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Breaking Dawn Bella

Breaking Dawn lead up. Bella's donned her wedding dress. What will happen next? WIP!

Alright, this is completely a work in progress!

It's not done, but since you guys have been so completely incredible in commenting on my others..I thought I would upload this for you! So, I'm sure all you Twilight fanatics have noticed that I've incorporated all the previous book covers in this (if you didn't..it's okay..it's not colored..and so it might be hard to tell) Well, Breaking Dawn's cover will also be included once this is done.
Bella will be on a chess board in the Queen's spot!
Cool, Right?!
Or...I'm just suuuper lame. OH!
The Wedding Dress!
I'm so not sure on the decade, so...it might not be right..
But this is how I pictured it..so YAY! Thanks again for all the support, guys!

1. Chapter 1

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