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Mr. and Mrs Cullen

I felt cool metal brush against my skin: Elizabeth Masen’s former wedding ring, now mine. Oops, I mentally slapped myself. The last twenty-four hours did happen, and I was now Isabella Marie Cullen.


1. Edward's Condition Fulfilled

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Mr. and Mrs. Cullen

“Woo hoo, we’re married, what now?” I laughed weakly as soon as we were in Edward’s Volvo. After I said it I realized it was true, we were married, and now only two more things needed to be completed before both our “demands” – or conditions – were met.

Edward read my expression correctly and sighed, a look of frustration coming across his face as he drove: He knew I wanted to become a vampire like him, and he also knew that I wanted him. But which one of my conditions to fulfill first?

If it was the vampire condition, it would be months – no, years – before the other could even be thought of. I’d need to be trained, to learn self-control, to learn to resist the calling of human blood and to live peacefully amongst them. There was no way I could possibly take a break from that to – I gulped as I thought it – sleep with him.

But on the other hand, if it was the sleeping-with-him condition first, there was the huge risk that I would end up dead. Of course in the becoming-a-vampire thing I could die, but here was more likely. I was mortal, human, and as Edward put it, breakable. He could kill me before I would have time to realize what had happened if he lost control during… that.

So I was undecided in which to complete first. I doubted Edward would be of much help. Actually, he’d probably be too helpful when it came to deciding…

“Bella,” He interrupted my thoughts lightly, “I know – well not literally – I can guess what you’re thinking and you know I have to have a hand in this as well. You know what I said before?”

I stared at him as he drove, slightly confused, “No, what about?”

He sighed again, and I wondered why. “About giving you morphine.” He grimaced. “I was thinking about that, and I realize now that the idea was preposterous. Of course you wouldn’t be able to actually feel the pain, but I could kill you just as easily regardless. Just as easily as I could if I bit you and lost control…”

He was trying to sound casual about the whole thing, but I knew him better. His golden eyes looked troubled, like he was battling with himself internally about it.

Hurriedly I reassured him, “Whatever would be more logical – and safe. And whichever one you want most.” I knew which one he wanted most of course, but I wanted them both equally.

He laughed and said, “Well the safest thing would’ve been to have never met or fell in love with you, but it’s too late now.” Then he hesitated for a second, and I thought he was going to sigh again.

“I talked to Carlisle about it, and he seemed to think it best if we… if we changed you first. His theory was that we had forever for the other thing, and you would be stronger.” He smirked and added, “Though it’ll be hard to resist… that.”

I smiled back and laughed slightly, but I realized something after he’d spoken. He refused to say the word. Sex. I knew that as soon as one of us said it aloud it would make the fact that we wanted it even more real, and – I was sure – it would create more urgency to actually do it. Yes, leaving that word unspoken was definitely best.

“Oh, by the way,” He broke through my thoughts once again, grinning, “We’re not headed to Alaska quite yet. So I’m afraid you’ll be remaining human for at least a week longer.”

He was smirking largely now, and I realized what he must have planned.

“Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, you didn’t!” I cried in exasperation.

“No, actually, I did,” Edward smiled, We were just properly married, and now we’re going to go on a proper honeymoon. You only get married once.”

“That’s not always true,” I muttered under my breath, thinking of Renee.

“Well it is for you and me,” He reminded me softly, and I knew he was right. I would never leave him, and he would never leave me. The pain of separation was unendurable for the both of us.

“So, do you want to know where we’re going or not?” Edward asked me, and it was only then that I saw we were at his house. His entire family was already there, waiting for us. Alice was still wearing her bridesmaid’s dress.

I rolled my eyes at her as I got out of the car. But she just laughed and pointed at me. I’d forgotten I was still wearing the vintage wedding dress she had put together for me. I took a step forward, and grimaced when I remembered I was still wearing cursed heels. Suddenly, I was picked up by a whirlwind of black, white and reddish brown and put down beside Alice just as quickly, the aforementioned blur smirking at my side, his hair slightly windblown.

“Congratulations, you two!” Esme smiled warmly, looking for all the world like a proud mother watching her son grow up in front of her eyes.

