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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


13. Sixth Sense

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Chapter Notes: Apologies for the extensive wait! I just entered back to school and I needed some time to get use to of the immense homework that I have been recieving, but finishing off the second week of school, I have gotten use to the work.

Onto Apology 2: I know I said I was going to bring the Cullens in this chapter, but I was thinking that maybe I should bring in the werewolves. To set in the intensity and rivalry when the Cullens finally do enter the picture.

So I hope you enjoy and not get angry for not bringing in the Cullens.

Chapter 13: Sixth Sense
By: Eternitys_Charm

Connor noticed how quiet at dinner that evening, he commented on it but I just dismissed it, explaining to him that I was still a little shaken. Truth was, I couldn’t stop thinking of Carlisle.

Seeing him just made me anxious to meet the others once more. I would have loved to see Alice or Emmett again, cherish seeing Esme’s motherly warmth once more, thank for seeing Jasper, tell him it was okay what happened, and, weirdly enough, like being by the intimidating side of Rosalie. As for seeing him, that would just bring me pain I’d rather not go through.

Connor knocked me out of my Cullen daze, “hmm,” he said thoughtfully.

I raised my eyebrows on him, “what?”

He shrugged slightly, “just thinking.” He looked at me, “we haven’t gone out with Jacob or Jasmine since the party,” he pouted slightly, “I miss them.”

“I do, too,” I said, “what do you have in mind?” I asked him, getting curious and slightly nervous. I didn’t really want to be with Jacob after what happened the day before.

“You should ask them if we could get together soon, for anything, I need a distraction from school and work,” he said making a face, then looked at me apologetically, “you’re a great distraction from those things,” he said wide eyed, “it’s just, you know what I mean…right?”

I laughed at his expression, “don’t worry, I know what you mean.” I said truthfully. “I’ll ask Jake soon.” I promised.

After dinner I drove myself home in my rusty old truck, wishing it wouldn’t collapse on the way.

I made it home safe and sound by eleven o’ clock.

Suddenly exhausted from the lack of sleep the prior night , I climbed up the stairs and into my bed and dozed off to sleep in no time.

“Hey, Bella,” Charlie said over the phone, “I’m going to be over at Billy’s later, you should come by.” He invited me, “it’s like an after party from yesterday’s leftover’s.”

“I’ll be there after work, dad,” I said, “I’ll see you then.”

“Bye, Bella.”

“Bye, dad.”

I entered Billy’s house, there were a few people there. Dad and Charlie were smack in front of the television eating steak and beans. I didn’t want to bother them, so I said a simple hi and continued looking for others in the house.

Oddly, though, was that the girls (imprintees of the ‘pack men’) were all huddled in the kitchen together, chatting.

“Hey, Bella,” Jasmine said as soon as I walked in the kitchen.

“Hello,” I said awkwardly as all the girls turned to stare at me. Not menacingly or in any way harsh, but I still felt like the odd one out being the only one in the room not with a werewolf boyfriend or husband. “Were are all the men?” I asked.

Emily shrugged her shoulders, “they’re out in the forest, just in back of those trees, there.” She said, pointing out into the backyard. “They’re talking vampires,” she whispered so Charlie wouldn’t hear in the kitchen.

My stomach collapsed when she said ‘vampires’.

I pretended not to know, “vampires? Here, again?”

“Near here, Jared smelled them when he went to visit some friends in Taholah,” Kim informed me, “seems like they came this way and headed back out.”

“They wanted to talk to you, also,” Emily added, with a knowing stare, I nodded and made my way out the back door.

I almost ran my way into the forest, it wasn’t hard finding the men, they were pretty loud and not that far in the forest.

They pretended to not see me, continuing with their conversation.

“I could almost swear it was them, Sam,” Jared said pinching his nose, as if he could smell what ever the scent was in his nostrils.

“They’ve been gone for a long time,” Sam interjected.

I knew exactly whom they were talking about, “are you talking about the Cullens?” I asked.

They all turned and nodded towards me, Jacob stepped to the front, “did you know about this, Bella?” He almost sounded angry.

I lied, not to protect the Cullen’s, to protect myself from the wrath the pack men seemed to be having, “no.” I shook my head, “I’m just assuming,” I added. “Am I right?”

Jacob watched me with care, wondering if the truth would hurt me or not. He finally sighed and nodded his head, “yes, you’re right.” He looked away from me, probably not wanting to see my reaction, whether I was happy or crushed.

I tried to keep my face free from any emotion. “You said ‘they’,” I said looking at Jared.

His eyebrows were furrowed profoundly, obviously infuriated. His dark eyes pierced deeply in mine, they were hard and menacing, “yes.” He said and pressed his lips together again into a fine line.

The whole pack had their arms flexed and fists clenched, outraged by the sudden arrival of the Cullens.

I wanted to fish out some more information. Even though part of me was screaming in as much anger as the men were showing, a small part of me was relieved and excited. But I knew I was only infuriated at one Cullen, the rest I would welcome back with open arms. “All of them?” I asked, unexpected fear was present in my voice.

