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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


10. Consolation

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Chapter Notes: Thank you to all who read and those who reviewed the last chapter! Here's the next one for you guys.

I was thinking of deleting this chapter and going on witht he next but I felt it was necessary, personally I like this chapter a lot. I hope you do, too.

Chapter 10: Consolation

By: Eternitys_Charm

I sat in the living room chair watching the cloudy sky darken as the sun set. I was feeling as dreary as the weather, the rejection Grandmother Margaret gave me still evident in me and everyone else.

The afternoon had passed slowly, Connor’s parents had taken Grandmother Margaret back to the hotel they were staying in and declared they would go out for the rest of the afternoon until they returned in time for dinner.

I knew they just wanted to get away and leave me space, just like Connor was trying to do. He tried to cheer me up but I mostly just ignored him wallowing in my own pity and unworthiness.

“Bella, honey,” he tried once more, “please don’t act like this, I told you my grandmother would act unkindly,” he pleaded, looking me in the eyes with those gorgeous blue eyes of his.

I turned away from him before I cried.

He pressed his lips on my forehead and headed off to cook tonight’s dinner.

She’s not like us, she’s not like you,” Grandmother Margaret’s voice haunted my thoughts.

Those words had hurt me. I was feeling at my all time low sitting there on the couch in Connor’s living room. I hadn’t moved from that spot since Connor’s grandmother had left.

Connor checked up on me minutes later, “come on, sweetheart,” he said kneeling in front of me and taking my hands in his, “help me make dinner, you like cooking as much as I do, and we always make the best food together.” He kissed my hand, “Don’t let my grandmother bring you down,” he said.

I looked at him and shook my head, “her words really hurt me, Connor, I feel like I’m not good enough for you anymore.”

Connor’s face turned furious, “Bella don’t say that, do you think that if I thought the way my grandmother did, I would have gone out with you or asked you to marry me?” He stood up, “Bella, I love you for you, I wouldn’t care if you had money like my family, I love you.”

I tried to listen to him, but I was still too depressed to believe him, Margaret’s voice still loomed in my head. I shook my head at Connor, “that’s easy for you to say Connor,” I looked at my hands, “you don’t know how this feels, it feels awful, she really did hurt me.”

Connor left once more, face saddened, with no success in cheering me up.

Oh, sure she hurt you,” the voice that I deemed as my subconscious returned, “but it didn’t hurt you as much as when he left you, now did it?” Flashes of that terrible night, when he has left took over my mind.

I tried to shake them off, but my thoughts kept returning to him leaving me, surfacing more pain then what I was feeling. Tears began to form in my eyes at the horrific memories that I always tried to keep locked up.

Now tell me, what hurts more? Being rejected my your fiancée’s grandmother, or being rejected by your love?” The voice laughed at my tortured thoughts.

I stood up, not wanting to go into that subject. It seemed that my mind pulled him up in the least appropriate times.

With double pain in me, I walked into the kitchen ready to distract myself. Connor had his back towards me when I entered, chopping the carrots and putting them in the vegetable steamer.

“Need help?” I offered in the entrance of the kitchen.

He turned to me, smiling brightly, “what changed your mind?”

As I walked over to the sink, I shrugged, “better than moping around,” I said scrubbing my hands. “Plus I love cooking with your,” I smiled. I looked around the kitchen, “what are we making today?” I asked him, smelling to see if I could guess what he had already made.

“For dinner; Salmon filets, steamed rice, steamed vegetables; vegetable beef soup to begin with; and I was hoping you would want to make your raspberry cheesecake for desert, it’s my mother’s favorite.” Connor said.

“Well it looks like you have the soup, vegetables, and rice ready.” I observed, “you can do the salmon and I’ll start the cheesecake, so the food will be ready by the time your parents arrive.”

I headed to the refrigerator to grab the essential ingredients and into the cupboards for the rest.

An hour and a half later and Connor and I had finished our cooking. Minutes later Connor’s parents arrived at the door, Mr. Mitchell was carrying a bouquet of flowers, he handed them to me.

“For the trouble my mother caused you this afternoon,” he said when he passed me the flowers.

I sniffed them, they smelled wonderful, “thank you, but you shouldn’t have bothered,” I said, my voice low.

“Nonsense,” he huffed, “it’s the least I can do.”

After dinner we all sat around the table, not wanting to talk about what had happened with Margaret that afternoon.

Connor dismissed himself, from the awkward moment on the table, to go put the dishes in the dishwasher. Hunter got up and went out on the terrace for a cigar. Valerie stayed with me at the table.

“Bella,” she said with her soft loving voice, “I can tell how heartbroken you are, but you can’t let my mother-in-law to bring you down like this.” She scooted to the chair next to me.

I stared at my silverware on the table, “how can I not, Valerie?” I asked, gloomy.

She placed her small hands on mine, “just think about how much Connor loves you and how much you love him.” She said with a twinkle in her eyes, “that’s all that really is necessary.”

