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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


16. Collide

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Chapter Notes: I guess I didn’t update as soon as I had anticipated. I hadn’t noticed how late in my senior year it was now and I had come to realize it was time to start applying for colleges. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past month, SAT and college stuff. The deadlines for the UC schools are the end of this month so I am still going to be busy. I can’t guarantee I will update soon, so I’m saying maybe once every two or so weeks --sorry but Colleges are pretty important too. So thank you for being patient with me and coming back to read my story :D I will not let you down, I have not forgotten about this story.
I will update as soon as I can. Promise. Thanks for reading and sticking by this story, it is verrry much appreciated :D

Chapter 16: Collide
By: Eternitys_Charm

“I’m leaving, Bella.” He said. His face hidden from the dark shadows made from the hood he wore.

“Take me with you,” I said openly, hoping he would say yes.

He was looking down at me, but I still couldn‘t see his face. He sighed, “I don’t want you to come with me,” he said, his voice unchanged from the somber tone he had before.

My heart dropped. Those words, I had heard them before. I tried to keep my cool, “You don’t want me?” I asked, feeling pressure against my chest, hoping this time the answer would be different.

He paused, seeming to think, “No.” He answered simply.

I feared for that answer. My chest felt like it would explode as I talked to him, “why are you doing this, Connor?” I walked forward, trying to slip the hood from his head.

He backed away from me, “I didn’t do this.” He answered coolly.

“Who, then.” I walked forward again.

“You did.”

“I did?”

“You drove me away.” He responded, almost angry. He turned from me and began to walk away into the thick fog that had formed.

“Connor!” I shouted, trying to find him but the fog made it impossible to see.

The alarm shrieked in my ear, awakening me from my disturbed slumber. I placed my hand over my heart, it pumped rapidly, still alert from both the dream and from the frightful alarm.

I pressed the button to shut up the alarm and collapsed back on the bed, staring at the white ceiling.

I racked my thoughts, trying to find a brighter meaning to the dream I had. All of which ended in some pessimistic way. I felt guilty, now, even though I had not done anything. Connor had accused me in my dream, accused me of causing him to leave me. Would I do that? No, I wouldn’t.

Seeing them once again ruined my life and ruined my train of thought. Before, I was focused on my wedding and Connor, now I was worried about the Cullens ruining everything. I had to talk to someone else that had to be passing through something similar today.

I looked for my cell phone in my room to call Jake and as if I could come over later in the day, after work. I then remembered I had left it in my jacket last night. I raced down the steps to retrieve it. Flipping open the screen I noticed there was two voicemails. I was almost afraid to listen to them, but decided that nothing that Grandmother Margaret said would bother me anymore.

The first message was from Angela, “Hey, Bella. Sorry I wasn’t home last night, my brother got sick and my parents were away and didn’t want him to stay alone while my other brother was camping as part of his school. I’ll be back tonight, though. I’ve got something to tell you!”

The next one was from my boss, Rick. “Isabella, sorry to advise you on such short notice, but you don’t have to come in for work today. Apparently Janette didn’t have pneumonia…so she‘ll be taking over her and your clients today. Beside, you need work days off, you work too hard. See you tomorrow.”

I sighed, I had all day with nothing to do. I pressed the number 4 for Jake’s speed dial. “Hey, Jake, when does your class let out?” I asked.

“Eleven, why?” He asked whispering. I could hear the professor’s voice echo through the classroom.

“I need to talk to you.” I said simply.

“Ok, come by my house at around 12, I’ll be there.” He whispered a fast goodbye and hung up.

I made it minutes before Jacob pulled into his driveway. I sat on his porch bench, watching as the rain poured harshly on the pavement. Jacob ran up the driveway, avoiding getting wet any further. “Hey, Bella.” He gave me a warm hug. “Why didn’t you go in?” He opened the door, “I left it opened for you, in case you arrived earlier than me.”

