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Vampire and the witch

Edward never never came back, and Bella never jumped off the cliff. She moved to Jacksonville to live with Renee, but encounters witches. She soon finds that she is one as well.Bella returns to Forks after Charlie dies, bringing her knew witch friends about forty years later. Her witch powers, have stopped her from aging. What she finds in forks is something she never thought she'd find again

This took me a half an hour to come up with a good story opening.

5. Chapter 5

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Bella's POV

i stared at them with pain stricken aches clogging my throat. I wanteed to run, to get out of here before they saw me. After all these years i would of thought the pain would of died, but instead it was if i had and the pain was as strong as ever.

"I met the Bronzish haired one in Chemistry." Chris said not noticing my change in mood. "He seemed kind of nice, a little strange but nice." I couldn't listien to this. it was going to kill me.

I tried to ignore his pursuit in the subject, but it was too hard. I found myself watching them as they chatted to each other. I remembered the last time i had seen them. Just a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday. They had left in a rush, except him who had stayed to say goodbye...

"Bella are you okay?" Chris said suddenly. Edward stiffened and turned slowly and caught my eye. I looked away not able to meet those eyes. His face had looked pained, and surprised.

Chris looked back at the table where the cullen's sat. His expression had changed from being overly anxious to confusion. He saw the look on Edward's face and glanced back at me with an arched brow.

"He ah...He looks like he knows you." chris said claering his throat. I gnored him and looked away from both of them. He reached out to take my hand but i pulled away. So he put a hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. "Tell me."

I sighed and glanced back at Edward. By this time the entire family had turned and was now gawking at the sight of me. I could tell from the look on alice's face that she was excited. But what i didn't expect was for her to get up and walk over to our table. i panicked.

"Let's go." i said to Chris getting up out of my seat. He gave me a worried look.

"Why?" i glanced over at the approaching Alice.

"Because." i siad and grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. We started across the room, walking fast so that Alice wouldn't be able to catch us unless she wanted attract attention.

"Where are we going?" Chris asked trying to keep up. I pushed open the the door leading outside.

"The sisters."

Alice's POV

The day so far was exhausting. Having pretended to be junior was taking a lot out of me, so i was glad to go to lunch. Of course i had to buy food-waste of money-but i didn't eat it. It was just to keep up appearances.

We all sat at a table in the dark corner of hte cafeteria. Jasper and Edward sat next to me, while Rosalie and Emmett we talking about their next honeymoon. No doubt to ease the pain of being here.

I glanced over at Edward wondering how he was taking being back in the same room that he had first spotted Bella. But he wasn't even facing us, he was turned looking over at something with such pain it hurt to watch. I turned to see what was the distraction and that's when i saw her. Bella.

She looked exactly the same as we had left her except that her hair seemed to be a little darker. She was looking at Edward with hateful eyes and when she saw me watching she turned a said something to the boy sitting next to her. I decided that this was my chance, and stood up.

Bella's eyes flickered to me with panic. She then turned back to the boy looking frantic as she tried to convince him to get up so they could leave. The boy just stared at her with surprise, and she grabbed his arm and dragged him away. i frooze in my tracks. Bella was running away from me. I almost felt the tears in my eyes as i turned and started back to our table.

Chris's POV

bella made me orb her to the sister's manor. When we got there phoebe was coming down the stairs, then stopped as she saw us.

"Oh hey guys." she said embracing us with hugs. "How was school?" Bella didn't answer. Phoebe looked at me but i shrugged. I didn't understand either.

"Can we stay here for a while?'' Bella asked her pleading. Phoebe looked surprised but nodded.

"Yeah, use my old room." she said and Bella darted up the stairs as tears streamed down her face. once she was out of sight, phoebe turned to me.

"Okay, what happened?'' she demanded. "What did you do?" i stood there shocked.

"Me? i didn't do anything." i said defensive. she raised an eyebrow. "Really i didn't." i protested. "We were at lunch ahe seemed fine, but hten i showed her some guy that i had met in Chemistry that i thought was kind of different. Then she wemt phyco."

"What do you mean she went phyco?" she asked crossing her arms.

"She looked at him and then this hostile face appeared. Then when he turned he stared right back at her as if htey knew each other or something. I would of felt htreatned if i had not seen the face she had given him. Then when one of the girls from the table stood, Bella Panicked and dragged me out of the school." i paused and combed a hand through my hair. "Then she demanded that i bring her here. She didn't even want to stop to get clothes." Phoebe sighed.

"Did she say anything?" she asked thinking. i shook my head.

"Not a word." i said then started my own panic. "Seroiusly Phoebe what do we do?" She glanced at the stairs.

"First we should go and get her some clothes, and wait until she's ready to tell us what's wrong." she paaused taking a deep breath. "Then we see if we can help. But right now she needs time." i nodded.

"Alright.'' i said "What do i do?" phoebe thought for a second then answered.

"Keep going to school, and try to find out more about that guy. It probably has something to do with him."