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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


14. Distractions

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Chapter Notes: So here it is, as promised, the return of the Cullens. Thanks to those who keep coming back to read and those who are new and those who are just plain awesome by reviewing! Here's the chapter you've all been waiting for! (it just took 13 chapters to get there, thank you for being so patient! lol. This is less than half of the story, so don't worry, there will be pleny of Cullen and EdwardxBellaxConnerxNewGirlxGrandmotherxJacobxCharliexetc turmoil xD

It's also the longest chapter...so far.

By: Eternitys_Charm

“We definitely need this distraction,” Jacob whispered in my ear as were sitting on his soft brown couch, waiting for Jasmine to arrive.

I nodded to him with genuine agreement; the last few days had been hectic. The pack was all busy assembling tactic to be able to the Cullens if they dared to appear near Forks. Jacob was constantly at my side, protecting me. And on top of it all, the voice in my head wouldn’t shut up.

Connor entered back into the living room, glasses of water in his hands, he handed Jake one and me the other. “First double date for me,” he beamed, “should be plenty of fun.”

Jacob and I nodded to him, distracted by our own filled thoughts.

Connor snapped his fingers, “I forgot my water,” he stood up and left towards the kitchen once more.

“Last night,” he sighed, “thoughts kept returning, about them, I didn’t conjure them,” he looked towards the kitchen to see if Connor came out, “they came on their own,” he furrowed his brows, “thoughts of them, their plans of returning to you, it was like I was actually seeing them in my head, like I was with them.” He nearly growled. “I don’t know what it means, I’ve probably gone insane.”

I could hear Connor in the kitchen, looking for another glass, perhaps. I looked at Jake to continue.

“I told the pack,” he said, “they’re on lookout,” he signaled toward the woods with his head, “tonight, when we return, it’ll be my watch.”

Connor came back in, “there,” he sat down again next to me. “When is Jasmine going to arrive?” He asked Jacob, “if we’re going to Seattle, we better leave soon.” He informed us.

I made a face, “ugh, hours of driving.”

Connor’s face was amused, “who said anything about driving?”

Jake and I stared at him. “How else are we getting to Seattle?”

Connor chuckled and coughed a little uncomfortable, “my father actually gave me his private jet as an early wedding present.” He looked at me with his adorable eyes.

My jaw dropped, Jacob did an excited dance, “I love you being rich,” he said hugging my fiancee.

“Hey, guys.” Jasmine said entering the living room, observing the scene in front of her curiously. “What’s going on?”

Jake was the one who answered, “we’re going to Seattle on a jet.”

We arrived at the airport. All of our jaws dropped as we saw the stylish jet in front of us. All of us, except for Connor, who just stared at the Jet in a curious manner, almost like he didn’t like it.

“Is that it?” Jacob asked as the trolley left us in front of the sleek and shiny aircraft.

I looked at it, noticed the big blue “M” emblem I had seen on the gate’s of Connor’s parent’s estate, painted on the tail of the jet. The whole jet was an ice white, and a royal blue stripe painted on it horizontally.

“Obviously, Jake,” Jasmine said mocking him, “can’t you notice the ‘Mitchell’ symbol?”

“Yes,” Connor answered, “that’s my father’s …er…my,” he seemed uncomfortable, he gave me an odd look, “jet.”

Jake whistled in amusement. “Gorgeous.”

“Royal blue?” Jasmine asked. “Your family is royalty?”

Connor laughed and shook his head, “no, we’re not. We do, however, come from a long generation of money,” he looked at me again, “my family sort of thinks they are royalty.”

Jacob and Jasmine excused themselves to look at the rest of the jet from the outside, until the pilot arrived.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, meaning the odd way he was acting.

He shrugged, “I don’t know, Bella,” his face was sad, “just all of this,” he motioned to the grand jet in front of us, “just keeps bringing back what my grandmother said about you.” His face saddened.

“You’re not saying…” I trailed, too heartbroken to continue.

His eyes grew wide, “no, no, no,” he smiled vaguely, and grabbed my hand, “of course I’m not meaning that, Bella.” He picked up my face gently with his index finger. “I’m just saying that my family was always about money; creating more money, marrying money -- until my father broke that chain, the marrying one…and now me.” He smiled, “now that I’ve found you, I need no money to be happy. It makes me uncomfortable to know just how much money we have.”

I giggled, “you’re so silly,” I kissed him softly in the mouth, “but caring.”

He smiled. “Silly about you.”

We all came laughing out of restaurant. Couples hand in hand.

“Too funny.” Jacob choked.

“Only Bella, here, would cause such a scene.” Connor kissed my forehead.

I knew I was still flush-faced because of the incident, but I even had to admit it was funny. “What can I say?” I shrugged, “I’m a klutz.”

“Obviously.” Jake wiped tears off his eyes.