I smiled, “I know, but I wanted to wait for you out here instead. I didn’t want to intrude in your house.”

He released me from his embrace, “you’re not intrusion. Now get in, it’s cold out here.”

Jake hung his and my jacket on the coat hangers. “Where’s Jasmine?” I asked.

“At her parent’s, she’ll be back tomorrow.” He said shaking the water from his hair.

“When are you two getting engaged?” I said jokingly, looking at a picture of both of them on the mantle.

“Technically, we already are,” he said.

“Officially-- not technically.” I said.

“As soon as I graduate college,” he said beaming.

“In a couple on months, then?” I asked, cheerful.

“Yep,” he sighed, “that’s my plan. But don’t tell her, she doesn’t know.” I nodded. “Do you want anything to drink?” He asked.

“Water?” I said, following him into the kitchen.

“So what has brought you by this early?” He asked handing me the glass of water.

I sat down on the kitchen table. “You know exactly why I am here, Jake.” I said eyeing him.

His face turned somber, “I thought you wanted to talk about floral patterns on your wedding dress or something.” He said, trying to keep the mood lightened. I shook my head. “I would much rather talk about that than about them.”

“I know,” I said, sipping my glass. “But it’s necessary, I know you probably have questions, accusations, answers…anything.” I said.

He nodded. “I do have some things that Jasmine told me about you -- that she noticed when we were with the leeches.”

“What did she say?” I asked.

“Well, it was kind of an observation she took from you yesterday.” I waited for him to proceed, “she said she noticed how you responded when you saw them.” Before I could ask, he elaborated, “she said your body language may have suggested you wanted to be away from them, but your expression said otherwise.

“She said your eyes sparkled when you saw Alice.” He sat down next to me, his eyes saddened. “Bella, is that true? Do you want to be with them?” He hit me with the hardest question.

I stayed quiet thinking about the answer. “I honestly don’t know, Jake.” I sighed and looked him directly in the eyes. “I asked myself that very question last night. The answer that I came up with is that possibly part of me still cold want…some of them.”

“Even after what they did to you?” Jacob asked, his tone insulted.

“Edward was the only one that hurt me,” I corrected him.

Jacob scoffed, “that’s not true.” He looked straight into my eyes, “they did hurt you, Bella. The same exact way Edward did.” He didn’t let go of my gaze, “they didn’t call, they didn’t write, they never bothered to drop by, Bella. That hurt you. That killed you just as must as it killed you knowing Edward left you, too. I saw the pain in you eyes every time anyone mentioned the Cullen’s name. I saw the way you flinched. The way you avoided talking about them. The way your breathing became rapid and your heart raced.” I only stared at him, knowing that what he was telling me was completely true. “So don’t defend them saying that only Edward hurt you.”

“Jake --”

“Bella, they don’t deserve the sympathy you give them.”

I sighed and hung my head, “I know.” I tapped my fingers on the glass, “I know, I just don’t know why part of me still wants to be near them. Everyone but Edward --I could care less about him.” I said miffed.

Jacob raised his eyebrows in wonder, “Really?” He smiled. “Then why did you react that way when you saw him?”


“Your eyes started to water, your breathing became a little heavy, your lips trembled.” He explained.

“Anger, Bella style,” I said with a faux smile.

“Thought so, just making sure,” he said, “but what about when the girl came, the new vampire -- Melanie? What did you mean by ‘one of your distractions, Edward’?” He asked.

I laughed with no humor, “let’s just call it an inside joke.”

Jacob angled his face, leveled to mine. “I don’t get it.” He said.

He wanted me to elaborate, “when Edward left he told me that my memories of him leaving me would fade, that time would heal the pain that moment had caused me,” I scoffed in disagreement, “and that his would not, but he could get away from the memories with distractions -- he said his kind were easily distracted. I kind of accused him saying that.” I bit my lip.

