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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


1. "The" Talk

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Chapter Notes:

Inspired by my own boredom at home and just thinking how it would have been if Bells would have been left without Edward for good. I never pictured her ending up with Jake after the whole "werewolf imprint" thing, so I came up with a boyfriend for her...

Now before I begin there are two disclaimers to this:


It took me more than a year to write this because, I had to finish writting "Revealing Secrets" before I posted the second chapter of this and I could not take in another chaptered story to write upon RS. So as soon as I finished "Revealing Secrets" I started to write the second chapter of this story.

DISCLAIMER #2: Edward won’t show up….for a good chunk of the story. When he does there will be a twist. This isn’t the typical “edward left bella never returned until 5 years later” blah. Just wait and…read ^_^

Now onto the story, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writting it.

Chapter 1: “The” talk

By: Eternitys_Charm

He laughed out loud when I told him about my little secret. I punched his arm, though, that only made him laugh harder.

“You promised you wouldn’t laugh!” I fumed at him and began to stalk away into the rainy street and into my truck.

But of course, he caught up to me. He laughed his last chuckle, “I’m sorry Bells. I’ll contain myself, but that’s awfully adorable. I couldn’t help but laugh a little.”

“It wasn’t funny, and it is not adorable. That subject is no where near adorable!” I said trying to push past him, but I couldn’t even budge him. I sighed, “I shouldn’t have told you, now you’re going to make fun of me.”

“It’s cute when you said it with that face, Bella.” He smiled, “okay, I’m sorry, forgive me?” He waited for me to answer, but when I didn’t he continued, “I’ll behave from now on. But that was kind of unexpected, no wonder you didn’t want to go on that road trip with him.”

“Yes, Jacob, that is the reason.”

“Well it’s not like the guy is going to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do Bella.” Jake looked at me with his “concern eyes”. “You’ve been dating him for three years and he hasn’t dared touch you in any wrong place. He respects you, and if you don’t want to have sex with him you don’t have to. I just thought you had done it before, since you are 24 and have been dating him for three years.” He rambled on.

“I guess you’re right. But just because I’m 24 and have been dating someone for three years does not give me the reason that I’m suppose to ‘open up my legs’-- as Zack so rudely said yesterday at work about his girlfriend.” I said beginning to get angry again. “I’ll be ready when I’m happily married.”

Jacob looked at me with a smirk, “okay little miss saint --err, ignore that. But you seriously don’t have to worry Bella, when you’re ready you let him know.”

“Thank you Jacob.” I said to him. Then I shot him a question he might not have liked, “so Jake, since you said I’m a little saint, does that mean....?”

His eyes widened, I knew he didn’t want to have this talk with anyone, especially with his best friend who happened to be a girl. He coughed once, “um, w-what?”

“You know what.” I said with a giggle, “have you and Jasmine done it?”

“Bella!” A voice called from down the street.

“Oh, thank God.” I heard Jacob whisper, I smiled with delight that I had caused him such agitation.

I turned my head and saw my boyfriend walk down the rainy, muddy street.

“I thought you’d be here, sweetie.” He came up to me and gave me a peck.

“Thanks.” Jacob said with a bright smile, glad to avoid his sex talk.

“For what?” Connor asked.

Jacob shrugged, gave me a bright smile, and walked into his house.

“We’re not done with this, Jake!” I called before he closed the door.

He threw me a wave and shut the door in his house.

“What was that all about?” Connor asked looking confused.

“I just need to have a little talk with Jacob. Come on let’s go inside, Billy and Charlie will be glad to see you.” I said grabbing hold of Connor’s hand and tugging him along side of me.

“Hey, kids.” Charlie said. “I was wondering when you were going to get here, Connor.” Charlie said flinging Connor a beer.

“No thanks,” Connor rejected the beer, as usual. I had never seen him drink before; I didn’t even think he liked drinking. I smiled and took the beer from Charlie’s hand.

“Thanks, dad.” I said taking the beer from Charlie’s hand, they all stared at me bewildered. To toy with them some more I took a giant gulp. I immediately coughed and everyone laughed.

“Yeah didn’t think you could take it, Bella.” Jacob said taking a long swig of his beer.

I coughed, choking on the beer, “heh, that’s the last time I’m drinking beer.” I said blushing, of course.

“Connor, hello, I didn’t hear you come in. Welcome. Do you want some pasta?” Billy asked coming into the living room, Jasmine, Jacob’s imprintee and girlfriend, was pushing him through the door.

“Why, yes, thank you Billy. Hello Jasmine.” Connor said passing by Jasmine and Billy into the kitchen to help himself with the pasta Billy had made.

“Hello Connor,” Jasmine said over her shoulder. She pushed Billy to the front of the TV, where Charlie had planted himself watching a game.

Jasmine then walked over to Jacob and sat down on his lap. She nudged his cheek with her nose and he laughed.

Jacob threw a glance over to me, I winked, and his eyes widened, he knew what I was talking about. There was no way I was going to let that subject slip so easily.

Connor entered the room with a big plate of Billy’s pasta. “Sorry, Billy, but I think I served myself too much, there’s no more pasta.” He said. I knew how much Connor loved Billy’s pasta.

“No worries, there’s another one hidden in the kitchen, I knew you would eat everything.” Billy laughed.

“So Bella, are you going with Conner to Phoenix?” Charlie asked, finally taking his eyes off the television screen.

I could feel my face getting hot when Jacob shot me a grin.

“Um, yes I am.” I shot Jacob a dirty look, he chuckled.

Conner’s face lit up when he heard the news, his light blue eyes glistened with happiness. He even let go of his plate and wrapped his arm around me. “Thank you for coming with me,” he whispered.

“When are you leaving?” Charlie asked.

“Monday, sir. I want to get there as soon as possible, Phoenix sounds like a great place.” Connor said. He had been wanting to go to Phoenix since I told him I had once lived there, he was so curious of how the life was there.

He had always lived in Portland, Oregon, so he hardly ever had any sun as much as I did in Phoenix. But with his busy schedule he could never go, but now since he has a break from Medical School and his job, he decided it was a great time to visit Phoenix.

End Notes: Tell me what you think of the start!