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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


3. Sights

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Chapter 3: Sights

By: Eternitys_Charm

“Bella.” A soft familiar voice called from the distance. I tried to see who was calling me but it was too dark. I could only hear the rain dropping harshly on the earth around me.

It repeated my name again, it sounded cold, it hurt me to hear my name said like that.

“Don’t do this.” I felt myself say to the being I still could not see through the dark.

You’re not good for me.” The voice said. My chest pounded hearing those words once again; I knew I had heard them once before a long time ago. I didn’t dare try to think of them after the first time I heard them, but they kept haunting me.

Those words hadn’t returned to me since I met Connor. But now they were back, and it hurt so much.

I felt myself collapse in the darkness, a giant weight on me, making it hard to breathe.

It will be as if I never existed.”

I gasped awake, drenched in a cold sweat. I couldn’t control my heavy breathing, nor the shivering taking over my body.

When I seemed to calm from the terrible nightmare that hadn’t haunted me in so long, I lay back down on the bed. I listened to Connor’s soft breathing as he lay sleeping peacefully next to me.

I traced his jaw line with the tips of my fingers. He smiled in his sleep at my touch.

Soon I grew sleepy once more. I looked at the clock; it was 3 in the morning. I nuzzled next to Connor’s warm body and drifted to sleep.

I woke up with warm soft lips pressing gently against my own. “Good morning.” Connor said nudging my hair with his nose.

I giggled, “good morning.” I looked at the clock; it was nearly 6 in the morning. “Why so early?” I asked him.

“I wanted to see the sunrise with you, since in forks the sunrise is covered by all the clouds.” He smiled and picked me up from the bed with ease.

I lay my head on the curve of his neck as he carried me over to the balcony. He placed me gently on my feet, keeping my body close to his.

Connor stared out into the horizon, smiling. He stared down to me, “I’m glad we’re here together.” He told me.

“So am I.” I told him rising on the tips of my toes to give him a soft kiss.

I could now see red-orange glow appearing in the horizon. I looked up at Connor who’s smile said it all, he was happy. The morning sun made him illuminate in a godlike way.

It was romantic and sweet but it ended so soon. The sun rose and we entered back into the hotel room, preparing for the days plans.

“I want you to take me everywhere you went here in Phoenix.” Connor announced coming out of the bathroom, with pants on, toweling his hair.

Placing the comb down, I stared at him, “everywhere?” I laughed.

“Okay just your favorite places,” he smiled, placing the towel down and grabbing his ironed shirt, and put it on.

“Okay,” I nodded.

It was four o’ clock and I had taken Connor to most places I had been to in Phoenix. He joked on the idea of me being stuck endless hours in the library picking many books to read at home.

“You weren’t very social, were you?” he asked picking up a book from the shelf and scanned through it.

“I wasn’t.” I admitted to him.

“That’s good though, it builds character, being alone at times.” He placed the book back on the shelf.

Connor liked even more the idea of me going to a ballet studio. I never had told him that before, I thought it was too embarrassing considering how uncoordinated I was.

“You have to take me to the ballet studio you went to, I can just picture it now.” He mused happily.

“I would take you but most likely it will be a different studio, now, or something else. It burned down about six years ago.” I explained.

Flashes of that day ran through my mind. Me running through the hot streets to reach the ballet studio, nearly being killed by the sadistic James, and him saving me from my death. It hurt to think about that, so I looked away from Connor’s eyes and continued walking.

“Oh,” Connor said, “that’s a let down.” He pouted but then regained his enthusiasm, “what about your old home, you haven’t taken me there yet.”

I grabbed his hand and we walked on, heading for my old home. As we walked through the crowded and hot streets of Phoenix, Connor wasn’t the only one enjoying the sights. I hadn’t been to Phoenix in a long time, it all seemed so new to me.

We turned the corner of the busy street and something caught my eye that made me stop dead on my tracks. Bronze, messy hair followed by short, black hair rounded the opposite corner out of my sight. I wasn’t entirely sure if what I saw was what my brain was telling me it was.

It couldn’t be them. No vampire would come out in a bright, sunny day in Phoenix like today. I kept trying to tell myself that, so I wouldn’t have a total meltdown.

Connor was alert, “Bella, what’s wrong?” He said holding my face gently in his hands.

I blinked rapidly, “really big headache, that’s all.” I lied.

“We have been walking a lot, and it is really hot out here.” He said concerned. “Let’s go get something to drink, okay?” He kissed my forehead.

We crossed the street to a small café; I looked down the street hoping I could maybe find the same two people I had seen, and prove my thoughts of it being them wrong. But I didn’t see them again.

This is how I picture Connor:



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