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Convince Me

The Cullens are the ruling class of the Volturi, strict and traditional. What happens when Edward is ordered to go and meet with a new coven of 'Vegetarian' vampires called the Swans? Will he find romance with the youngest, Bella? AU!


11. Here and Gone

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The timing was horrifying, naturally. I’d been expecting it ever since I’d told Bella that I would intercept him.

So when Jasper ran up to me I smiled and said – before he could even speak – “Let’s go.”

Having been so attuned to Edward, Jasper was feeling his pain and despair as if it were his own, regardless of the distance between them.

“Edward will get to Carlisle in fifty-four seconds,” I informed my love as we stole out a back door of the castle, “though you can probably already feel him more intensely.”

It was true; Jasper was literally an emotional wreck at the moment. His eyes were feverish with anguish and he shook from head to toe. The only chance I had at rectifying the situation was to get Jasper away from our approaching brother, and attempt to calm my darling husband.

So I couldn’t intercede with Edward’s decision to seek out Carlisle.

“Alice!” Jasper gasped as we scaled the wall and continued running, “Alice, darling, send him a message, please! Aargghhh…”

With that Jasper fell to the ground, writhing in pain and agony. “Trying to run away? And what would be the pretense for that?” A child’s tinkling laugh interrupted Jasper’s cries, and its owner jumped down from the outer stone wall lightly, landing on her feet with no sound at all. She still held her focus on my darling, my one and only…

“Jane,” I growled, somehow managing not to attack her as I constricted myself only to crouch in an attack position, and move forward.

“Surprised to see me?” she giggled, her face shining with pure delight as she continued to watch Jasper scream. “That is so unlike you, Alice.” Only then did she turn her blood red eyes on me; Jasper lay on the ground still, gasping and shaking in the aftershock of her attack.

“I was preoccupied,” I replied through gritted teeth. Jane and her sadistic nature had always inclined me to detest her. Suddenly, I held up a hand, as I was beginning to see flickers of the future. I concentrated, and was horrorstruck by what I saw.

“He must be punished, Carlisle,” Aro stood beside Father, advising him. Edward was kneeling at the foot of Carlisle’s throne in front of a large audience…

“Then let it be known that I hereby disown my son, Crown Prince Edward Cullen, and bestow his title and duties on my worthy son, Prince Emmett Cullen.”

I couldn’t allow Jane to take us back; then I would be forced to tell the truth, and this vision would become reality. One touch by Aro, and my brother’s secret would no longer be so… He had directly lied to the King, and he had also failed to do what was asked of him. He was lucky Carlisle wasn’t planning on destroying him…

“It seems there is no point in disguising it now,” I sighed openly and relaxed my position. Jasper staggered to his feet behind me and came to rest a hand on my shoulder. “Edward has failed to bring us the girl, and Jasper and I were on our way to get her for him, by force if necessary.”

Jane turned her head sharply towards me – she had been perusing the wall, looking for backup, no doubt – and sneered, “He failed? Well that is most…unsettling.” Her expression told me she believed the exact opposite, and I glared. “Well, you’d best be on your way, I’m sure Aro won’t mind if I allow you leave. Now if you’ll excuse me, it seems your brother requires punishment…” She grinned and loped toward the wall, scaling it easily.

“Ugh,” Jasper remarked behind me, and I whipped around to see his face. “I really hate her’ her sadistic tendencies leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. And to feel her delight at my torture? Disgusting.”

“I know, I hate her too… Are you alright?” I asked fervently. His voice sounded a little weak. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see…”

“Shh,” he leaned down and pressed a cool finger to my lips, “It’s alright, you did wonderfully. Now let’s go, I think I need only be a few miles away from him to be able to control myself; he’s attempting to banish his true emotions now.”

“Let’s go,” I said for the second time that night, and tugged on his hand until he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.

(A/N: I never change POVs during a chapter… but I had to for this one!)

