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Falling asleep on the bus, a man finds himself stranded in Forks for the weekend. Poor guy.


5. Love Is A Four Letter Word

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I nodded. "Yes. And you’re right—it is extremely rare for vampires to be able to do...that. There are only eight of us, and as far as I know, that’s all there’s ever been. Also as far as I know, it’s only been male vampires that have been able to—produce us."

"And what about abilities?" Asked a voice from the back of the room. I looked. Yep, it was Massive Man. But Carlisle answered for me. "From what I’ve read, they have the same abilities that we do, yet they retain some human characteristics as well." He looked at me.

Again I nodded. "We do inherit our fathers’ strengths—the speed, agility, strength, near invulnerability, heightened senses. I’m sure I don’t need to keep listing it for all of you." My eyes caught Alice’s and I heard her voice in my head. She asked me a question. I smiled and answered out loud. "And in my particular case, I also have telepathy. Actually, my mother had latent telepathic abilities, and my father’s nature greatly enhanced those attributes in me."

"Actually," I continued softly, "I think that’s what probably drew my father to her. My mother was an outcast because of her gifts. People called her a witch, even though it was nothing she consciously did. I mean, she didn’t cast spells or make potions or read tea leaves. But you know how people can be. And that was a long time ago...a very long time ago."

"How old are you?" Asked Carlisle. "Are you immortal, too?"

I shrugged. "I’m not really sure. Some of us are--I am. But some seem to age, although at a much slower pace than humans." I smiled. "And to answer your first question, I was born in 307 AD. So I’m 1701 years old." A surprised murmur ran through the room. I continued.

"As a child, I knew nothing of what I was. I grew up normally. I couldn’t effortlessly move boulders around, or run super fast. But around the time I reached 23 or so, I started noticing things...changes. I could hear people talking a mile away. I could hear them talk without their lips moving. I could track game by their scent, and out run them. And other things, not so nice. To say the least, I was confused. And pretty scared. But I never talked about it—even to my mother.

"But when I hit Forty and still looked like I was in my early Twenties, finally my mother told me about my father. She’d only been 15 when he found her. He didn’t stay around very long. He was being hunted. He told her he loved her, and would come back some day, but he never did. I don’t know if he was lying or not. At least he didn’t kill her. But she loved him till the day she died."

I faced the group again. "Anyway, there are some drawbacks as well. I can go without sleep for weeks at a time, but then I ‘crash’ and sleep for a couple days. That’s why I ended up here. And while I can eat and enjoy human food, I do have to...well, attend to my other nature’s needs on occasion. Thankfully, it’s usually only a few times a year."

"You mean you have to ingest blood?" this from the "mother". I nodded.

"Crude, but sadly accurate. It repulses me, frankly, but such is life."

The room fell silent. "Anything else you’d like to ask?" No one spoke. I resumed my seat by Alice. Then a soft voice asked, "Can you turn people?" It was Bella, but there were no surprised thoughts. Just resignation...and anger from Edward. I didn’t answer. I didn’t even look at Bella. But soon I felt everyone’s eyes on me again. I looked Bella in the eyes as I answered her. "Yes. Yes, I can. But there are specific rules regarding such an action."

"Rules?" Edward asked.

"I am affiliated with a group that tries to ensure humans are protected from—and kept blissfully unaware of--the darker side of nature. We’re sort of a counter to your Voltrui. And even more secretive. You all here are the only ones outside of our own agents who know of our existence. Not even the Volturi know—but they suspect that we exist. They’ve actually lost a few of their ‘Guard’ to our agents over the centuries.

"We’re only allowed to turn humans when they are dying from supernatural causes, which if allowed to be examined by doctors would raise eyebrows. In other words, deaths which cannot be attributed to normal causes. Kind of like damage control."

There were no more questions. Everyone seemed, if not completely satisfied, at lest not so distrustful of me anymore. My two friends were no longer standing behind the couch. Several were gathered around Carlisle going over what had just taken place. Edward and Bella were talking quietly but somewhat animatedly in a corner. And Alice—Alice was still sitting on the couch, staring at me intently. A little too intently, in fact. Standing up quickly, I walked back over to the window. It was almost light now.

Trying to ignore Alice, who I could feel was still watching me, I turned my thoughts to Edward and Bella. Why did he bug me so much? Casually, I reached out with my thoughts, and found a mind to read. I think it was Massive Man—I mean, Emmett. A few moments later, I was stunned. Bella wanted to be a vampire? Edward loved her, and didn’t want her to be turned. She also loved a –a werewolf? Edward and this...dig deeper...ah—Jacob. They hated eachother, had both vied for Bella’s affections, and Edward had won. Bella was dangerously enamored with Jacob. Jacob’s heart was utterly broken, and...the thoughts were coming too fast now, and I broke the connection.

Not fat enough, though. Emmett, thinking I was Edward, told him to stop it. Edward was confused, and said he hadn’t been reading Emmett’s mind. Finally figuring out that it was me, Edward’s head shot over to me, and he scowled.

