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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


11. Painful Separation

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Chapter 11: Painful Separation
By: Eternitys_Charm

“I will see you tomorrow afternoon,” Connor said as I exited his warm Audi S6.

I nodded to him under the heavy rain, “see you then, I love you.” I said and ran my way up the steps to the porch.

He blew me a kiss from the inside of his car and made his hour drive back to his apartment.

I fumbled with the house keys until finding the right one, and entered to the sound of a fire burning in the fireplace. I noticed Angela was hard at work packing up anything that was hers into giant boxes and suitcases.

“Hey, Bella.” She welcomed me as I entered the living room.

I hung my coat on the hanger, “hello, Angela.”

“I thought you were going to come late tonight,” she said and looked at her watch, “it’s only five in the afternoon.”

I shrugged, “Connor has to get up early tomorrow, didn’t want to bother him driving me all the way over here so late.” I said to her. It was Monday the following day, I had stayed with Connor all weekend, he insisted on me staying with him tonight but I denied, knowing I was going to have to bother him to come bring me back late at night tomorrow.

“So how was it?” Angela said straightening herself up and folding more clothes, “his grandmother and his parents. Did they take it well?”

I made a face, “his parents took it wonderfully…” I trailed.

“But, his grandmother?” She asked looking straight into my eyes, worried.

I sighed, saddened once more, “she’s a whole different story, let’s just say what I feared came true.”

She left what she was doing and came to give me a hug, “oh, Bella, I’m sorry. She didn’t approve?”

“Not just that,” I explained, “she completely exploded in fury, telling Connor that I was not good for him, that I was only in it for interest in his money, that I didn’t belong with their type.” I huffed, tears beginning to form in my eyes at the thought.

Angela’s jaw dropped, she looked offended, “what does she mean by their ‘type’?”

“Rich type,” I pouted.

“She’s crazy, Bella.” Angela folded her hands, “she doesn’t know what she is talking about. So don’t let it get to you because you love Connor and he loves you and his parents love you, too.” She gave me another hug and returned to her packing.

I wrinkled my nose, “I guess you’re right.” I observed what she was doing, “do you need any help?”

She shook her head, “no, I’m fine, I’m just packing my clothes tonight. Thank you, though.”

“Ok.” I said, “well I’m going to visit my dad; I haven’t seen him since the party last week.”

Angela nodded, “okay, tell him hi for me.”

“Will do.” I said as I exited the house.

As I arrived to Charlie’s house, I noticed his cruiser wasn’t in the driveway. He wasn’t home. I guessed he would be at Billy’s house, so I headed that way.

I pulled into the muddy driveway of Billy’s house. Charlie’s cruiser was there but Billy’s truck wasn’t. I decided to look inside anyway.

I knocked on the front door, but heard nothing inside. I was about to leave when someone opened the door.

“Bella!” A deep voice called from the inside.

“Oh, hey Jacob!” I greeted him with a hug. “I wasn’t expecting to find you here.”

He chuckled, “yeah, I can say the same to you.”

“Um, I’m just looking for my dad, is he here?” I asked peeking inside.

Jacob shook his head, “naw, he and my dad just went out for some late night fishing, they’ll be back late.”

“Oh.” I said disappointed, “I guess I’ll see you later, then, Jake.” I began to walk back to my rusty old truck.

“Come inside, Bella,” Jacob called from the door, “you can wait for him here.”

I nodded and entered the house. “What are you doing here by yourself?” I asked him.

“Cleaning up,” he admitted, “can’t let dad do all the cleaning, now can I?” He said grabbing the mop and placing it in the small hall’s closet.

“I don’t want to bother you if you’re busy.” I said preparing to leave.

“Nonsense, Bella.” He shrugged, “I’m almost done, I just need to clear the table from all the papers and trash.”

“Where’s Jasmine?” I asked him, looking around to see if she popped up anywhere.

“She’s at her parents house, she’ll be back tomorrow,” he said with a small frown.

“You miss her already?” I giggled, he nodded. I smiled, “I’ll help you clean up,” I said walking to the kitchen table, noticing the mess.

“Uh,” he looked at me, I glared, “ok, just put the papers in the middle drawer of his desk in his room.”

I nodded and grabbed the papers. As I opened the drawer I noticed something in the back that caught my eye. I pulled it out and smiled when I saw what it was.

Putting the papers in the drawer, I put the small wrinkled paper I found in my back pocket.

“Look, Jake,” I announced walking into the kitchen once more, Jacob was done with the table and had sat down exhausted. I pulled out the paper from my back pocket.

He smiled at the picture. “Wow, I wondered where this picture went.” He stared at it with compassion.

“We look so young,” I noticed, sitting down next to him.

“This picture was taken nearly six years ago, Bella,” he ogled at it. “I look good and so do you.”

“I can’t believe Billy had this picture this whole time,” I wondered.

Jacob shrugged, “maybe he thought if he showed us this picture it would bring painful memories along with good ones.” He said, his tone soft.

I looked at him, his eyes saddened, “is that what you feel when you look at it?”

He nodded slowly, “yeah, don’t you feel that?”

I looked at the picture and felt a slight nip of pain, but also the warmth of the happy memories. I looked at Jacob and nodded, “yeah, I feel that, too.”

“We look happy, don’t we?” He said pointing at our expressions on the picture.

“I was always happy when I was with you, Jake.” I said. I looked at he picture of the moment when Jacob asked me to be his girlfriend, my hand in his, eyes locked, bright smiles on each of our faces.

