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Falling asleep on the bus, a man finds himself stranded in Forks for the weekend. Poor guy.


7. The Boys of La Push

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Bella was quiet for a long time. Probably thinking over what was coming soon. Not that I wasn’t. Like I said, I hoped the Cullen’s trust in me wasn’t misplaced. There was a real chance that it might be. I might have rare talents, but I’d feel a lot better if some of my associates were here. There were a few in The Committee who could probably take out the entire Volturi coven single-handedly. We could really have used them right about now. And I personally had never encountered any of the "Guard" before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Suddenly, Bella broke the silence.

"So—who’s Maria?" She asked casually. Too casually, which meant there was probably an ulterior motive.

The question caught me off guard. ‘How’d you know about her? I didn’t tell anyone—Edward! That sneaky little..." I stopped when Bella glanced at me. I sighed. I took a picture out of my wallet and handed it to her. I heard the sharp intake of breath. "She’s beautiful!" Bella murmured. I’d never heard Maria described as anything less. Bella recovered, and asked, "Is she your girlfriend?"

‘Nope. Daughter." Bella threw me a confused look. "Daughter? But Alice said you never...oops!" Ah-HA! They HAD been talking about me! I knew it! Bella was blushing. I laughed.

"It’s ok, Bella. I’d have been more surprised if you all hadn’t been talking about me. And Alice is right—I’ve never been married. Maria is...well, it’s a long story. Short version, I found her after her dad had beaten her almost to death in a drunken rage. She was only sixteen. Softy that I am, I broke Committee rules and—changed her. After she adjusted to her new life and I made sure she wouldn’t become a liability later, I tried to cut her loose. But after that, every time I turned around I literally tripped over her. No matter where I went, there she was. Finally, I just gave in and let her stay. And she always calls me ‘Daddy’. Unless she’s upset with me, then it’s ‘Sean!’ She’s the closest thing to family I’ve had since my mother died."

"Aw, that’s sweet!’ Bella replied, smiling. She looked at the picture again, closer. "Yeah, I can see the vampire characteristics now. She’s really pale, for one thing. When did you change her?"


"Wow! You guys have been together for a long time!’ Bella exclaimed.

I smiled. "In eternal, undying terms, it’s not that long, really."

"Where is she now?" Bella asked.

"She’s with some friends for a couple weeks. I was kind of missing her, but now I’m glad she didn’t come with me."

"So you have a daughter. How does it work out? I mean, it obviously has been working out, but what do humans think of it all?

"Well, they either think I’m some kind of freak and dating a 16-year-old, or else they can’t believe that a guy in his twenties could have a 16-year-old daughter. Either way, it can get embarrassing. Explanations are always necessary."

Soon we pulled up in front of a restaurant. Bella said it was the best in town, had a full menu all day, and you could order food to go. She was nervous, and wanted to get to La Push as soon as possible. I went in an ordered a burger with everything, fries and a shake. The service was fast, and soon we were back on the road, heading for La Push.

As I said before, Bella’s truck was loud, to say the least. You could probably hear that thing coming ten miles away! At any rate, when a house came into view, I could see four or five guys standing around the front yard watching us. I would have described them as ‘boys’, if they weren’t so tall. One had a bright but sad smile on his face, one had a downright nasty scowl, and the rest merely looked interested. Bella pulled to a stop near them and got out, running over to the smiling one. "Jacob! You’re back!" She cried. They hugged eachother. So—this was Jacob. No wonder he looked sad. Bella then turned and greeted the others by name. Scowling Boy didn’t respond, but merely commented on how she smelled.

I got out of the truck slowly. Very slowly. I knew how tightly wound werewolves could be, and these were born werewolves...not cursed ones, who couldn’t control their transformation. Scolwer shot his eyes over to me. "Who’s that?" he growled. Then they all looked. Man, I was really tired of people distrusting me. Still I couldn’t blame them.

I leaned casually against the side of the truck, and took out my burger,. The smell was driving me crazy, but I had purposefully waited to eat until we came here. I had hoped that, knowing vampires don’t eat human food, the sight of me eating would maybe dispel some of their concerns. I took a bite. It was delicious! I took a bigger one. Man. This was the best burger I’d ever tasted! Unless it was because I was starving.

