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Second Chance

"What exactly is she planning right now?"--Bella Swan, Chapter 21 banner by me :] banner by me :) What if Edward never returned when he first left Bella? Bella now has a second chance at love and life, but how exactly would her life be if Edward never returned? How would her life change when Edward comes back?


7. Protector

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Chapter Notes

Thank you guys for the reviews! They're great!

In this chapter we see a nice heart-warming chat between father and daughter.

Chapter 7: Protector

By: Eternitys_Charm

"I can run over and get it, Charlie," Connor offered when Charlie announced we didn't have the last ingredient to add to the barbeque sauce he was trying to concoct.

"Thank you, Connor," Charlie offered the money for the spices but Connor neglected like he usually did when someone offered money.

He kissed my cheek a short goodbye, before running off to the market.

Charlie went back to his sauce in the kitchen, "it just won't taste right without that last spice," he mumbled mostly to himself while stirring.

I laughed, "of course it won't, dad." I said getting the things I needed to make a salad together.

He nodded and then took a quick look at the ring on my hand, "something like that most likely is not on the cheap side," Charlie commented casually on the diamond studded ring on my finger.

I made a face, "I know. But it really is lovely." I straightened my hand out in front of me and made a small excite shriek on the inside. I loved wearing a ring, not because it was a diamond (an expensive one at that) but because of what it meant. Connor and I vowed to get married and live the rest of our lives together.

"Sure is," Charlie said on the comment I had made about the ring, then cleared his throat, "I really am happy that you and Connor finally decided to get married, Bella." He said not looking at me, I knew how he was about showing his emotions.

"Thanks, dad." I said, feeling the awkward conversation that will soon follow.

Charlie set the stirring spoon aside and turned to look at me, "I actually thought you were never going to find love after...well you know who," I nodded, feeling an ache build in my heart. "Sure I hoped Jake would be the one but then he found Jasmine," he continued adding yet another pain, "but then Connor came into your life and I could finally see that for once you actually looked happy, the happiest I hadn‘t seen you in a long time." Charlie smiled at the thought.

Tears began to form in my eyes by hearing the things Charlie was saying.

"I saw a light in you, Bella." He whispered. "I really saw how much he made you happy, how well he treated you, and how much love you two had for each other." I could see tears beginning to develop in Charlie's eyes, too.

"I love him very much for bringing that light in you I had not seen in a long time." He continued, "I respect and admire him, that is why I would accept him as my son-in-law."

I sobbed and walked over to give my father a hug, "thank you dad. You don't know how much it means to me what you just said."

We were both tearing in each other's arms. "I was your protector," he whispered, next to my ear, "but now someone else must protect my most sacred gem, and I couldn't leave her in better hands than in his." He held me tight in his arms.

I sniffled, "that would be a great toast at the wedding, dad." I said snuggling my head in my father's shoulder.

He laughed softly, "yes it would, mind if I use it?" He asked.

We both laughed clearing our tears from our eyes. "Go ahead," I answered him, "I'd love it if you would use it; it's lovely and it came from the heart."

He nodded, and washed his hands to continue on his sauce. Moments after regaining his composure he said, "call your mom, kiddo, she'll want to hear the news, too."

I nodded, "I'll just wait for Connor to come so we can both tell her over the phone." Returning to looking for the things I needed.

"Okay." Charlie said.

I was still moved from the moment I had with Charlie. That was the most emotional he and I had ever gotten, it was a nice moment we shared.

I never knew Charlie had taken so much notice between my love lives. It surprised and pleased me that he actually observed the way I changed between Him, Jacob, and finally Connor. It also touched me how much he cared and worried for me after he left.

I smiled to myself.

Connor arrived minutes later with the spices. Charlie thanked him and continued making the final touches to the sauce. "Everyone will be here soon, why don't you call your mom before it gets hectic here, Bells." Charlie said to me.

I put the knife down and pulled out my cell phone. I was beginning to get nervous again, but Connor seemed to have gained some confidence since we told my father and looked more at ease.

We walked into the living room and I dialed my mother's number.

"Hello?" My mother answered after two rings of her telephone.

"Hey, mom." I said trying to keep my voice leveled.

My voice betrayed me and Renee took the tone in my voice wrong, "uh-oh, what's wrong sweetheart? Did you and Connor break up? What happened?" I stopped her before she began to ramble on more.

"No mom, Connor and I are more than fine, actually." I said putting her on speaker phone so Connor could head everything she was saying.

"Oh, then what‘s wrong, Bella." My mom asked.

I laughed, why did parents always assume the worst when you‘re trying to tell them something. "Mom." I said, she waited, "Connor and I are engaged." I spoke clearly so she would hear correctly.

"What?!" My mom screamed on the other side of the phone it made Connor and I jump. "Oh my Gosh! No way!" She shrieked with excitement, "wha-how? When? Tell me!" She stuttered.

I tried to restrain from laughing at her freak out, "last night over dinner." I explained.

"And you're barely telling me now!" She nearly yelled, "Bella, darling, I am so happy for you!" She began to start shrieking again, "Connor is a fantastic man, I'm glad you two finally got engaged." My mother nearly shouted.

"Thanks mom," I said excited that she was excited. "I'm glad you approve!"

"Well duh, how was I not going to approve of him?" She asked sounding staggered, "honey, I've seen how happy you two are, that's more than enough for me to approve." She made another high pitched squeal. "Plus he's handsome and sweet," my mother commented, Connor smiled.

I could hear Charlie laughing in the kitchen hearing my moms hysterics.

"Is he there?" My mom asked meaning Connor.

"Yes, he‘s here and he‘s hearing you right now." I said.

"Let me speak to him," my mom pleaded. I placed the phone near Connor's mouth. He greeted her warmly as always, "hello, Connor." My mom nearly sang. "I am so happy to hear that you and my daughter are finally going to get married!" Renee sounded like she was jumping with excitement, "I mean it was about time, too."

Connor laughed, "yeah, I guess it was about time." He agreed.

"So have you two decided when you will have the wedding, just so I can get that week in the clear from my schedule." Renee explained.

"We're still going to have to decide about that," Connor explained looking at me.

"Oh, well when you do just call me." She said, "oh, no, I have to go, sweetie." She said sounding disappointed. "I'll talk to you too soon, I truly am happy for both of you! Bye."

"Bye." Connor and I said at the same time.

We laughed relieved of how well that went, also. And now it was two parents down, two more to go, and tons of friends, too.

"Seemed like your mom approved of the engagement," Charlie called from the kitchen, still laughing.

We walked in, "heh, yeah she did." I said looking around to the knife to help finish the salad.

Connor came over and offered to help start the pasta salad while I finished the vegetable salad.

"Your mom always is the one to overreact." Charlie chuckled and pointed out the knife I was looking for.

I giggled, "I think she reacted like any other mom in the world would react," I defended chopping down the carrots.

"Like a crazy teenager?" My father asked shaking his head.

I nodded my head, "well that's my mom."

End Notes:

I will update soon! Thanks for reading.

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