"Stay out of my family’s thoughts!" He thundered in my mind. I returned the look, and thought back "JACOB!" Edward staggered a bit, and groaned slightly. Bella, concerned, grabbed his hands and said, "Edward? Are you ok?" Seeing his eyes on me, she too looked over. I turned quickly and headed out onto the porch.

I leaned on the railing, and sucked in deep breaths of the fresh but rather humid air. At least I knew why he bothered me so. Why did human females so often get hooked on vampires? Why? How could they be so stupid?! How many times had I come across this very same thing? Well, minus the werewolf part. It was just hitting too close to home for my comfort. I felt true sorrow for this Jacob guy, whoever he was. I knew exactly how he felt—again minus the werewolf thing. What was wrong with human women? My mother, and—

A hand on my arm caused me to jump. I half turned, stepping away form the hand as I did. It was Alice. I relaxed and turned back to the railing. I would have ignored her if I could, but she wasn’t about to let me.

"Are you ok?" she asked, the concern in her voice genuine.

What do you care?" I snarled. She winced. Sadness filled her beautiful eyes, and I immediately regretted my response. I turned and took her by the arms. "Hey, hey—I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said that! I’m just not myself today. That’s no excuse, I know, but please forgive me!" I suddenly became aware that I was still holding her arms. The contact was pleasing, and therefore annoying. I instantly let go and stepped back. "Sorry," I mumbled.

The smile returned to her face. "Don’t be," she murmured. I swallowed hard, and turned back to the railing.

"Why do you hate Edward and Bella so much?" the question caught me off guard. I turned back to Alice.

"Why? Because I went throught the same things this poor Jacob Black is going throurgh!" The bitterness in my voice surprised me. I faced the woods yet again. "It’s a long story, but in a nutshell, I was in love with the girl of my dreams. And she loved me. We were going to be married. And then one of them—you—a vampire—came along, and that was it. I begged, I pleaded, but it was no use. I hadn’t learned of my history yet at that point, so of course it wasn’t until years later that I realized he’d been a vampire. Then I was finally able to forgive her. Forgive them both. But at the time, I was inconsolable.

"My mother, bless her, told me to just walk away. Let her go. That the right one would come along at the right time. But I couldn’t. I ranted and raved, spitting fire one minute, then sinking into weeks long bouts of depression. And he was so noble, so sincere—like Edward. He let her make the choice." I stopped, my breathing ragged.

"And she chose him," Alice said softly. I nodded. "I thought he stole my only love, the ‘one for me’. But in all honesty, he didn’t. She had to be with him. Can’t fight something like that, can you?" I shook my head. "Poor Jacob, " I muttered.

"Have you ever found that again? A love like that?" Alice asked. Again I shook my head. "No, I gave up on love centuries ago. I spent hundreds of years pinning over a girl I could never have, a love that could never be. Hundreds of years, Alice! What a miserable, pathetic waste! When I was finally able to let it go, I swore I’d never leave myself open to that heartbreak again. Ever. And I’ve kept that promise."

Alice touched my arm. I cringed as she turned me around to face her. She didn’t say anything, just stared at me with an expression I couldn’t quite grasp. What was she doing—trying to see my future? My mind whirled so bad that I couldn’t concentrate well enough to try and read her thoughts. After several moments of this, I was blushing.

"Stop that!" I croaked.

"What?" she asked, the picture of innocence. I cleared my throat.

"That!" I replied in my normal voice.


"THAT!" I exclaimed. "That thing with the face...and your eyes...just stop that!"

"Why?" Her eyes grew wider, rounder, more angelic, more—beautiful.

"Because it’s...you-I...it’s...I—you...it’s...because...I said so!" Oh yeah, Mr. Maturity right there. I tore my gaze away from hers, and cleared my throat again. "Well anyway, there’s your answer," I said, changing the subject. "I don’t really hate Edward and Bella. I just sympathize with the werewolf guy. And frankly, I—I’m jealous, ok? I mean, you can’t begin to know how lonely it is to go on, century after century, totally alone in this world!

"Oh, I have friends, associates, that kind of thing. But no ‘other’, no ‘One’ for me...not even relatives! You have your family, and Jasper—yes, I know about you and him," I explained, in response to her questioning look. "Bella and Edward have eachother, the others all have someone—even Jacob will imprint on someone eventually. But I have absolutely no one! Usually I can deal with it, push the loneliness and emptiness aside. But here, now—I can’t handle it! I’m jealous of all of you! The love in this house is so strong I can almost see it, smell it! And it drives me crazy—not having that, not being loved, having no ‘soul-mate’ to walk through this unending life with!"

I turned to her, sighing. She had another unfathomable look on her face. Was it sadness? Sadness for me? Well, Jasper sure was lucky...Alice was a girl beyond my wildest dreams! She had somehow touched my heart like no one else ever had—not even Bridgett, all those long years ago. God, what was wrong with me?