'd find again

This took me a half an hour to come up with a good story opening.

18. Chapter 18

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Piper’s POV

I stirred the potion carefully while Paige paced the room.

“Paige will you please stop pacing your going to make yourself dizzy” I said throwing in some of the demon’s blood.

“I can’t I’m too worried” She said.

“About the demon Paige it’s only a dark lighter. We’ve handled worse.” She shook her head.

“I meant about Bella” she said. You made an 'oh' shape with your mouth.

“Why?” I asked pouring the potion into four potion bottles.

“Well because she has two guys after her right now, not to mention one of them is a vampire and the other is a white lighter.” I looked at that.

“Paige Edward isn’t a bad vampire and I’m married to a white lighter, you’re a white lighter you shouldn’t be surprised.” She pursed her lips.

“Look I know that he isn’t evil, for once I trust that he’s good, but that’s not the point.” She said frustrated.

“Then what is?”

“I just think that Bella might choose the wrong guy.” I furrowed a brow confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked. She shrugged.

“I don’t think that Bella should stay with Chris” she said simply.

“Why not?” I asked a little defensive about my son.

“Well it just seems as though Bella doesn’t love him, but you can clearly see that she still loves Edward.” I cocked my head.

“How?” Paige rolled her eyes.

“Come on you didn’t see the way she’s always trying to avoid his eyes and whenever they touch the way her body goes all tense.”

“Yeah, but…”

“But nothing Piper she loves him. And judging by the way he glares at Chris he loves her too.” I was about to respond when everyone walked in the kitchen.

Bella’s POV

You lead the Cullens into the kitchen and were immediately suspicious as Paige and piper jumped from their conversation. They looked away trying not to show their faces. You eyed them and turned to Phoebe, she looked away as well.

“Okay do you guys have that vanquishing potion ready?” Piper nodded capping the fourth bottle.

“It’ll knock that dark lighter into the abyss” she said dramatically. Paige rolled her eyes at her sister, and I heard a muffled laugh coming from Emmett.

“Good then let’s go.” I said. Grabbing one off the counter, I handed one to Phoebe.

“Um Bella look I was wondering if…” I lowered my extended hand and glared at her.


“I was thinking that since you know that all of you are going that I could possibly go and file for that divorce.” She said with a nervous smile.

“But I thought you said that Cole was back.” I said confused now. She nodded and sighed.

“Yeah and I think it would be best if I faced him now.” You shook your head disapprovingly.

“No” you said.

“And why not?”

“Because Phoebe he just came back from hell and that means that he is packing some really powerful ammo.” I turned to Piper and Paige for support.

“Bella’s right Phoebe we can’t let you go alone.” Piper said agreeing. Paige nodded.

“Well then I’ll have Leo come and if something goes wrong then he’ll orb me out.” I turned towards the Cullens and looked to jasper and Edward. One of them could give me and answer as to if it was a good idea. They both nodded, and I sighed and turned back to Phoebe.

“Fine but if he tries anything have Leo orb you out immediately.” She nodded and left the room Leo following close behind. “Alright” I turned to everyone. “Let’s go vanquish this guy before he moves again.”

Edward’s POV

Paige orbed us to a parking lot where Bella said the demon would be. I listened up for his thoughts and saw him over by a blue Milan car. I pointed over there and Piper Paige and Bella also spotted the girl he was targeting.

“Whoa!” Piper said freezing him and the entire parking lot. I stood there still a processing this whole witch thing. All four of them including Alice ran over to the girl and stood in front of her. Piper then unfroze the demon keeping everyone else still frozen. The dark lighter looked around and glared at them.

“What…how did you find me?” he asked confused.

“What do you want with Chris?” Bella asked them impatient.

“I can’t tell you that. They’ll kill me.” He growled at her.

“Oh and you think I won’t” she said. She waited for him to speak, but he didn’t. “Fine” she said starting to throw the potion at him. He put his hands up gesturing for her to wait.

“Alright…They call themselves the, ah!” he screamed as his body burst into flames. We all starred at the spot where he had just stood.

“I didn’t do that” Bella said looking at us with a scared expression.