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Falling asleep on the bus, a man finds himself stranded in Forks for the weekend. Poor guy.


10. Chapter 10

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"Sean, we can never thank you for all that you’ve done for us," Carlisle said, shaking my hand. "You saved us from horrible fates, drove off the Volturi, and healed Jasper. You’ll always have a place with us, if you’d like to stay."

I heard Alice coming down the stairs behind me. Heck, I couldn’t stay here! I couldn’t be this close to—her, and not get totally crushed again. Not that it was her fault, but still. "Well, thank you, Carlisle. I’m glad I could help. Maybe it wasn’t an accident that brought me here after all. But you all did a lot, too. It wasn’t just me. I only handled that one guy, anyway. You guys did all the rest. And speaking of the Volturi, you do realize this is just temporary, right? They’ll be back. You know they will."

Carlisle nodded sadly. "Yes. But still, thank you." He stepped back. I looked around. Alice was standing next to Edward, who had one arm around her, and the other around Bella. Bella and Alice were looking at me sadly. Edward still glared. Ignoring them as best as I could, I asked, "Where’s that Felix guy?" I couldn’t help snickering at his name again.

Carlisle nodded to a door. "Down in the basement. We weren’t sure what to do with him. His mind appears to be gone."

I flinched. "Yeah, I don’t know what happened there. But I figure I’ll take him home. Show the Volturi what happens when they bother my friends. Maybe that will make them think long and hard before attacking you again." I considered it, then added, "But maybe not. Never know."

Bella and Alice gasped. Emmett and Jasper exchanged looks. Carlisle’s eyes widened. "You can’t be serious...marching into Volterra and confronting them alone?" I smiled grimly. "Quite serious, as a matter of fact." Besides, I figured this way I wouldn’t have to wait until Monday to leave. I could leave the next day.

Edward growled, and out of the corner of my eyes, I saw him shake his head. Then I heard him...well, in my mind. How can you do this? Don’t you know you’re killing her? She can’t loose you both!

What? I thought back, frowning. Who in the world are you talking about?

All I heard was a disgusted sigh. Jasper stepped over to me, and we shook hands. "Thanks for bringing me back," he said. "Don’t mention it," I replied, my gaze flickering to Alice’s face for a second. While her eyes looked heartbroken for some reason, I couldn’t make out what other emotion was playing across her face. Fear?

Suddenly, Jasper leaned close and whispered, "You don’t get it, do you? It’s not what you think!" I threw him a confused look. "I’m going to Alaska. I was going to go before you even came!"

I shivered involuntarily. Alaska! To me, snow was also a four-letter word. I mean, Alaska is beautiful and all. I’d been there once. ONCE! And that was enough. Cold weather and I did not get along. "You can have it!" I replied. "Hope you have a good time anyway." Then I frowned. That must mean Alice was going, too. And if that were the case, maybe I would bring Maria and come live here. Well, if Edward could just chill out. He groaned, and thought, Just how stupid are you??

I asked to use the phone, and made reservations for two to Rome for the next day. I also told them that my friend Felix was mentally challenged and would be on prozac for the flight. I didn’t want to be insensitive to people who really did have mental problems, but I couldn’t come up with a better excuse. I mean, what else was I going to do? Couldn’t very well say, "He’s a vampire, and I fried his brain!" They’d put ME on prozac! The tickets were rather expensive, being on such short notice, but money wasn’t really a problem. After 1700 years, I had plenty.

I hung up the phone, and turned to Carlisle. "I’ll, ah, need a ride to Seattle," I said apologetically. Before anyone else could offer, Alice yelled, "I’ll drive him!"

Oh Lord—she’ll drive me, all right! Drive me into insanity! Everyone in the room smiled, and looked at me. What the heck?

So it was that early the next morning, I found myself on a long drive with Alice, Felix drooling serenely in the back seat. We had taken someone’s jeep because Alice’s car had no back seat. We didn’t talk much on the drive, which was weird considering how bubbly Alice usually is. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. Maybe she wasn’t thrilled with going to Alaska either. Can’t blame her for that. And yet, I could feel tension in the air—most of it coming from me. I knew I should apologize for how I’d acted before. Yet I would never explain why. But before I knew it, we were pulling up in front of my terminal.

Hoping she was just dropping us off, since she hadn’t parked, I got Felix out and standing on the sidewalk. I walked him to the door, and turned to wave goodbye to Alice. She was standing right behind me. I jumped slightly, and her face got that impish grin back again. I was glad. She deserved to always be happy.

"I’ll walk you in," she said cheerfully. I glanced at the curb. "What about your car?"

"What about it?" She smiled. I gulped. "Uh, well, won’t they tow it?"

She laughed lightly. "No, I don’t think so!" She glanced back at the skycaps standing by her car, and smiled. They grinned back at her, and looked like they were actually guarding the jeep! We went up to the ticket counter and checked in. I knew now was the time to tell Alice how sorry I was for the way I’d acted toward her. As some attendants came and led Felix off to get through security and settled, I took a deep breath and turned to Alice.

"Look Alice," I began, but she put her finger on my lips. "Shh! Me first! She laughed. I waited for her to say something, but instead she slowly leaned toward me. I slowly leaned back, until my head smacked the wall behind me. Alice kept leaning forward, and I tried to melt into the wall. It didn’t work. Alice stood on her tiptoes, our faces mere centimeters apart. She smiled at me a few seconds, then whispered, "In my vision, I wasn’t with Jasper!"

I stared at her a second, then my eyes widened in shock, as the meaning of her words sank into my thick head. "Y-Y-You mean," I stuttered, then I gulped. AGAIN!

Alice laughed sweetly. "Silly boy! Next time, let me finish telling you my vision before you react!" Her eyes held mine, and she leaned even closer. Then, she brushed her lips against mine. She stepped back, smiling serenely. "Be careful, and hurry home!" She said softly. Then she turned and danced back to the door. Before she went out, she turned again, and smiled. Waving, she blew me a kiss, and floated out the door.

I stood there in utter surprise, my head spinning. A guy standing near muttered, "Some guys have all the luck," his gaze following Alice. Then he gave me a dirty look and walked away. Numbly, I turned and headed through security, and then on to my gate. I dimly saw Felix sitting outside the gangway, smiling stupidly. I plopped down into the chair next to him. And suddenly, I was grinning from ear to ear, as they say. That empty place inside me was gone. Filled up with a flame that burned brightly, illuminating my mind and warming my entire being. I know it sounds sappy, but that’s how it felt.

I don’t know how long I sat there, with that dopey grin on my face. Felix and I probably looked like twins. But I didn’t care. I thought of how her cold, soft, beautiful lips had felt against mine. It had been a short, tender first kiss. But it held with a promise of more and better kisses to come. Many more. Her thoughts had betrayed her at that moment. I shuddered pleasantly in anticipation. My grin grew wider. Finally, our flight was called to begin boarding, and I stood, helping Felix to his feet as well.

"Well, Felix old pal," I said. "I hope my little errand with your friends goes fast. Suddenly, I want to get back here really, really bad!" Who knows? I might even make it back in time for Edward and Bella’s wedding!

"Hurry home!" Alice, my little Seraph, had said. Home. Yes, I liked the sound of that! And to think I had been angry because I had fallen asleep on the bus. Not any more. Now, I was wonderfully happy. Beyond description. We turned, and boarded the plane.