Edward POV:

“…and why was it a problem, dear son?” Carlisle addressed me from his throne while I stood before him. His expression was slightly confused, not yet angry. As always, his thoughts were occupied with anything but useful information: today he was pondering the pros and cons of the Internet.

I sighed and hoped Aro would no meddle in this conversation; his thoughts were calm at the moment, but that could change. “She couldn’t be convinced, Father; she wished to live no such life as we do.” Neither do I, I tacked on silently, keeping my features composed into a calm mask.

“I see…” he let the sentence trail off, and this time I could hear the musings in his head. No one need know of this failure…if I’m careful. Of course Alice is probably already aware; why did not she tell me then?

Oh dear, I’d forgotten about Alice. Of course she would know of my true reason… With a jolt, I realized I should never have come back here. Aro need only touch me to know of my love for Bella, and soon after either Chelsea would attempt to destroy the bond or I would be destroyed. And the pain I would be causing Jasper right now! I tried to pick up his thoughts, and when I did they were farther away than expected.

Finally, he thought with relief, and I knew he had gotten himself under control again. So I had caused him hardship…

“Hello Jane,” Carlisle greeted the tiny vampire as she glided into the room. Oh no, he thought, and I believed much the same. She must have known something was awry, but how?

EDWARD, I KNOW YOU STILL LOVE HER!! Alice’s thoughts screamed at me and I took a step back when I heard them course through my head. CARLISLE IS PLANNING TO DISOWN YOU ONCE HE LEARNS THE TRUTH; AFTER THAT YOU’RE UP FOR GRABS TO BE DESTROYED!! Jane has dibs…

This was going to be worse than I thought. “Father, might I ask to be permitted to hunt before we proceed with this discussion?”

“Of course, of course,” Carlisle replied hastily, allowing me leave before Aro could intrude on his decisions and this conversation.

Instead of hunting – I had done so recently and had neither the need nor desire to do so now – I ran to join Alice and Jasper, hoping the latter would be able to keep his composure.

“Hello Edward,” Alice greeted me jovially as I approached their party. I promptly received a blast of calm and happiness from Jasper, and assumed that he had gotten a handle on himself – and was now trying to maintain it.

We didn’t stop running, for which I was glad, and I strode along beside Alice as I commented dryly, “You nearly broke my transistor, thanks for that. I would never fathom that such a tiny being could be so hugely loud.”

“Just letting you know,” she smiled and I had to laugh. Alice knew everything about me already; I was a fool for having forgotten about her extensive knowledge before conversing with Carlisle.

“So where are you two headed?”

“Well, I told Jane we were headed off to Forks, to get your girl,” Alice laughed along with me, but I gave her a stern look.

“You told Jane?” Jasper growled at her mention and I snarled in contempt. “Or were you not planning on actually going there?”

“We were trying to get away from you, but here you are, so I suppose we can’t do that anymore. Unless you want us to ditch you…?”

“Very funny, Alice. You know my future better than I do, so where should I be headed right now?”

“Forks,” my siblings agreed in unison, then chuckled and exchanged sidelong glances. Those looks made me think of Bella…

She loves you too, you know. I called her. Alice grinned up at me and I came to an abrupt halt.

“You called her? Why?”

She stopped and some yards away from me with Jasper and she replied as she came back towards me, “Because she loves you, and she needed to know you still love her.” She shrugged when she stopped in front of me and smiled. “I told her you would go back.”

That alone made me happier than I had been in days, and Jasper grinned along with me. She still loved me after all of this! I could go now, and be with her! Perhaps I could take an airplane this time, and be there in no more than a few hours…

Go brother, Jasper urged me. I didn’t need any urging. I was past being convinced. In my mind, I was already there next to her, breathing her in, kissing her beautiful lips, caressing her hair, her glistening skin…

“Of course, we’ll come with you if you want,” Alice shrugged again, “Though we’ll likely end up getting punished too, if we ever come back.”

I smiled even more than and hugged my little sister tight, sweeping her off the ground in my earnest. “Oh, I think I can figure out a way to get us out of trouble.”