“From what I could tell,” Jared nearly snarled.

My jaw dropped slightly. Jacob immediately moved to my side once he saw my expression, possibly to take precaution in case I collapsed of the news.

The atmosphere changed then, the pack looked at me with sympathy and care. They knew how much the Cullens leaving scarred me, they didn’t want to see that pain again.

“We won’t let them near you, if that’s what you want, Bella,” Seth said.

Paul growled, “we’ve already let them near here!” He paced momentarily, “they have made it through, they probably began spying on us without us knowing. They would have had nightly visits to Bella’s or our houses without our knowledge.”

My eyes grew wide, the Cullens could have possibly already visited Forks unbeknownst to me. He could have just popped up in front of me, unannounced and unwanted.

“Or not,” Paul contradicted himself looking at my expression.

I nodded, trying to reassure myself.

I looked at Jared, “how did you catch the scent?” I asked.

He shrugged his broad shoulders, “not sure how, exactly, but I just remember talking with one of my old friends and then my body just started reacting strangely.” He furrowed his brows, reliving the moment the beast took over his body. “Felt strange, mostly because that feeling hasn’t been in me in so long, so I didn’t know how to react,” he cleared his throat, “I excused myself from my friend for a few minutes, barely made it into the small forest without exposing myself.

“that’s where I caught the scent,” he paused to wrinkle his nose, “the overpowering sweet stench I knew I had smelled before. Immediately I knew it to be one of the Cullens -- one in particular.” He didn’t mention the name but by the look he gave me, he didn’t need to.

“I tried to track it,” he continued, “that’s when I got more of their scents, all of them.” He growled, “I decided to come and let you guys know as soon as possible, in case they came back soon.”

Embry snorted, “if they come back, we’ll be ready for them.” I could tell he wanted to pick a fight, by the looks of all of their faces, they were ready to take on the vampires that got away.

“Isn’t the treaty still intact, though,“ Leah declared, sounding slightly aggravated.

“Unfortunately,” Sam announced.

I was almost relieved to hear that the treaty still protected the Cullens from any harm.

“Screw the treaty,” Quil said.

Sam shook his head, “we must follow the rules, no matter how much I don’t want to, the Treaty guards them unless they break it.”

“Well that’s not fair,” Paul interjected with a roar, “they can’t just prance back in here and pretend nothing has happened.”

“They have caused too much harm,” Jacob fumed, staring at me, “we can’t let them return.”

“What if they have no intention of hurting,” I blurted out. All pairs of eyes turned to glower at me. I shrunk at their menacing stares.

“You’re protecting them, Bella?” Jacob asked, almost hurt.

“No.” I said, acting appalled, “I’m just saying if they come with no purpose or causing anymore damage around here, then we shouldn’t do anything at all.” They stared at me like I was mad.

“You want them to come back, don’t you, Bella?” Leah asked, insulted. “You still love them, even after what they did to you.” She glared.

“No, I don’t want them to come back,” I said truthfully.

She grunted, “don’t pretend, Bella,” she walked closer to me, “you’re dying to see your precious blood suckers, hoping they will return to you.” She spat, “you want to be with your loving Ed--”

“That’s enough, Leah,” Jacob said, I was positive he could see the pain written all over my face.

Leah stuck her nose up in the air and left the forest.

“Jake,” I looked to him, in the verge of tears, “you know, more than anyone, how much they hurt me.” I looked deep into his eyes, the pain in them told me he could clearly remember the torture I went through when the Cullens had left. “You know how I don’t want them to come back into my life.”

I was, again, being half truthful. The Cullens hadn’t made me go through the depression I did when they left. Only one did. I didn’t want one Cullen to return to my life. I would gladly accept them back with the exception of one. But to have the Cullens back in my life, meant having him back in it, too.

I didn’t want that, I didn’t want him, so I didn’t want them back in my life.

My thoughts were twisted, I confused myself. I wanted them but didn’t want him, not wanting him made me not want them. I almost screamed, but I had to keep composed. There were still a group of werewolves staring at me.

“I know, Bells.” Jake said.

Again all the pack’s eyes turned into deep understanding for me.

“We’ll protect you from them, if we have to.” Sam said.

With that the pack members retreated back into the house.

Jake was the only one who stayed. He looked at me curiously. “Bella,” he said, “I can tell you’re struggling with this.” He then smiled, a heartwarming smile, “you need a distraction.”

“We all do.” I agreed.

“How about we go out?” He asked. “Double date, you and Connor, and Jasmine and I.” He suggested.

“A double date sounds great, Jake.” I smiled, “I really do need a distraction.”

End Notes: Yes, Bella is incredibly confused over whether she really wants the Cullens or not. Anyway, what did you think about this chapter?!?! Don't worry, I promise promise promise the next chapter the Cullens will come in! I will update soon, mostly because the next chapter is done and ready.

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