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Long lost Heart

When Bella takes Edward backish.... I think thts the summery.. lol


1. Long lost Heart

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"So dear I love him that with him,

All deaths I could endure.

Without him, live no life."

-- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

When you said good bye

All I could do was cry

I promised I wouldn't

To let life go on I know It shouldn't

But I had to be strong

Even though I felt so wrong

like my heart was gone

I just had to move on

For months I was empty

The months that you weren't their

I tried to remember your face

and you beautiful bronze-colored hair.

But when you came back

or when I found you

my gray sky turned

sunny with a sky of blue

I took you back right from the start

Because when I found you

I found my long lost heart