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Mr. and Mrs Cullen

I felt cool metal brush against my skin: Elizabeth Masen’s former wedding ring, now mine. Oops, I mentally slapped myself. The last twenty-four hours did happen, and I was now Isabella Marie Cullen.


3. Alaska

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At least it doesn’t rain very much, I thought to myself as I watched the snow covered who-knew-what’s go past the car at top speed. I blinked my eyes slowly, not entirely awake.

And it was sunny… -ish. But it was cold! Oh well, one week and my body temperature would be the very same. Yes, at least it wasn’t s humid as it had been in Paris.

Yes, we’d gone to Paris. A beautiful historic city made even more beautiful with Edward added to the scenery. The French girls had cast me looks of jealousy and disgust everywhere we went. I ignored them blissfully by imagining their faces if they had known Edward was a vampire. That had made me laugh.

I giggled as I thought this and a lilting, musical voice – the voice of sheer perfection – coming from somewhere in front of me asked, “Finally decided to wake up?”

I saw his golden eyes in the rear-view mirror and met their gaze, smiling as I nodded slowly. It was only then that I realized I was in the back seat of his Volvo, a blanket draped over me and my head on a pillow. As I looked even closer in the rear-view I saw that my hair was a mess, and my face looked, well, tired.

“Stupid human necessities and imperfection,” I muttered, glaring at the back of Edward’s perfect head of reddish brown hair in loathing as I hastened to fix my own straight, brown tresses.

“Don’t look at me like that Bells,” He teased, sounding suddenly like Jacob. Apparently he was unaware of that fact. “I can’t help but be beautiful,” He continued, “Did I ever tell you why we’re all like that?”

“No, you didn’t,” I answered distractedly, twisting my hair as I thought. He had been at the wedding… He had a girlfriend… Had he imprinted on her?

“You know how the whole predator/prey thing works in the animal world?” He asked, but I knew it was rhetorical. “Some predator’s drive fear into the hearts of their prey, some create traps, and some lure their prey to them by… seduction, I suppose you would call it. Of course, we vampires are capable of all three.”

Whoa, triple threat. “So that’s why you’re all so perfect by human standards,” I whispered, feeling no need to raise my voice. I knew he would hear me. Suddenly I remembered Heidi from the Volturi and gasped. “How horrible…” Then I asked, “Have you ever used your perfection to lure an innocent human girl to you Edward?”

All thoughts of Jacob were pushed aside as I waited for his answer.

He shook his head aggressively as he replied, “Never. Not even when I thought of ways to kill you did I ever think to… to seduce you to do it.”

He spat the word ‘seduce’ like it left a bad taste in his mouth, but I laughed. “Well you’ve got me under your spell now, Mr. Perfection!”

“That’s not funny Bella,” He raised his eyebrow at me, slightly confused, but I just continued to laugh.

“So…” I shut up and changed the subject, “Are we almost there? All the scenery looks the same. It’s all covered in white mush.”

Now it was his turn to laugh as he answered, “You mean snow? It’s hardly mush… But yes, we should be close. Actually…”

He pointed towards more white mush on his left, “That’s the turn off right there.”

I was about to ask where, but before I could we had already turned off of the road and into the trees.

About 50 yards away from us sprawled a stunning grey two storey house with snowy rooftops, fitting in with everything else. It took me a second to try and register just how vast our land was: it had a fence running around the perimeter and I tried to follow it with my eyes but couldn’t.

Edward glanced at me as he stopped the car in the circular driveway, then saw what I was looking at as he followed my gaze. He got out of the car and ran around to my side to open my door.

“Four acres,” He tried to smile as he helped me out of the car, putting an arm around my waist and keeping it there as we walked up the front steps of the house. “The house is about 3000 square feet. Why they bought it for us is beyond me…”

We had reached the door, but before Edward could even reach for the handle it had already opened and a tiny, black haired vampire had stepped out onto the porch with us. She took both our hands and smirked, leading us inside, practically dancing as she did so. Alice always got so excited about this sort of thing.

“Alice!” Edward growledas she beamed up at him. “Why are you here?”