“Okay, okay, enough of me slipping on water and causing a waiter to create a domino effect to the rest of the waiters.”

They all burst out laughing again. I playfully punched Connor on his arm, but he continue to laugh.

“Your face was priceless,” Jasmine said in giggles.

“The manager’s face was priceless,” Jacob added holding his stomach.

Connor tried to control himself, “okay, best lunch I have ever had.”

“I agree with that.” Jacob said, finally getting his normal breathing back.

“Me, too.” Jasmine said clearing her throat.

I raised my eyebrows at all of them, “let’s just walk, I want to go visit the space needle.” I said pulling Connor by the hand.

They all began laughing at me again, I was mock laughing when I crashed into something stone hard.

I fell to the floor with a hard thud. Everything went quiet, then. No more mocking, no more laughing, no more sniggers. Like everyone knew what a bad idea that would be.

“Oh.” I said as soon as I knocked into the floor.

“Bella.” Connor said, helping me up, “are you okay?”

I dusted myself off, “yes, I’m fine.”

I looked up to see what I had bumped into. Whom I saw made me lose balance completely. Connor caught me with gentle but strong arms.

“Bella?” He worried.

I cleared my throat and regained my composure, “I’m fine.” I looked into the golden eyes of the beautiful small girl in front of me.

She giggled, her musical laugh enchanting, “sorry,” she said, “but you were always such a klutz, Bella.” Alice said.

I looked down to the small vampire I had once seen as my sister. Her presence that once calmed me now caused me much agitation.

Connor looked at Alice, “you know her?” He asked me, not taking his eyes off the fragile looking being in front of him.

“Yes.” I said, barely managing to speak. I clutched onto Connor’s arm, scared if I let go I would collapse.

I looked back, Jacob had retreated a few feet back, trying not to transform then and there. Jasmine had a slight clue of who Alice was, so she glared at the vampire. Connor was just confused, wasn’t sure why I reacted that way towards Alice nor how Alice knew me.

“Not funny, Alice.” A velvet voice came around the corner. When he spotted me, he hesitated a bit, stopping for a moment on the corner. Then decided to continue saying whatever it was to Alice, acting as if he had never seen me. “You shouldn’t have done that to Rose,” he continued, “Emmett is infuriated.”

Alice shrugged playfully. But her eyes were intense on his angelic face.

I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. When I saw his gorgeous face, his shiny bronze hair, and his enchanting golden eyes.

I could hear Jacob snarl in back of me. I turned around, “Jasmine,” I let go of Connor’s arm. “Please take Connor somewhere, distract him.” I said.

Jasmine did as I ordered and Connor obliged, “I will explain later,” I mouthed out to him. He nodded slowly, looking back at the two beautiful vampires whom were still talking to each other.

I had decided to keep Jacob with me, knowing he would protect me if anything were to happen. What I didn’t understand was why I wanted to stay there in the first place, why didn’t I just leave?

My heart was breaking as I saw the beautiful boy who had walked out on me year ago, but I didn’t move from the spot. I was positive that if I saw him once more, I would flee. But I didn’t. I was there. Wanting to talk to him, to them. He mentioned Rosalie and Emmett, that meant they had to be there, too. I wanted to see them. All of them. Even him.

I still couldn’t say his name in my head, even though he was right in front of me.

“Why did you do that?” Jacob snarled, his body shaking furiously.

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly.

He seemed to calm down and nodded. He grabbed my shoulders and faced the vampires who seemed to be having an internal argument.

“Followed us here, have you?” Jacob kept his voice steady.

The vampires released their gazes within each other to stare at Jacob.

“Maybe.” Alice played.

“I have no time for toying,” Jacob said annoyed.

“I ask the same question,” He said. I didn’t look at him, my eyes were fixed on Alice.

“Same answer,” Alice argued.

“Doubt it’s a coincidence.” Jacob rumbled.

“What if it is?” Alice challenged.

I could feel Jacob was getting annoyed. “Hi, Alice.” I interrupted the intense conversation.

She looked at me, her expression changed. She smiled at me with pure bliss. “Hi, Bella.” She bounced, “how are you?”

“I’ve been better than how I am right now,” I said honestly. Their presence made me uncomfortable, and still I asked my self why I didn’t leave.

Alice’s expression dropped, “oh,” she said, her eyes gloomy. “I’m sorry, I just really wanted to see you again.” She said earnestly.

“So you were following,” Jacob accused Alice again.

She ignored him completely, only focusing on me. “I saw you in a vision, Bella. That you would come here, so I was curious and wanted to drop by.” She smiled, “congratulations on the engagement, though I think I already told you.”

The scene folding in front of me was the same as the one I had seen at the engagement party. Alice excited for the engagement and he frigid next to her.

I looked at her questioningly, “how did you find out about my engagement to Connor?”

