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Convince Me

The Cullens are the ruling class of the Volturi, strict and traditional. What happens when Edward is ordered to go and meet with a new coven of 'Vegetarian' vampires called the Swans? Will he find romance with the youngest, Bella? AU!


4. Edward

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Getting to Forks took longer than expected. We’d had to swim the Atlantic and down the St. Lawrence River, all the while staying away from the human population and there less than perfect eyesight. We ran parallel with the 49th Parallel all the way down to Vancouver, and then swam down to Port Angeles. From there, we ran to Forks.

We’d had a few mishaps on the way, including Felix running into an iceberg and destroying it, me misjudging the distance away from the humans and nearly being seen, and, possibly the worst, Emmett confronted and killed a grizzly bear somewhere outside of Forks. All in all, the trip took four days, and I had been hoping for three.

We were here now though. As we entered the city from the North, I could see why a coven of vampires wishing to live among humans would choose to live here. This quaint little town looked as if the skies above were set on perma-rain, and no one would be turning that off anytime soon. The perfect place for these vegetarians then. They didn’t deserve to sparkle in my opinion.

Not that I completely hated them for their decision, I just highly disliked them. I’m sure they were nice people, which is also what bothered me. Vampires were not created to be nice.

We found the trail of their scent fairly easily, seeing as they were the only vampires in town. We traced their scent to a small house in the forest, and from there one scent went North and the other South. The third remained in the house, and I listened for the owner’s thoughts.

…Really hope Bella does well today… I think I’ll do the laundry…

This would have to be the older female, Bella’s mother. Bella must have just gone to school, since it was still morning.

Edward? Emmett’s silent question tore my eyes away from the house and towards him. What are we going to do? Is the young one here?

“No,” I whispered almost soundlessly, “But I have a plan.”

I motioned for all three of them to follow me, and we tore off into the forest so I could deliberate with them.

“So, what’s the plan?” Felix’s eyes lit up in anticipation, excited to see what I had in mind.

“We wait until the young one is on her way home, and then ask the mother if we can be invited in,” My whisper was nearly inaudible. I hoped this plan would work.

“And if she doesn’t comply?” Demetri grinned evilly, but I snarled at him in anger.

“We are not here to hurt anyone Demetri!” I was still whispering, but my tone implied otherwise. He understood, and lowered his head instantly. No one dared go against the crown prince’s orders…

“Well…?” Emmett left the question hanging. I wish we were here to hurt people…

“Emmett!” I let my anger get the best of me, try as I might to ignore their mutinous thoughts. “She will let us in. She knows who we are.”

Indeed she did. Alice told me right before we left that she’d had a vision. In it, she saw the older female agreeing to do whatever we wished of her, saying “Anything for the Volturi, anything at all…”

So that would not be a problem. The only thing I was worried about was this Bella creature. I was not even worried about her father, who held no particularly interesting traits.

But Bella was… different sounding. Her power intrigued me, and as much as I hated the idea of marrying for benefits, I could see I would get nothing better than that. I couldn’t ask for true happiness, not in this life.

This is so boring! Felix’s thoughts where vehement as he sat there, glaring down at the wet grass.

“Only a few more hours, friend,” I reassured him quietly, even though I was thinking the same.

I wanted to meet Bella and her family, but I would have to wait until she got home. I wondered for the first time in my life what being human would be like: to have to go to school, to eat the disgusting items they called food, to walk at the slow pace they walked. Then I wondered how Bella could handle being stuck with them for six hours a day. I would go mad, and I felt slightly sympathetic towards her. But perhaps it was easier for her to resist, since she fed on animals. I still felt sympathetic towards her; drinking animal blood was just about as bad as eating human food in my opinion.

I knew I was slightly spoiled, that much was true. I’d always gotten what I wanted, and I knew I was being wholly prejudiced now. Maybe they enjoyed the animal blood, what did I know?

Bella should be home soon… I hope her day went well! Her mother’s thoughts broke through my thoughts and I sighed, looking around at the others as I did so.

“Is it time?” Emmett asked; there was excitement in his eyes.

“Yes,” I stood up effortlessly and gestured that the others should do the same. They rose and flanked me obediently, waiting for my signal.

