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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


2. Hot Hot Hot

Rating 4.1/5   Word Count 714   Review this Chapter

Chapter Notes: Short chapter but its mostly just a filler for the setting and more on the relationship between Connor and Bella. :] Enjoy.

Chapter 2: Hot Hot Hot

By: Eternitys_Charm

Connor chatted excitedly on the plane seat next to me. Every so often he would talk non-stop about how much fun we would have in Phoenix and all the things he would experience with me in a new place. He almost turned purple one time from talking to much, until his brain finally told him to breath.

His excitement was comparable to one of a six year old finally going to Disney World for the first time. It was cute, in my view.

I just sat there, listening to his plans; my head leaning on his shoulder and his deep voice echoed in me head.

“Oh, honey,” he said, “are you getting tired? I’m sorry, truly I am, I’ll shut up now.” He said, his blue eyes full of apology.

I giggled, “no, I’m fine really. I like hearing you this excited.” I said sincerely.

“Ok.” He said but he didn’t say another word about how excited he was. Instead he asked something about us. “You don’t mind it if we slept in the same hotel room and same bed, would you?” He asked nervously.

I shook my head on his shoulder, “of course I don’t mind, Connor. It’s fine.” It wouldn’t be the first time I had done it. Gah, Don’t go there Bells.

Connor’s face brightened up, “okay, then.” He grabbed my hand and gave it a small peck. “I love you, Isabella Swan.”

“I love you, too Connor Mitchell.” I said.


“Well, here we are, Bella.” Connor said dropping the bags in front of the hotel’s main entrance.

“Yeah.” I said trying to sound excited. As I gazed at the hotel in front of me, I couldn’t help but think about the last time I had been here. It had been with Alice and Jasper when I was escaping James and Edward was trying to protect me.

It all seemed foggy in my memory; I had done a pretty good job of blocking unwanted memories in my mind.

“You don’t like it?” Connor caught with my tone.

I looked back at him and made up a lie, “it’s beautiful but it looks so expensive, Connor, and we are staying here in Phoenix for a week!”

“Bella, don’t worry about that let’s just have fun.”

I smiled. “Heh-heh, okay.”


Unfortunately, the hotel room looked exactly the same as the one that I had been in before, except brighter because the curtains weren’t shut. The only difference was the location of the bathrooms.

Connor walked in after tipping the baggage carrier, “nice, eh?”

I couldn’t help but smile at him. His plump lips were smiling so brightly and his blue eyes shined with excitement.

I ruffled his light brown hair and kissed him fully on the mouth.

I closed the door with my foot and jumped up to continued kissing Connor, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

Running my hands up and down his perfectly muscled back and torso, I gasped for air at the intensity of the kiss. His hands tangled in my hair and mine in his.

I almost began to strip his shirt off him until I gasped and stopped myself. “I’m sorry.” I unhinged from his waist and sat down on the bed, “I don’t know what got over me.”

“Yeah, neither do I,” he said out of breath. “But sweetheart there’s no need for apologies.” He said while trying to button up his half unbuttoned shirt. “I kind of liked it.”

I blushed; I could feel my face get hot. Connor smiled at my red face.

“What was that for, anyway?” He didn’t sound accusatory just curious.

I blushed deeper, mostly because I didn’t even know what had gotten over me. It’s not like Conner and I hadn’t kissed liked that before it’s just the fact of what I had done, I had never jumped on him like that nor nearly ripped off his shirt before.

“I don’t know, a thank you?” I said.

He caressed my neck with his nose and he kissed my lips softly, “you’re welcome.”