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Falling asleep on the bus, a man finds himself stranded in Forks for the weekend. Poor guy.


9. Chapter 9

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"AHHH! I’m awake! The answer is 42! Great Britain!" I yelled, sitting up quickly. I was in a bed, and the room was pitch dark. I mean, I could still see well enough, but it was what they call ‘pitch dark’. I was breathing hard.

"Shhh! It’s ok!" A voice said out of the darkness nearby. It was Bella. "You’ve been out cold for six days," she said softly. "We’ve all been taking turns sitting with you."

There’s a disturbing thought! Then another one came into my mind. Six days? Then that meant... "Oh, man! You mean I missed the bus again?" I asked. Would I never get out of here?

"Yep. Now you’re stuck with us for another weekend!" She replied, smiling.

"Well, not like the last one, I hope," I replied as I started to get out of bed.

"Umm..." Bella began.

"What?" I asked. Then I looked down, and saw the state of undress I was in. Instantly, I dove back under the covers, pulling them up to my chin. "Heh-heh," I chuckled, totally embarrassed. "Uh, where are my clothes?"

"They got kind of—burned up, when you helped Jasper. There are some new ones over here on the foot of the bed. They’re from Jasper. They’ll probably be a little big on you, but otherwise O.K. Edward’s clothes were a bit too small, since you’re between his size and Jasper’s." She stood. "I’ll leave so you can get dressed, and go tell the others that you’re awake now." She walked out and closed the door. I dressed slowly, not feeling like I wanted to go downstairs just yet.

I’m not sure how long I sat there in the dark on the edge of the bed. But eventually, I heard a soft knock. Then the door opened. I didn’t need to look...it was Alice. Well, if being alone in a dark room with Alice wasn’t enough incentive to get me down the stairs, I don’t know what was! I stood, and she came into the room.

"Are you ok?" She asked. I hesitated a moment, then nodded. I headed for the door. She stepped in front of me, blocking the way. She stared at me, but I refused to meet her gaze. "I-I wanted to thank you for how you helped Jasper," she said softly, looking down. I nodded again.

"You’re welcome," I replied, somewhat curtly. Then I tried to step around her, but she again blocked my way. I stepped back and sighed. "What?" I asked, again refusing to meet her gaze.

"I had another vision while you were asleep," she said, her face brightening. "It’s about my future! Well, the future of my whole family, actually. And you were in it, too!" She stepped closer, until she was nearly touching me, and lowered her voice so that I could barely hear her. I realized she was probably trying to make sure her "family’ couldn’t hear.

"I don’t think you’ll be alone much longer," she breathed. "You see, like I said, I saw my whole family—all the Cullens with their true loves...Carlisle and Esme, Rosie and Emmett, Edward and Bella, me and—"

"Oh, just stop!" I practically shouted. "I gave you back your precious Jasper! You don’t have to rub my face in it! I didn’t tell you all that about me so you could offer me a pity membership in your ‘family’! That’s what you meant, isn’t it? That line about not being alone anymore? Is that the vampire way of saying, ‘you’re like a brother to me’ or something? Thanks anyway! I’m leaving here as soon as I can, and all of your lives will return to normal again once I’m gone!"

"But—no! That isn’t what I..." she began. Ignoring her, I darted out the door, and headed down the stairs. The stricken look I’d seen on her face stabbed at me. I shouldn’t have been so mean. But I couldn’t take much more. Being around her—around all of them, around all the love in this house—was really getting to me, tearing open that old wound Bridgett had made, which had evidentiallynever quite healed after all. I had to leave!

As I entered the living room, I could feel all the Cullens’ eyes staring at me. No one said anything. I gulped. I figured they must have heard my exchange with Alice upstairs, being vampires with super hearing and all. Besides, I had been pretty loud. Edward, as usual, was glaring at me. Man, just what exactly did he have against me anyway?

Carlisle and Jasper rose, and came toward me. And even Jasper was frowning at me! Good grief! I save his life, his little girlfriend has to rub my face in the fact that the two of them are soul mates (or whatever they call it!), and he frowns at me? I shook my head.