“I was, too.” He said smiling, then he frowned as a thought dawned on him. “Did you really have feelings for him while we were together?” Jacob asked me, bringing up the conversation I neglected to talk about a couple of days ago.

I looked at him for a long second, finally nodding, “I did.” I said looking back at the picture. “Minimal feelings, but they were there.”

“The whole two years we were in the relationship?” He asked, trying to be specific.

“Yes.” I nodded, guilty that I never gave 100% of my heart to him.

He huffed, “I guess it was never meant to be between the two of us, was it?” He didn’t look into my eyes.

I shook my head, “I guess not.” I grabbed his hand in mine, “you found Jasmine, the woman destined to be with you.”

“And you found Connor.”

“I really did love you very much,” he said looking deep into my eyes. I could see the small boy I knew long ago deep in them, the one who only had eyes for me.

I leaned my head on his shoulder, “so did I, Jake.” We hadn’t touched this subject since we broke up, it felt bittersweet to be reliving the past with him.

“Do you remember this night?” He said pointing at the aged picture in his hand.

I smiled and nodded, “like it was yesterday.”

“Charlie had scammed us into ending up stuck together on the beach, remember?” He laughed.

“Telling us that he had lost his camera near the tree trunks. We looked for hours until we collapsed on the sand exhausted.” I remembered.

“We fell asleep together, you in my arms.” His eyes shined with the memory.

I got up from the table, feeling awkward because of the conversation we were having, “sorry, Jake, I just remembered I had to do something with Angela tonight.” I said, grabbing my purse from the counter. “Tell my dad that I came by to see him, please?” I said, fluttered.

“U-uh O-okay,” Jacob stuttered, confused by my outburst, “I’ll see you some other time, then?” He stood up and showed me to the door.

I nodded, putting on my coat, “of course,” I said, not looking into his eyes, not daring to reveal the tears in my eyes, “I just really have to go home, Angela’s moving and I have to help her pack.” I lied.

“Okay, bye then.” He said. “Hey, come by tomorrow, there’s a game and basically everyone’s coming to watch it.”

“I can’t, Jake, I promised to go with Connor tomorrow.“ I explained, “I’ll you when we can hang out though.“ He nodded. “Bye, Jake,” I called and waved from the inside of my truck.

He closed the door and I cursed at myself, what a stupid way to act. I didn’t know why I acted to strange. It was odd. I didn’t have any feelings for Jake, other than a strong friendship. But why did I begin to cry, then?

I began to drive. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going, I just drove.

Sure I was hurt when I found out Jake had finally found his soul mate, but I understood. I knew it was going to happen eventually. So I didn’t understand why I was in the verge of tears moments ago, talking about our past. It took me a while to understand; Jake and I never resolved it, we just let it go. We never dared talk about our past, and now that it was brought up, it was hard to talk about.

I began to remember what Jake and I had passed through in the past, the rough and good times.

“I will protect you, Bella,” Jacob said and pressed his warm lips on my forehead, “that vampire will not get you, the whole pack is in formation, we’re reeling her in the way we want.” He jaw clenched, “just stay here, you will be safe, soon.”

He ran off into the woods. Leaving me gaping after him.

Jacob and the rest of the pack was running out there in the woods, fighting Victoria, just to keep me protected. If anything happened to them, I’d want to die.

Luckily, that very same day, Victoria was rounded up by Sam and Paul and was destroyed forever.

That was years before he met Jasmine.

“Bells,” Jacob looked deeply into my eyes, “promise me you will not do anything to attract attention to yourself,” he grabbed my shoulder, “promise me.”

“I promise.” My voice managed to choke up.

He nodded, not really satisfied, “we out number them, Bella, but it’s still four of them, I don’t want one of them to get out of our radar and come after you.” Rain poured down his face, so I couldn’t tell if he was or wasn’t crying.

I was, tears poured down my face, “just be safe, please.”

Jacob chuckled, “don’t worry about me,” he pressed his lips to mine, furiously parting my lips with his. Too soon after, he left.

Hidden underneath the shelter of boulders, I waited, fearing for the life on my love and the rest of the men sacrificing their lives once more against vampires.

That was weeks before Jacob met Jasmine.

“You do know it has to happen sometime, Bella,” Jacob said, his eyes staring at his hands on the table.

My throat felt tight, “I know it does,” I said, “but maybe it won’t,” I tried to lighten up.

Jacob just shook his head, “everyone in the pack has already, I’m the only one who hasn’t.” He rammed his hand on the table, “I don’t understand why I just couldn’t imprint on you!” He said frustrated, his lips quivering.

“It’s not meant to be,” I wiped my cheeks from the damp coming from my eyes.

“Why not?!” Jacob nearly shouted, “I love you, like no other. I don’t want to lose you!”

I took his hand, it was shaking from the anger, “you won’t lost me, Jacob. I’ll still be here for you.”

That was days before he met Jasmine.

“Jacob, what’s wrong?” I sat up noticing Jacob’s sullen expression. I grabbed his face in my own, he wouldn’t look into my eyes.

He shook his head from my hands, the look on his face was grave. “I don’t know how to tell you this, Bella.”

“Tell me what?” I feared for the worst.

I received the worst, “I-I,” he finally looked into my eyes, what I found there told me everything I needed to know.

“Imprinted.” I finished for him, breathless.

He nodded, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” I tried to smile, but couldn’t manage to do it. “It was bound to happen, right?”

He didn’t smile, didn’t nod, didn’t flinch. Only his lips parted for a single word. “Yeah.” Moments later, he got up from my couch and exited the door, out of my heart.

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