“Connor, is that his name?” She asked curious, I didn’t answer until she answered my question. “I keep looking in on you every now and then, Bella. Just to see if you’re safe.”

“You what?!” Jacob and him said at the same time.

Alice addressed to them both, “just to see if she was all right!” She retorted. Then she continued speaking to me, “when I saw you got engaged, I was happy for you.” She smiled, but I could see a hint of sadness in her golden eyes.

I looked at Jacob, surprised how he was handling himself. He shot me a look of accusation, I shrugged and turned back to the vampires.

“He seems wonderful,” Alice said about Connor. “Handsome and sweet, from what I could tell.”

He snorted, Jacob snarled at him. “Better than you.” Jacob accused him.

That was the first time I dared look at him since he rounded the corner. My heart pounded in my head as I looked at his handsome features. It was really him, it was really Edward in front of me. He looked saddened by Jacob’s remark. I felt pleased with that for some reason, seeing him saddened.

I could feel my anger for Edward rise the more I stared at him. I smiled at what Jacob had said, Alice’s face then turned saddened as she saw the allegiance being formed against the vampires.

I felt a twinge of pain inside me, every time I said Edward’s name. I hadn’t said nor thought about it in so long. It felt strange to do so, and it hurt. I once loved that name, cherished it. But now I despise it.

“Have any of you entered near Forks the past couple of weeks?” Jacob asked, getting to the point I was sure he was trying to get to since Connor and Jasmine left.

Edward looked up and stared at Jacob with confusion, “no.” He answered simply. “Why?”

Jacob didn’t look at him, he stared at Alice. I guessed it was easier speaking to Alice than the boy who crushed his best friend. “One of our pack members caught one of your scents a couple of days ago, near Forks, and one of yours trailed off into Forks.”

Alice raised her eyebrows at something Jacob said, “pack?” She asked.

“They’re werewolves,” Edward answered coolly. I wondered how he knew.

“No,” he answered Jacob’s question, “none of us have visited Forks for a long time,” he looked at me. The split second our eyes met, my heart did a flip and fire surged in my veins, I was angry. “We were in Taholah a few days ago -- business-- but we didn’t step on Forks grounds.”

Jacob glared at them, still uncertain if they were telling the truth or not. “Uh-huh.” He said and grabbed my arm, “well, thanks for nothing, then.” He said. “Let’s go, Bella.”

I nodded and began to walk in the direction I saw Connor and Jasmine head to. I turned back to look at Alice.

“Edward!” I heard a melodic voice round the corner as I was smiling back at Alice. A tall dirty blonde girl ran to Edward’s side. I looked at the way she wrapped her arms around his neck, more flames flooded my veins. Her striking features were happy at seeing Edward. “Don’t you dare run away from me again, mister.” She said, her golden eyes accusing.

Jacob turned back, too. Assessing the new addition of the Cullen clan.

“Melanie, get off,” Edward said, looking uncomfortable. He shot me another look, this one full of an apology. He pushed her off gently.

She looked hurt. She finally noticed me. Her eyes told me she knew something, the way she looked at me was almost evil. “Edward, honey, let’s go.” She said pulling Edward’s hand.

Something about her voice seemed familiar, but I was too angry to focus on it. Alice looked at me, her eyes annoyed. At Melanie? I wasn’t sure.

Edward’s expression was grave, he stared at the girl with a simple sight. No emotion towards her. I wasn’t sure if he was acting in front of me or not.

All I knew is that I was furious with him, “one of your distractions, Edward?” I mentioned him directly.

He looked shocked that I actually spoke to him, but hurt by what I had said. He didn’t answer, he just simply walked away. Hand in hand with the gorgeous vampire named Melanie.

“Bella--” Alice began.

“I need no explanations, Alice,” I said, I didn’t mean to snap at her like that, I was still angry. “I have to go back with Connor.”

Alice still felt the need to defend, “but, Bella! Edward and Melanie--”

“Alice, I honestly don’t care. Edward has found someone, hooray for him,” I said, trying not to show emotion, “I found someone, too.” I felt my heart pound in my chest, heated still. “Goodbye.” I whispered to her.

I grabbed Jacob’s arm, tears managing to escape my eyes. Jacob stared at my tears fall. “I’m not crying because of Him and that new vampire,” I explained, I could tell he was about to accuse me of that. “This whole thing with seeing them again was just too much for me to handle.” I sniffed.

He wiped a tear off of my cheek. “I’m sorry this had to happen. I was suppose to protect you from this.” His fists balled.

“Not your fault,” I said.

We found Connor and Jasmine across the street and a few buildings down from where we had been. I looked at Connor’s confused face, and wondered how I was going to explain what he had probably seen.

End Notes:

Okay, so here is how I think Melanie looks like: (just picture dirty blonde [natural] hair and more curves on her body, this actress is thinner than what i picture melanie to look like)


Here's what I think Jasmine looks like:



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