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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


20. Caught

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Chapter notes: Apologies, I know i said i would update on the first, but i couldnt, been away from home almost all week (babysitting *ugh*)

So here you go, the next chapter. *WARNING* Something **juicy** up ahead O.o

uploaded: 12/07/2009

Chapter 20: Caught
By: Eternitys_Charm

I had been stuck in the hospital for two more weeks, I was sick of it. Carlisle finally told me I could leave. I was leaving the morning after.

There was still no changes to the wedding date, Connor didn’t want to postpone, he thought I would get better in time. I doubted it, but kept a positive outlook.

There were two reasons why I didn’t want to postpone the wedding, one, I loved Connor and wanted to marry him soon. Two, Edward would get a thrill to know the wedding was pushed back, he would take it as an opportunity to move in.

He has tried to make me sway to his side, once more. But I stay faithful to Connor one hundred percent. Edward is persistent, determined to know how I feel about him. I tell him I don’t love him, but he says he doesn’t believe it, that he won’t stop until I am sure I don’t love him. Truth is, I wasn’t so sure anymore if I did or didn’t love him.

I knew I loved Connor, yes. But did I love Edward, too? I kept arguing with myself on that for a long time. Connor noticed my change with him, he was becoming distant and colder with every passing day. I knew he could sense something big was up, but never once did he ask me straight out what the problem was. That was his problem, he never knew how to say when something was bothering him.

While Connor was growing colder, Edward was warming up. I didn’t feel the hatred as much anymore as the days went by. Once we talked and got things out of the air it was almost like old times. Almost, being that I wasn’t his girlfriend. We were closer, but I still didn’t trust him and didn’t give him my all. He knew that, and tried to win me over with stories from the past, from the family, everything. It was nice not hating him as much anymore.

Jacob was still angry about the Cullens being there. I told him everything that I knew, about Melanie and the voices that were in our heads. Since Edward explained everything to me, the voices ceased with me and the pack. Something Jacob was thankful for.

The funny thing about Jacob, he acts hard around the Cullens because of what they are, but I could see him getting closer to Carlisle. I joked with him about it and couldn’t deny it.

Charlie was still oblivious of the fact my ex boyfriend was in the hospital along with Carlisle, un-aged since the last time he saw them. Billy knows, but seems to be fine with it since Jacob isn’t saying bad things about them anymore. Even the pack has lowered their guards a bit.

Angela moved out, a few days after I was hospitalized, finally with Ben. The news she had, she’s engaged now too. She stormed into the room cherry about the engagement news she had to tell me, and worried under the circumstance I was in.

Alice has visited me a few times since her last time, as well as Emmett and Jasper and much like Alice’s last visit, she keeps pointing at me going back with Edward. Though, she respects my loyalty to Connor, she couldn’t help herself but want me to be with her brother again.

“I don’t see him as happy as when he was with you,” she told me a week before, “he doesn’t come within a twenty mile radius as how happy he was with you.”

It was annoying to me how the Cullens didn’t fully respect my love for Connor, excluding Carlisle and Esme who liked Connor being with me and wouldn’t dare try to destroy my relationship with him, even if it meant getting their son with the “person he loves again,” (as they put it) and getting him back, too. Excluding Rosalie and Melanie, too, because they haven’t spoken to me at all.

It was as if everyone was telling me to chose someone. Carlisle and Esme told me to stay with Connor. Alice, Edward, Emmett, and Jasper are telling me to be with Edward. Connor obviously wants me to be with him, even though he doesn’t know the situation. Jacob and the pack of course want me to stay with Connor. The only person that seemed to wish something that was easy for me was Billy, who was in the loop of the whole situation, who told me, “be whomever you want to be with, Bella. If it’s Connor, then I’m happy for you. If it’s Edward, I won’t be so proud, but at least you would be happy.”

The problem was, as said before, I wasn’t sure who I wanted anymore. It drove me insane that I actually was getting confused about who I should pick. I was positive it was Connor weeks before, but it all changed.

“Good morning, Bella.” Carlisle walked in the room and snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Good morning, Carlisle,” I said.

“Just going to give you your pain medication,” Carlisle said leaving me the small cup with pills inside.

I popped them into my mouth and swallowed them with a moth full of water. “It doesn’t hurt as much anymore.” I said to him.

“That is why your medicine isn’t as strong,” he said checking my I.V drip. “You’re healing well with the burns, the new skin is coming in fine.” He noted, telling me what I already knew from Connor and Edward. “You’ll heal completely quickly, but as for your broken bones, that heal with be longer. I’d say another two months.”

