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The Time Being

"I give you the images I know.
Lie still with me and watch" -Anne Sexton While Edward and Bella share their first lunchtime, Alice takes a peek at their future.

Set during Twilight, but this is Alice after all, so there are some vauge New Moon and Eclipse spoilers in there.

I don't own them, it's not mine, please don't sue me.

1. Chapter 1

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Alice looks, but she can’t see.

And just like that, poof! and everything changes.

Edward is standing in the yellow kitchen again, watching the girl with hungry eyes. The mahogany curtain of her hair hides her face, and her hips swing rhythmically as she stirs the pan on top of the ancient cooker.

‘No’ She whispers to herself, feeling it sink like a stone in the air. The present shimmers and disappears, and she shakes in terror as her brother steps forward into a horrifying future.

Her pale legs are exposed in the summer warmth, dark shorts clinging to the curve of her thigh. Across the room, his hand curls around the door frame, tongue darting to lick his lips in anticipation.

It takes no more than a second for him to cross the room, and press his mouth to her neck.

‘Alice?’ Voices try to draw her back, but she can’t go back. Not yet. She needs to see. Needs to know.

‘Edward!’ the girl gasps when they touch, spinning around and into the cage of his arms.

‘Did I scare you?’ His voice is low and dangerous, but his eyes are molten gold, and how they sparkle at the sight of this girl.

‘Just a little’ She admits, colour spreading over her cheeks.

‘Bella Swan, have I ever told you-’

Quick as it came, it’s gone again. She opens her eyes and searches for him in the room. He doesn’t sit with them today, maybe never again.

Across the cafeteria, Edward gestures to this girl, this Bella Swan.

His Bella.

Long shadows fill the room, a golden wedge of light falling across Bella’s face. She is deeply asleep, unaware of the pale fingers raking up and down her exposed throat, her cheek, across her eyelids, tracing the shape of her lips.

She sighs in her sleep and nuzzles towards him, his arms locking around her as if they belong there and nowhere else. He breathes in her scent and pushes his face into her hair, chest shaking with silent, tearless sobs.

Still, she sleeps on.

‘Alice!’ Jasper’s wide eyes pierce hers and she tumbles back to reality.

‘You’re making a scene’ Rosalie hisses and sure enough, several seniors at the next table are talking rather too loud not to have been eavesdropping.

‘What did you see?’ Jasper asks, his hands tight around hers. An act of comfort, not that she needs it today.

‘Edward’ She frowns, finding him across the room, locked in playful conversation with Bella. Between his fingers the lid of a lemonade bottle spins so fast it blurs out of sight.

Alice closes her eyes, and looks forward.

It’s dark, so very, very dark. And cold.

Bella lies curled on the wet bracken, her hair a dirty halo around her head. Her eyes are closed and her breathing deep and rhythmic, but she does not sleep.

‘Bella! Bella!’ Someone calls her, desperate, frantic. There’s a crashing in the undergrowth, something snuffles close by-

The future spins in a different direction.

Edward now, lies curled on his side, bothered not by the filth nor the terrible smell. In his pocket a cellphone rings over and over. He ignores it, eyes closed tight against what little light penetrates the tiny space.

The vibration begins again.

‘Damn it damn it damn it’ He growls to himself, flipping the phone open.

She almost opens her eyes, the buzz of the cafeteria so close. Not today. She’s far too curious for her own good.

Time flashes by, days and months and years bleeding into each other. Too far, too subjective.

‘You’re safe. I won’t hurt you’ Edward murmurs, hands held high in the air, eyes fearful-

Bella’s hair whips her face, and she closes her eyes, looking up into the spray-

They stand together in a bright pool of sunlight, his skin throwing a thousand rainbows-

The feet of the grand piano squeal loudly as the force of two bodies hit it, tumbling to the floor, their separate breath mingling in each others mouths-

‘Yes’ Bella whispers-

Edward leans over her hand, lips against her skin. It looks like a kiss, but she screams and thrashes, tears staining her cheeks-

The skirmish settles, ripples, and gives a final offering.

Bella winces in mock-horror, and Alice’s own voice pierces the air.

‘Thank you, Bella!’ She throws her delicate arms around Bella’s waist, a broad grin lights up her face.

Behind her, the masterpiece of silk and lace hangs waiting.

Alice drifts back to the present and sighs contentedly.

‘Come on Jazz! We’ll be late for class!’ She cries, grabbing his hand in hers, dragging him through the room, past Edward and Bella, through the doors, into the cool air.

‘What did you see?’ Jasper whispers, once they’re out of earshot, and she smiles wickedly before replying.

‘I saw the future’