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Falling asleep on the bus, a man finds himself stranded in Forks for the weekend. Poor guy.


3. Chapter 3

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I rubbed the back of my neck. "Wow! You really pack a wallop, boy!" Then I took a closer look at him. He was pale. Very pale—almost a pallor. And his eyes—they were all wrong...slightly gold, bordering on amber. Then I knew—oh, yes. I knew. But one of them here? In Forks? Well, why not? I’ve run into them just about everywhere at one time or another. My eyes narrowed, and I locked my gaze with his. But the girl started talking, distracting me.

"Who are you?" she demanded in a rather squeaky voice. "Are you a burglar? What have you done with Charlie?"

"Well, I broke in here, ax murdered him, filled my bag with loot, then lay down to have a nap." I rolled my eyes. "Get real!"

"You’d better answer her," the other one said in a deep, gravely voice. I guess he was trying to be intimidating. It didn’t work. Not that it wasn’t intimidating—it just didn’t scare me. I just laughed.

"Actually, I missed my bus stop in Seattle, and ended up in this God-forsaken town. Charlie was kind enough to let me stay here. He said he was going fishing with some friend, so I suppose he’s left already."

The girl hurried upstairs, and the—other one moved to block the staircase, keeping his wary eyes on me the whole time. Interesting—it looked like he was actually protecting her! This was rare in the extreme! That one of them would protect a human!

Then I felt the "bump" in my mind. Why, he actually had telepathic powers! This was growing more and more interesting. I looked at him and smiled grimly. "I hear you knocking, but you can’t come in!" I said very softly. This startled him, because he took a small step back, and inhaled sharply. Looking at me even more warily, he narrowed his eyes again.

"You don’t smell like a werewolf," he said. I laughed.

"Oh please! Don’t insult me!"

"Then—what? You’re not one of us..." His voice trailed off, and he looked at me questioningly.

"Again, don’t insult me," I said. I sat down on a chair, and basically ignored him while he continued to stare at me. Neither of us spoke for a few moments. I could hear the girl banging around upstairs. Finally he spoke again.

"I asked you a question—what are you? A new member of the Guard? What?" he frowned. I looked at him. I could feel his thoughts—he was calling for help, summoning more of them. This was turning into a great weekend.

I’m something you obviously can’t comprehend," I replied. "But I should ask you the same question. A vampire protecting a human? Why?" But suddenly, a thought struck me. The girl was obviously Bella, Charlie’s daughter. Then that meant—UGH! No wonder Charlie didn’t like this guy! Humans may not be as aware about such things as they used to be, but Charlie must be able to sense something about this one. Good for Charlie.

"Bella’s marrying YOU? She can’t marry one of YOU!" I yelled. This was hitting too close to home for comfort.

"And why not?" A female voice responded. Unnoticed by me, Bella had returned from upstairs. She was standing staring wide-eyed at me, with a hand on his arm, and he was back in his protective stance.

"Stay back, love. There’s something not right about him. He knows I’m a vampire. I think he’s one of the Volturi agents that Alice saw, a new member of the Guard or something."

‘There’s something not right about me? What about you? What about THIS?" I asked, gesturing at the two of them. A vampire and a human. God in Heaven, what have I walked into?

Edward gently pushed Bella back, and slightly lowered his stance. He was getting ready to spring at me. Handy little tool, telepathy. Because right as he sprang, I shifted slightly. Just enough so that his blindingly fast lunge landed him against the wall. He gathered himself quickly, and prepared to lunge at me again. I grinned. This was knida fun!

Bella gasped. She had seen my preternatural shift, and was worried for her beloved Edward. But just before he could lunge again, a different voice rang out in the room.

"Edward! STOP!" I glanced away from Edward towards the entryway. Another girl stood there. She was short, fashionably dressed, had short, spiky dark hair, and was looking at me with a somewhat startled or dazed expression on her pixie face. I mean, she wasn’t really a pixie—her face just had pixie-like characteristics. And believe me, I would know—those pixies can either be great fun, or the most annoying little buggers this side of Leprechauns!

When I looked closer, I noticed that she, too, had that look of extreme pallor. Though she could pull it off and still look—beautiful. I stopped paying attention to Edward, and just stared at the newcomer. Yes, she was beautiful! I closed my eyes and shook my head. Of course she was beautiful. What was I thinking? Vampires always look beautiful! Heck, I’d be beautiful if I was a vampire!

Ignoring the girl vampire’s advice, Edward lunged a second time. Once again, I moved just a fraction of a second before he reached me, resulting in his having a second meeting with the wall. This time, both females interceded on Edward’s behalf. Bella, rushing to his side, said, "Edward! Stop it! Are you all right?" Frankly, I think her sympathies were a little off—the wall was probably in worse shape than Edward was.

Bella helped him up, and cradled his face in her hands. I actually felt nauseated. How could she feel that way about him? Why were human females so easily swayed by these creatures? How could my mother have—OK, do NOT go there right now, I told myself.

The female vampire planted her hands on her hips and said, "Edward! I told you to stop!" She gestured at me. "He’s not Volturi! He’s the—the other one I saw. The one that’s come to help us!"

I turned to her, my eyes wide. "Whoa, now! Just a second here, please! I didn’t ‘come to help’! I missed my stop in Seattle, that’s all! Why would I come and help vampires anyway? In fact, how would I have even known that you all were here?"

She looked at me strangely for a second. Then she turned away, and put her face in her hands. In a sing-songy voice, she began muttering, "It doesn’t happen twice! It doesn’t happen twice!" over and over again.

Edward had taken out a cell phone, and was talking to someone in that annoyingly fast way that vampires do. But thanks to telepathy, I could pick out most of his thoughts. He was telling someone—another one of them—all that had just happened. He closed the phone, and glared at me. "Carlisle would like to speak with you." The name meant nothing to me. But I gathered that the "fight" was over...at least for now. I also gathered that Edward wasn’t too happy about that.

I shook my head in disbelief. "Just how many of you are there?"