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Convince Me

The Cullens are the ruling class of the Volturi, strict and traditional. What happens when Edward is ordered to go and meet with a new coven of 'Vegetarian' vampires called the Swans? Will he find romance with the youngest, Bella? AU!


10. Phone Call from Italy

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He was gone. Why? I thought he had wanted to stay away from that life as long as possible. . . . I thought he’d loved me, though I guess he didn’t love me as much as I’d previously surmised.

Though the night before he’d seemed perfectly fine and affectionate – I supposed he was just a very talented actor.

“Bella?” This time it was my father, which I silently thanked God for. My mother had become vehemently abhorrent towards Edward’s character overnight. I looked up at my door from my position in the corner by the window, wary of what he was going to say.

He opened the door and scanned the room quickly for my presence, finding my limp form in the aforementioned corner. “Oh Bells,” he sighed, sweeping towards me and picking me up off my feet easily, “You look like Death itself.”

I chuckled darkly as he set me on my feet and replied dejectedly, still clinging to him for support. “I’m sure Death has had better days. After all, it feels nothing, and I feel everything.

“I suppose that would make the comparison impossible then, dear,” Charlie smiled down at me, but I couldn’t meet his eyes. Mine held too much grief. “How are you doing up here, sweetheart?”

“Oh, you know, managing.”

“Sitting in a corner for twenty-four hours straight does not constitute ‘managing,’” he pointed out, and I scowled. That was how I had chosen to mourn for my heart, and I shouldn’t have let him interrupt my silent lamentation.

“He’s not coming back,” I whispered, “He never loved me. What a fool I was to think he did! I deserve to stay up here forever.”

“It’s his fault he’s gone, not yours Bella, remember that.” At least Charlie was more consoling than Renee, but this wasn’t helping me all the same. If I had been in normal spirits, I would have thought it odd that he was so oddly emotionally sympathetic. But I was definitely not in normal spirits.

“His fault?” I repeated, making it sound incredulous. Even after his desertion, I found myself willing to blame it all on me. He hated me. He didn’t love me. It was all because of me.

“Bells, who wouldn’t love you?” My father’s voice was soft as he stroked my pale, hard cheek. “You’re beautiful, smart, talented –”

“Yeah Dad, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m also a vampire. Human boys have a natural aversion to me, however much they might hate that fact. They ogle me at a distance. And other vampires have an aversion to me because I’m a vegetarian. They find it repulsive.” I laughed; even after all this time I found it so confusing as to why they found our way of life repulsive, when theirs was so much worse. I’d thought Edward didn’t think that way. As usual, it turned out I had been wrong. He didn’t even say goodbye…

I heard the ring of our phone suddenly, but it sounded a long way off, even to me. I was really out of it. “Bella,” I barely heard my mother’s voice as she spoke my name. I didn’t look up from the ground and Charlie didn’t shift from his position beside me either. “Bella, phone call for you!” she called louder this time, and I did look up. Charlie took his hand off my cheek and reached towards the phone on my desk, answering it in one swift motion.

“Hello? Yes, she’s right here. . . . No, she’s not doing so well. . . . Yes, you can probably understand that perfectly. . . . He’ll be the same? How do you know that? Fine, I will hand it to her. . . .” My father’s last words were full of scorn, making me think that whoever was on the phone was not going to make me feel any better.


“Hello Bella, how are you?” A high-pitched, incredibly musical voice asked me on the other end.

“Who are you?” I chose not to answer her question.

“Oh, right, I forgot you don’t know who I am. I’m Edward’s sister, Alice. You probably know me as the psychic from Italy.”

The psychic? What could she possibly have to tell me? That I was going to be depressed for the rest of my life? Thanks, I already knew that. . . . “Yeah, so, what do you want?”

“I’ve been watching out for your future, Bella, and Edward’s too, and they both came to an alarmingly depressing turn sometime last night. Of course, yours has worsened considerably now that you’re aware of his absen-ce. . . .”

“What do you mean?” I cut off her pondering last words in hopes to gain some understanding; so far, I didn’t get it.

“Well, I can tell the future based on decisions people make. Once Edward had decided to leave and you decided to sit in a corner for all eternity your futures got pretty bad.”

“Edward’s future got bad? Why? I thought he was happier going back to that…vampire hellhole!” My irritancy showed through strong now, and I didn’t care.

“Careful Bella, I live in that ‘hellhole,’ I wouldn’t make too much fun of it. . . . And yes, Edward’s future has gotten bad, he loves you, don’t you know that? In fact, he’s so depressed and dejected because he left you that my husband is confined to his chamber, and Edward isn’t even home yet!”

“Let me guess,” I began, being cautious now, “Your husband’s name is Jasper.” I sighed and my father stared at me, his eyes afraid. I half-smiled and turned away from him, sinking down to my floor before I fell down.

“Yes!” She sounded genuinely happy that I was catching on. “You understand now, don’t you? Edward loves you so intensely, and I would never believe him capable of such love, but he is! He also wholly envies your life, whereas before he thought your family’s choices appalling. The change in his decisions and mind and reasoning is so drastic I fear that when he comes home he won’t be the Edward that left home more than a week ago. He needs you, Isabella, and you need him just as much.” This was the strangest thing I had ever been witness to; a strange vampire from Italy, giving me reassurance of her brother’s love for me.

“So what do I do then, if he still loves me and needs me? I can’t just bring him back.”

“When he comes back, I will try to get to him before he gets to our father, and send him back to you. He’ll end up killing Jasper with the despair if he doesn’t, and he needs to be married in order for –”

“In order for him to rule next, I know, I know.” My voice was growing weary, but I refused to sound depressed again. He still loved me!

“Keep faith in his love Bella, just remember, he’s tied to this city by moral bounds and obligation, but he’s bound to you by ties stronger than the pull of gravity. I can sense it in his decisions, why he makes them, what he does. Even though I don’t completely approve of your lifestyle, I love my brother, and he loves you, so I’m doing what’s best – for him, you and my husband.” She sounded excited at the prospect of rejoining Edward and I, and I had to disregard her comment on my lifestyle for now. She could even end up being my friend. . . . I thought to myself as I sat there, not even realizing she was waiting for me to say something.


“Oh, yes, thank you very much Alice, I hope you succeed in getting to Edward before Carlisle when he returns. And thank you for telling me this, I needed to know. My father was about to drag me out of the corner for my own health.” I laughed lightly, but the speech that preceded it had sounded oddly formal – I was speaking to royalty, I reminded myself.

“You’re so welcome, I hope you get to move here and become my sister! We’d get along so well. . . .” She sounded oddly confident in that fact, and it sort of scared me that she knew so much about my future when I didn’t. “Goodbye Bella!” she exclaimed, and it almost sounded as if she were smiling.

“Bye, Alice,” I replied, then hit the End button on the phone and threw it towards my desk lightly. Charlie caught it before it landed – it probably would have broken upon impact. When I looked up to see his face, it was full of confusion, anger and fear.

“What,” he began; his voice was strained and hardly musical as usual, “was that about?”