"Bella! You’re right—this is great!" I called. I still made no move, just kept leaning against the truck. I quickly finished off the burger, then attacked the fries. They were delicious too. And the shake was beyond description. Bella kept talking with the guys while I ate.

"Sean! Come over and meet Jake!’ Bella called. I wiped the grease off my hands, and slowly walked over. Jacob gave me that same look Carlisle had the first time he saw me. One or two of them took a step back, and Scolwy Boy looked angry. Jacob, however, stayed still, which I took to be a good sign.

As I reached them, I heard one whisper, "Go get Sam!" Someone dashed off.

"It’s nice to finally meet you, Jacob. Bella’s told me a lot about you," I said, holding out my hand. He looked me in the eye, and slowly extended his hand. Man, he had a strong grip! He didn’t speak for several seconds. Finally he said, "You smell funny." It wasn’t mean, or scared or anything...just curious, like he wasn’t sure what to make of me. I laughed.

"Everyone’s been telling me that since I got here! Well, except Bella and Charlie, anyway. The Cullens all told me that, and now you. And I eventook a shower before coming out here."

"You’ve been with Bella’s leeches?" Scowling One asked. "Well, maybe that explains the smell!"

"Shut up, Paul!" Jacob snapped. He looked back at me. "It’s more than that. I can’t explain it. You don’t smell like a leech, and yet you do. You don’t smell like a human, and yet you do. What’s the deal with that?"

"Well, that’s part of why we’re here," Bella said. Suddenly I saw the kid who had dashed off returning with another guy, who was the tallest of this tall group. I figured this must be the top dog—no pun intended again. Bella glance over at him. "Hi, Sam," she said. Sam nodded. "Bella," he said a little stiffly. I could feel the tension in the air. And here I thought I was going to have a nice, quiet weekend sitting at Charlie’s house. Yeah, right.

Sam kept his eyes on me the whole time. Now, no one spoke for a few moments. Then Sam folded his arms across his chest. "Paul, Seth—go patrol, please." Paul grumbled, and shot me one last nasty look before he and another kid ran off. When they were gone, Sam, eyes still on me, said, "You’re not human."

Bella spoke. "I know. But he’s not a vampire, either. Exactly. I—I hope it wasn’t breaking the treaty for me to bring him here. You see, we had to talk with you. Something is going to happen. Something bad."

Sam finally looked at her. "And you want our help? Again? Even after what you’ve done to Jacob?" His eyes flashed.

"It’s ok, Sam," Jacob began, but Sam cut him off. "No, it’s not, Jake!" He hissed vehemently. "We all know your thoughts, remember? We know the unbearable pain in your heart because of what she did to you! It becomes our pain, too! It feels the same as it does for you! It crushes us, infuriates us, but unlike you, we can’t forgive her!"

Bella looked a Jacob, tears suddenly filling her eyes. "You forgive me, Jake? After all I’ve done? Oh, Jake!" And then the tears came. Sam grimaced as Bella hugged Jacob. He hugged her back, telling her to stop crying, that it was ok. I felt like I’d walked into some sort of supernatural soap opera. Finally, Jacob broke the embrace, and gently pushed her away. "You don’t want your lee--you don’t want Edward to smell me all over you." He half smiled, but I could see the pain in his eyes. I think Bella saw it, too, because she cringed.

Sam was back to glowering at me. But he was speaking to Bella. "What do you mean, he’s not a parasite—exactly? How can you not exactly be one?" Man, how many times was I going to have to explain this? Maybe I should just greet people with, "Hello, my name is Sean, and I’m a freak!" Frankly, after 1700 years, even I didn’t understand the mechanics of what I really was. Bella was trying to explain it.

"His dad was a vampire, and his mother was human." Jacob raised his eyebrows. "I didn’t know they could do that!" But Bella went on. "Guys, this isn’t really important right now! I have to tell you about tomorrow." She paused, fear plain on her face. Jacob took her hand. "Hey, Bells—what’s wrong? What about tomorrow?"