Jacob laughed and clapped his hands, “you’re feisty, Bells.”

I laughed. But the humor melted soon.

“The pack isn’t exactly too happy we met up with the leeches,” Jacob explained.

“On accident.” I said.

“Not really,” he said, referring to Alice, “anyway, accident or not, they’re back. Soon they will all be back, here. And you know it. Especially that Alice girl, or Edward, he’s still very much keen on you.”

I was about to ask what he mean by ‘keen’ but he interrupted, “I know you won’t be able to resist keep them at bay.” I looked at him as he studied my face, “I can tell you’re debating whether or not to talk to them and have them back in your life, or just let things be the way they are right now.” Jake sat up, “By all means be with them if that is what you wish, no worries coming from me or the rest of the pack -- I’ll tell them to back away if that’s what you want.” He said sincerely.

He leaned forward, “just be careful, please. Accepting them will only bring you more pain.” His eyes were intense on mine, I felt inferior.

“Are you seriously telling me to go ahead and have them welcomed back into my life?” I asked bewildered.

“Yes.” He smiled, “I’ll still be here by your side, like always. I know you like me best.” He beamed.

“For the moment,” I joked. He pretended to be hurt, placing his hand over his heart and making a finger movement down his cheek like a tear was dropping. The lightened mood was back.

“You think I’m stupid, don’t you?” I asked him, my eyes away from him, staring at the glass of water. “For actually thinking about having them in my life again -- after what happened.”

“Yes,” he said curling his hands on his chest and leaning back on the chair. “But I also understand how you feel about them, in a way.” He said. “They were a great deal to you,” he observed, “if you had left and then come back, I would have probably wanted you back in my life, too.” He said with a smile. “That doesn’t mean I want them, though.” He got serious, “expect rivalry.” I almost smiled but I could tell by his grim expression, he wasn’t joking. “They still hurt you.”

I nodded and looked at my glass again. “Oh!” I gasped and knocked the cup down from the table. It fell to the floor and shattered.

“Bella?” Jake took his hands to my face, worried.

“I just --” I began to explain but a growl built in Jacob’s chest, it cut me off.

His nose was flared and arms flexed, it was my turn to become worried.

“There’s a leech here.” He snarled.

“What?!” I asked startled.

“Bella, stay here! I have to warn Sam, he’s on lookout right now, I'm not sure where, but he must not know -- he would have warned us by now.” Jake disappeared out the door and into the woods.

I held onto the table’s edge for balance, I felt like I was about to collapse any moment. A vampire. I half wished it was one of the Cullens coming to see me.

Moments later Jacob bounded through the door, shirtless. I jumped, startled. “Jake, what’s wrong?” I could see the expression on his face.

“I don’t know,” he answered, “this scent is definitely not one of them,” he explained. “Bella get in your truck and go to your house, now!” He grabbed the keys from the counted and handed them to me. “The pack and I will corner this vampire, we’ll keep it away from your route, if that’s what it here for.”

I didn’t move, my feet felt numb.

“Go, Bells!”

I did as he told me to and ran my way into my truck. My hands shaking as I tried to insert the key into the ignition. I started the truck and it roared to life. As I drove down the street I could see through the dense trees, a russet brown wolf running beside me. Jacob followed me until I reached the end of the reservation, then he turned back. My throat tightened as I saw him fade.

I could hardly see through the heavy rain that poured. It made it even harder for me to drive since my hands were already shaking uncontrollably. As I curved around a mountain on the highway, I noticed a car coming straight at me in the same lane. I honked the horn, the driver, seeming to have been distracted, reacted as quick as he could and tried to dodge me, but it was too late. Our cars collided. My truck broke through the railing and rolled down the mountain’s bank violently. My head knocked against the driver-side window and I was knocked out.

End Notes: Again sorry for taking so long by thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this chapter :D

So what vampire do you think it is? Cullen? Which one? Or is it another vampire? How was this chapter???