“So did Edward tell you what you’d be doing for a week?” Alice grinned at me, but as I shook my head she began to look reproachful and stared up at Edward. “You didn’t?” She hissed at him accusingly.

“Well, I was just about to, but you can tell her now if you want.” He sighed and leaned against a pillar, waiting.

Then he laughed out loud and exclaimed, “Come on Alice! She’s not stupid you know… Honestly, I don’t know how you come up with these things.”

“Edward, I’m not kidding,” Alice glared at him with her golden eyes. “And you tell her, since now you know.”

I was always a little miffed that Edward could read minds – that meant I usually only caught half of the conversation when he was talking to his family – unless he told me what people were thinking.

“Okay Edward, where are we going?” I demanded, crossing my arms. As I did so I felt cool metal brush against my skin: Elizabeth Masen’s former wedding ring, now mine. Oops, I mentally slapped myself. The last twenty-four hours did happen, and I was now Isabella Marie Cullen.

“Well Bella,” Edward began, inhaling deeply before continuing, “From the collective thoughts of my family I can gather that what I had in mind for us after our week in Paris,” - I gasped then – “Doesn’t seem to coincide with their ideas.”

“Edward thinks that us buying you guys a house was ridiculous of course,” Alice finally informed me blatantly.

“A house worth over ¾ of a million dollars, yeah I’d say that’s pretty ridiculous, wouldn’t you?!” He actually shouted at his family as he walked past them all into the house.

“Dude, chill,” Emmett replied as he walked in after him, going to sit on the couch. Rosalie swept in and flitted down silently beside him. “Besides, that number you saw in whoever’s head includes other things…”

“Such as?” I demanded suddenly as I sat down on the loveseat, surprised to hear my own voice was sharp.

Carlisle sighed and came to stand beside me, putting a hand on my shoulder as he spoke, “We bought you a new car – I highly doubt your truck will be able to survive the North – most of your furniture and such and… Oh, I’ll let Alice show you the rest.”

Edward glowered indignantly at him from an armchair, and I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. There was more? I looked over at Alice, but she shook her head. Later, she mouthed just as Edward piped up again.

“Anyways,” He nearly growled, “Your generous wedding gifts aside, explain to Bella what you had in mind for us once we get to Alaska. I know you wanted to wait until after Paris to say but please, enlighten us.”

“Oh Edward,” Alice grumbled, but from beside her Jasper shushed her and began to explain.

“You’re one hundred percent certain you’re ready to become a vampire then Bella?” He asked calmly.

“Of course I am,” I smiled, feeling instantly reassured as Jasper’s talent worked its magic.

“Alright,” He smiled back, “Because we have a plan in mind for your training. Now, I understand that you want Edward to be the one to do it?” I nodded vigorously and he continued, “Well then, your transformation will take place in two weeks. That will give us due time to move out here and get established up North.”

“All of you?” I asked incredulously, “Why?”

I noticed that Edward was still glaring at his family from the corner, I supposed because he was mad at the way this was going, but secretly I was pleased they would be there. Their presence meant two things: For one, I would have my entire new family with me to help me and guide me once I became a… a newborn, and secondly because it meant Edward couldn’t put off changing me any longer. So I did know why they were coming – or partly anyway.

“Alice wants to go to school there,” Jasper explained, and Alice grinned at me suddenly, winking as well. “And also because Carlisle believes we are needed to help train you.”

“Thanks guys!” I smiled at all of them, and I meant it.

I eyed Edward until he muttered, “Yeah, thanks,” then pushed off the chair, pulled me off of the couch and ran upstairs with me in his arms, going a bit too fast for my liking. I still had the whole dumb dress and heels thing going on…

He sat on his bed with a sigh and whispered, “Unbelievable,” most likely for his own benefit.

I sat down beside him, pulled off the annoying heels and leaned against his cold hard chest, gazing up into his pale gold eyes that matched so well with his bed sheets as I did so.

“Oh Bella,” He sighed, putting his arms around me and gently pulling me closer, “My sweet, sweet Bella…”

I knew he was doing this to try and forget the multitude of gifts we had just received, along with the plans. I also knew that he wanted it to be just him and I in Alaska, and that it bothered him slightly to have his family so involved. He would need all the help he could get though, since I knew how I would be: reckless, stronger than him, bloodthirsty and troublesome.