Bella gulped to keep from crying again. "The Volturi," she gasped. "They’re coming—ten of them! Strong ones. Alice had another vision, and it—it was b-bad!" Her lips trembled. Jacob hugged her again. Sam still stared at me, and it was becoming annoying. "So you do want our help!" Sam said, sneering.

"No, they want you to stay here and be ready to defend your tribe," I broke in. "Edward didn’t want Bella to come tell you, but Bella insisted." I was speaking with a cold voice now, eyes narrowed and fixed on Sam. "So you should be grateful to her, and quit treating her like dirt! She didn’t mean for any of this to happen! Sometimes, fate steps in, and there’s nothing you can do! I wanted a nice vacation, but got stuck here. Then, I just wanted a quiet, boring weekend sitting around Charlie’s house waiting for Monday, and now I’ve gotta fight a bunch of nasty killers, while dealing with suspicious vampires and paranoid werewolves!"

By this time, my voice had risen to a near yell. Sam looked at me wide-eyed, as did Jacob. But then, Jacob suddenly laughed, breaking the tension. He looked at Sam. "He’s right. We can’t blame Bella. Life just sucks sometimes, you know? You have to play the cards you’re dealt, take a deep breath, and go on." Wow...Jacob sure had a good head on his shoulders. The boy has depth.

Sam stood silent. Then he nodded. He turned to Bella. "Sorry. Jake’s right. Thanks for warning us." He looked at Jacob. "Let’s get the others together and plan." He turned and strode away. Bella looked at Jacob. "Jake, is my dad still here?’ Jacob nodded.

"He and dad are watching a game. Actually, a re-run of a game from last night. Dad taped it because he knew Charlie wouldn’t be able to watch it. He’ll be here all day, probably."

"Do you think...is there any way Billy could get him to stay here through tomorrow?" She paused, and looked up at Jacob. "This is going to be bad, Jake," she whispered. "Really bad."

"I should be there with you, Bella. To protect you!" But Bella shook her head. "No, Jake...you need to be here to protect your people. The pack needs you. And if the Cullens and Sean can’t protect me, then you couldn’t, either, and I’d loose everyone I love!" She turned towards the house. "I’ve got to tell Charlie goodbye," she said, hurrying inside.

Jacob turned to me. "A half leech, half human. Huh. Never heard of that before. Is it hard to live with yourself, or what?"

I smiled coldly. "Very," I replied. "But if it makes you feel any better, I’ve killed many ‘leeches’ in my life."

He smiled. "Not really. So have the Cullens. And those Volturi have, too. Even I’ve killed a few."

"I’ve also killed some werewolves." I went on. Jacob scowled at that. "And humans. And even lots of things that don’t fit any of those three categories."

"Huh," was all he said. I relaxed a little. "But I can relate to you on one thing, Jacob. I lost my only love to a vampire." I turned serious. "I know you don’t know me, and so you probably don’t care if I have any advice for you. But I will say this. I’ve spent the better part of 1700 years moping over a girl I could never have. And trust me, it’s a waste. A waste, Jacob! Don’t let yourself get sucked into that trap, too. Believe me on that."

Jacob looked at me silently for a moment or two. He finally said, "No I don’t want any advice from you!" Then he added, "But thanks. I’ll think about it." Bella came back out of the house, and hugged Jacob again. "Bye, Jake! I hope I’ll see you again."

"Bye, Bells," Jacob replied. "Be safe. I love you. Just don’t tell Edward I said that!"

Bella smiled sadly. "He already knows, Jake. And I love you, too." Bella turned and headed for the truck. I turned to follow her, but Jacob stopped me. "Hey—you take care of her, ok? Promise me!"

Man, here we go again! Bella has guys flocking around her! What is it about her that attracts them so? I mean, she’s a sweet kid and all, and certainly not ugly, but what the heck? I nodded. "I promise you, Jacob. Funny, but Edward said the same thing before we came over here." I shook his hand. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Jacob Black. Take care." I joined Bella in the truck

"What did Jake want?" She asked. I looked at her sadly. "The same thing Edward does. You. And for you to be safe." And, for me to make sure of it, I thought. But I didn’t say that to her. Good grief, what was a guy supposed to do?