“I’m guessing you passed through this yourself…?” I asked her.

She nodded slowly, “yes I did,” she said thoughtfully, “and it was even more cruel than what she said to you.” She grimaced at the though, “but I loved Hunter with all my heart, so even her disapproval didn’t break down my spirit, so I kept fighting for Hunter, until she gave in.”

“Tell me,” I said to her, “how you and Hunter met, what happened, and what his mother said.”

Valerie’s face softened, “I, Bella, was much more lower class than you when I met Hunter. I was 19 when I met him. Still living in my parent’s house, along with my four siblings in a small two bedroom apartment.” She said, her voice soft, as she was lost in her thoughts.

“I went to the community college and worked part-time at a diner as a waiter.” She continued. “That’s where I met Hunter, in the diner. He was having dinner with a beautiful girl. I saw him and thought nothing of him, except that he was handsome.” She smiled warmly. “But he was unavailable.

“And yet every day he came back to the diner, alone. He sat at the exact same table, where I always served him. Never said anything to me once until a month later.” She giggled at the thought, “he said, nice pigtails.” She giggled once more, “it was part of the dress code for the waitresses to have pigtails on,” she informed me. “I was shy around him so I just blushed at walked away.

“When he was paying for his meal he said, ‘you’re not accompanied by someone are you?’ I said, ‘no’ and then he said, ‘well that’s great for me, because I would like to ask you to have dinner with me tomorrow night.’”

“It surprised me he knew when my night off was, so of course I accepted. And our relationship grew and grew, until he proposed. Then it was time to meet his mother,” she made a face.

“You can imagine what she said, Bella, she called me a tramp working corners, and only wanted to come and snatch her wonderful son out of her clutches and ruin her and her money. She had me thrown out of her house, she practically wrestled the engagement ring out of my finger and had her son with bodyguards at all times.”

I couldn’t believe Margaret would have done something like that. I stared at Valerie, amazed by the courage she must have had to continue the relationship with the one she loved.

“Of course I was depressed, much like you, for a few days, but I knew I wanted to be with Hunter and him with me. My mother and father supported me and brought me back to my feet and told me to not give up, so I called Hunter from a friend’s phone and planned a way for us to meet and be together. Hunter successfully escaped his body guards two nights after I called him, he ran to my home and we got married that very night.

“Once we were married there was nothing Margaret could have done. So she reluctantly had to accept me. And little by little she grew fond of me, though I’m sure she still has some anger towards me.” She grasped my hand, “so don’t give up, Bella, if you truly do love Connor. I accept this marriage, Hunter does too. I‘m sure your parents do, too. So don‘t give up just because some little old lady is being a bully.”

I smiled, “I wont give up.” I murmured. “Thank you, Mrs. Mitchell.”

“She said if you truly love, Connor, do you really love Connor?” The voice returned, it sounded foreign, not my own.

“I love Connor with all my being,” I answered to the voice and Valerie.

The voice laughed, sounding evil. I didn’t quite recognize this voice, but I knew it wasn’t mine. “Really, Bella? Do you really believe that. If you don’t love him then why does it hurt so much every time you think of him? You still love and yearn for your ex lover.” It laughed again, “Oh, Connor’s grandmother doesn’t approve of you, what a perfect excuse to leave Connor and go back to Ed--”

I got up, “excuse me,” I said to Valerie and went over to the kitchen where Connor was cleaning.

“Hey.” He smiled brightly as he saw me come in.

“Need any help?” I asked him looking around the massive kitchen. I noticed I offered help to Connor twice today because I was in need of a distraction from the voice that now haunted me every time I’m vulnerable.

“I‘m pretty much done here, just some ingredients are still out and the stove is messy.” He said shrugging, “I can take care of that, though.”

“I can do it,” I offered and helped him in the kitchen.

Connor’s parent’s left soon after we finished cleaning the kitchen. Valerie and Hunter both promised me it would get better and congratulated us once more on the engagement.

I walked over and sat down on the chair on the terrace. Connor joined me moments later, “What’s wrong?” He noticed the look on my face, no doubt.

I was still thinking about what the voice had said, it bothered me but I knew it could not be true what it was saying to me, “um…nothing. Just thinking.” I said as he placed me on his lap.

“About?” He asked beginning to run his fingers up and down my arm.

“How much I love you.” I said coyly, enjoying how his warm body felt in the chilly night.

He grinned, “oh, and how much is that?” He whispered in my ear, it made me giggle.

I turned to look at him, “fully; with all my heart.” I said, truthfully. The voice snarled. Connor beamed. “I’m also thinking about a date for our wedding,” I said looking back up to the stars.

He wrapped his arms around me, “what date do you think would be perfect?” He kissed the top of my head and lay his own on it.

I kissed his arms, which we wrapped around me, “in two months; right in the middle between your birthday and mine.”

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