I pouted, Connor and Edward failed to tell me that. “My wedding is suppose to be in a month.” I sighed.

“Oh, right.” He said and seemed sympathetic. “I’m sorry, but there’s no way that you’ll be out of those casts by your wedding…” Carlisle daunted on me.

I wanted to cry, “I know.”

Carlisle exited, then, and Connor came in. “Hey!” He greeted me with a bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers of all kinds. He kissed my lips, as he did I could tell the hard edge to them, he was still cold with me, but obviously happier now that I was to be leaving the next day.

“Hello, they’re beautiful,” I said and sniffed the flowers.

“I’m glad you’re finally out of here tomorrow,” he said, I could see the double meaning in his gaze.

“Me too.” I sighed, placing the flowers on the table next to me.

“Well, I have to go to the Emergency Room, now,” he said placing another kiss on me, this one warmer than the last. I didn’t let go of the kiss, not wanting him to turn cold on me again. Just then Edward walked in.

I glared at him as Connor turned around. I knew he could hear Connor’s thoughts, why didn’t he just wait and give me privacy.

He had a small smile on his face as he entered, his eyes were devious. He shrugged slightly when Connor turned back to me.

Connor’s face was frowning, his warmth gone. “I’ll come back later, Bella.” He said with no tone to his voice and stalked out the door.

“Thanks, Edward.” I said to him sighing.

He seemed full of himself, “no problem.” He smiled.

I rolled my eyes, “do you really have to be that immature, I know you knew Connor was in here.” I accused.

He played dumb, “did I, really?”

I scoffed.

“Alice sends her regards, as well as Jasper, Esme, and Emmett.” He said as he always did when he walked in.

“Tell them thank you.” I said.

He chuckled, then, “Alice is thrilled you’re getting out of this place, she wants to take you out and hang out like old times.” He told me as he examined my x-rays from the first day and the ones from yesterday. “Emmett is still nagging about meeting your fiancée, so is Esme, and Jasper is just naturally calm Jasper.”

“How’s Rose?” I asked, last time I asked Edward’s face was full of shock, “and your fiancee?” That was the first time I ever asked for her.

“Rose is Rose,” he said just like last time, “and Melanie, is annoyed with this whole situation. I think Alice is getting a kick about mentioning you, to anyone, every second she can when Melanie’s around.” Edward laughed.

“I bet she is.” I agreed.

He left then, promising to return later like he always did.

“Excited about leaving tomorrow?” Edward said once he was in my room.

“Very.” I said, a little too excited.

He chuckled, and then his smile faded. “I’ll miss seeing you almost everyday,” he admitted not looking at me.

I was surprised I would miss him, too. I didn’t say it out loud, I knew he would enjoy hearing that. “Yeah.” Was all I responded.

He cleared his throat, “Alice is determined to see you everyday, if she can.” He said, “she has really missed you, apparently.” He looked troubled.

“I’ve missed her, too, but tell her not to suffocate me,” I said with a slight laugh.

Edward stared at me for a long while, his eyes not letting go of my face. I looked away, feeling the burn of his gaze on my eyes. “W-what?” I stammered, overwhelmed.

“Nothing,” he said turning away from me briefly. He spun around with speed, it startled me, he opened his mouth, then shut it again. I had never seen his hesitate that much before, “so,” he began then made a face and shook his head, “Melanie hasn’t been bothering you, has she? In any way?” He asked, I knew that wasn’t what he wanted to say.

“Um…no,” I shook me head, “not me, nor any members of the pack had, had any provoked thoughts.” I said, relieved that I finally had my thoughts to myself, even though Melanie didn’t really affect my thoughts.

“Good, then.” He said almost absently, he returned moments after, “I warned her to leave you alone,” he said.

“You already told me that, Edward.” I said. He had, obviously Melanie threw a fit about the whole thing, Edward didn’t want to give me the full details but I knew that it might have ensued in a fight with the whole Cullen household because the day Edward told me, Alice was greatly bubbly and chipper. She didn’t tell me, though, Edward must have told her not to.

“Right, just wanted to clarify.” He responded.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, getting worried.

He looked at me, much like he had moments ago. With such intensity, it made me uneasy. “Bella,” he sighed, “you’re leaving, returning to your house and your friends and your fiancée, and you haven’t given me an answer.” I knew what answer he was referring to. I gulped, “I come here, hoping that some part of you might just love me in some way.” His face looked torn, it was hard for me to keep staring at him, but impossible to look away.