“Edward?” I asked softly, “What do you think my special talent will be?” I had been wondering lately what he thought about it, and decided it was safe to bring up.

“Well…” He replied slowly, “Alice was contemplating something along the lines of mind control, since you’re immune to all mentally related talents. It would take centuries to perfect though, and the Volturi would definitely want you. That sort of thing would be incredibly valuable, especially to them.”

He got a dark look on his face then, and he stiffened involuntarily. I changed the subject, stroking his hair as I spoke, and he relaxed once again.

“So… Paris?” I whispered, adding, “I can’t speak French.”

He laughed then and stared at me incredulously, “Well, lucky for you, I can, ma cherie Bella.”

“Oh yeah, lucky me,” I smiled, meaning it. I really was lucky; I had my own perfect, beautiful, immortal, multilingual vampire husband…

“By the way, when are we leaving?” I yawned then, and he smiled.

“In the morning, love,” He whispered in my ear, and then stood up suddenly, pulling me along with him. “Now go get out of that dress and come to bed. You’ve had a long day.”

I yawned again as I headed to Alice’s room, where I guessed my things were located. I grinned when I found my bags there – I knew my sister-in-law well. Sister-in-law… Now there was a new term for her, and it kind of scared me to think it. It’s true though! I told myself as I struggled to get out of my dress.

“Need help?” A small voice whispered, and along with it, a small girl danced into the room. She was laughing.

“Yes please!” I answered, slightly desperate, glad to see the little pixie of a vampire.

As Alice unlaced the back of my dress she asked, “Would you like to see the rest of your gift?”

“Um, yes?” I asked poignantly, slightly hesitant.

She had already run to her closet and back, a thin package in her hand.

“Open it!” She urged, pressing it into my hands before I could protest further.

She resumed trying to escape me from the mass of lace and fabric – and there were a lot of strings to untie – but when I gasped in surprise she danced out from behind me to see my face.

“A laptop?” I asked weakly, knowing why Alice had decided to give this to me away from Edward’s eyes. Apparently it didn’t make a difference, since his mind could still see it, and suddenly I heard a low growl and a thud.

“Well, hopefully you’ll get internet up there,” Alice smiled, ignoring Edward’s chagrin completely, “That way you can stay in touch with Charlie and Renee.”

“If I’m not busy hunting humans and going insane,” I muttered.

“Oh Bella, I have faith in you. You’ll adjust to our way of life just fine,” Alice laughed airily, winked – did she know something I didn’t? – and helped me pull my dress off over my thin frame.

Suddenly I thought of Edward’s talent and knew he would see me in Alice’s thoughts… After all, I had just learned he wasn’t bothering to tune them out. I giggled.

“Hey, Alice?” I whispered, though I knew he would still hear me if he chose to listen – which, at this point, I think he would be – “Can you look into Edward’s future for a second?”

She set the dress down on a chair and sank into it, staring blankly for a few seconds. I pulled on my pajamas – an actual matching set – as I waited for her prediction.

She smiled and informed me, “He’s flip-flopping between two decisions right now: He’s either going to ignore the fact that you look incredibly good half-naked, or he’s going to risk… sleeping with you.”

“Not literally,” I giggled, slightly giddy after what she had said. He thought I looked incredible… I was wholly mortified as well though, and my embarrassment must have showed on my cheeks, because Alice giggled as well.

She patted my back and shooed me out of her room and into the bathroom with my toothbrush.

“Now freshen up,” She raised her eyebrows, “And tell that silly brother of mine you’re exhausted… I don’t want him hurting you. I know he has an amazing amount of self-control, but he’s never experienced that sort of intimacy, and I’m not sure he could handle controlling himself. God knows we vampires get carried away during that sort of thing…”

“Alice!” She grinned devilishly as I stared at her in disbelief, wholly embarrassed by her talk. I’d guessed Edward was just as inexperienced as I when it came to sex, but to hear Alice allude to that particular fact was too embarrassing to handle. Not to mention what she’d said about her and Jasper!

I shut the door to the bathroom and brushed my teeth in a daze. No doubt he’d heard every word exchanged and more than a few thoughts in between.