“I know you do, Bella,” he continued, “I can see it in your eyes.” He walked closer and sat on the bed, “I can tell you do, because if I do this…” he leaned forward, his face inches away from mine.

I held my breath and tried to turn away, my eyes beginning to glisten.

“…you react like that,” he said. “But you won’t admit it, and it hurts me to see you deny me so much.” He leaned forward more, I could feel his breath on me. “I understand you have Connor, but be sure he’s exactly what you want in your life and I’ll leave you alone. All you have to do is tell me you don’t love me and I’ll stop. But if you don’t tell me, I’ll assume you do and continue trying to win your heart back.”

I didn’t respond, which only fed his theory that I still loved him. I wasn’t sure what to say, I wasn’t certain if I loved him or not.

He began to lean forward, his lips were going to press against mine.

I was still holding my breath, I let it out, my lungs nearly bursting, “Edward, please…” my voice trailed as his lips were centimeters from my own, “don’t.” I breathed heavily.

His golden eyes stared deep into my own, “your head says no, but your heart says yes.”

I knew what he meant, my heart was drumming in my chest, my blood was racing through my veins. A single tear dropped from my eyes and Edward leaned in for the kiss. His cool lips pressed softly against my own.

I didn’t push away. I wanted to, but I didn’t. My heart drummed and my head raced at the short seconds Edward had his lips against mine. His careful mouth pried my own open, slightly, enough to get his sweet scent in me.

He parted his lips from mine, his face still just inches away. His face smiling with pleasure and satisfaction. He got his answer just with that kiss. I realized, then, I loved him, still.

“I love you.” He said caressing my cheek.

I didn’t respond, almost ashamed of what I had done. Almost, which worried me. I had enjoyed the kiss. I had betrayed Connor. Edward saw the sadness in my eyes and embraced me in his arms.

“I’m sorry, Edward, I shouldn’t have done that,” tears began leaking from my eyes.

He chuckled, “I’m not,” he pulled back, “I know now that you love me,” he smiled, “and you know I love you.”

The door opened before Edward had finished his sentence, a mortified Connor stood at the opened door.

“Connor,” I gasped.

Edward didn’t look surprised at all, which told me he knew Connor was going to walk in, he was expecting him to find us like this, mid-embrace.

Connor just stood at the door, I could see his heart breaking with the look that he gave me. I burst into tears, more ashamed than ever before.

“Get out,” Connor said to Edward, I could tell he was trying not to fling himself at Edward.

Edward did as Connor told him and exited out the door, but not before glancing at me first. Connor didn’t notice, his face was covered in his hands. As the door shut behind him, he began to weep. He and I regained some control minutes later.

“Can you please explain to me what the hell that was?” Connor asked, angry. He walked forward, his body hovering over my own.

Tear still fell from my face, “Connor I--”

“He loves you?” He nearly screamed. “I knew something was going on!” He paced, “but I didn’t want to believe it, I didn’t think you would do this to me, Bella!” He stopped in front of me.

“I--” I was about to say ‘I didn’t do anything’ but that would be lying, I didn’t want to hurt him more.

“Do you love him?” He passed his hand through his hair in angst.

I didn’t say anything, but Connor got the answer from my ashamed face. “The wedding is off,” he said taking off his engagement ring and placing it on the counter.

My stomach plummeted, “no, Connor, please no.” I began to cry harder.

“What do you want me to do, Bella?” he continued to pace, tears falling from his eyes, too.

“I love you, Connor. I do, please don’t do anything.”

“How can I believe you?” He sat on my bed, hunched over.

I grabbed his shoulders and turned him towards me, “don’t doubt my love, Connor.” I said and kissed his cheek as he turned away from the kiss I wanted to place on his lips.

“Do you want to be with me?”

“Yes.” I answered quickly.

“Do you want to be with him?”

I didn’t answer, only hung my head in silence.

“Tell me when you’ve made up your mind,” he said getting up and grabbed the ring on the table and placed it in his coat pocket. “I’ll wait as long as you need to. The wedding is not cancelled, then, just postponed.” He didn’t look at me when he said that, he looked at the ring in his hand.

Connor cleaned the tears from his eyes and exited the room, leaving me feeling like the worst human being in the world.

End Notes: Tell me about the chapter? The kiss, did Edward go to far? Is it Bella’s fault? Who feels bad for Connor? (me!)

Thanks for reading, you guys are the best!