I began to walk, and they took that as their opportunity to do the same. Emmett came to walk beside me, and Felix and Demetri fell into step behind us. I imagined we must look fairly intimidating, even to a vampire, and I laughed inwardly.

Emmett reached the door first, and he knocked politely, but he was thinking otherwise. Can’t see why we can’t just knock the door down and be all intimidating…

“That wouldn’t be very courteous or inconspicuous though Emmett,” I reminded him softly as the door opened.

Who could that be? Bella…? “Hello?” A small woman with short brown hair, pointed chin, full lips and tiny figure greeted us uncertainly. She looked about forty-six years old, but Father had said she was actually about two hundred and fifty. Her eyes were the last thing I noticed about her, and my face must have gave my shock away, because she asked motherly, “Is something wrong?”

“No ma’am, nothing is aloof, I assure you,” I smiled at her, though my mind was still mulling over the appearance of her eyes. They were deep yellow, golden butterscotch almost, not at all like the red eyes of normal vampires.

Realization dawned on her as well as she thought. I wonder what these ones want to do with us…

“Perhaps you should come in, all of you,” She suggested, and beckoned us into the entryway of the small house.

“That’s very kind, thank you,” I smiled again, politely inclining my head in her direction.

As soon as the door closed behind her she spun around and confronted me, “Why are you here? I suppose you’re interested are you? Well we’re quite good at doing what we do, and you can just leave us to it! We don’t need things like you messing it up for us!”

“Mrs. Swan.” I said it civilly enough, but my eyes told another story. “We do not wish to ‘mess anything up’ for you, and I would truly appreciate it if you did not call the Volturi ‘things.’”

“Of course,” She backpedaled now, and she looked ashamed of herself, “Anything for the Volturi, anything at all…”

I smiled rather malevolently now, and she cowered away from me. “You have nothing to fear Renee; I’m not quite sure why you appear so stricken. We do not want to harm any of you. Now, let us assume that you have invited us to take a seat in your charming little living room, and that you did not just yell at us so antagonistically.”

“S…Sure,” She stuttered, embarrassing herself. He said they wouldn’t hurt us… Then she led us into the previously mentioned living room and gestured rather nervously towards the couch across from the fireplace.

Emmett and I sat on the couch, Felix and Demetri took spots on the wall, and Renee placed herself in the armchair in the corner farthest from us all. We sat like this for a few minutes, silently, and then the door banged open.

“Mom! I’m home!” A highly musical voice called from the kitchen. Then it was silent, and I could speculate what its owner had discovered: our scent. I listened for her thoughts, but found nothing. I frowned, worried that her power might be blocking me out, but I was sure I could find a way around it.

She growled suddenly, so low I barely heard it, and her mother answered finally enlightened her to our whereabouts, “In here Bella, dear.”

Renee’s voice was a dead giveaway that something wasn’t quite right, so I tried to make amends as Bella walked into the living room.

“Hello,” I smiled, but she wasn’t looking at me. As soon as I spoke however, her eyes turned onto me, and our gazes met.

She had the same golden eye color as her mother, but her eyes were lighter somehow, more yellow. Her skin was lighter than my own, which surprised me, as I was known as one of the palest at home. She shared the same pointed chin and full lips as her mother, but she was taller and slimmer. Her hair was a beautiful mahogany brown, and it had a sparkling quality to it. My eyes left hers just as hers left mine, and I could tell she was appraising me as well.

She was dressed nicely, modern as far as I could tell, in a light blue tee shirt and stone washed jeans that accentuated her features rather nicely, and I suppose the animal diet had sustained her well, since she did not look as if she was suffering.

I looked back up into her eyes, and she took fleeting look back at me with the most curious expression on her face; I couldn’t decide if it was one of derision or approval of my appearance. Perhaps it was disapproval of my being here in her house uninvited, and admiration of my physical appearance. I wasn’t quite certain.

Why is she looking at him like that? Her mother’s thoughts echoed my own, and I responded to them without thinking.

“I was wondering that myself, Renee,” I believe I scared Renee by doing that, as her eyes instantly looked up at me uneasily. I listened for Bella’s response to this in her thoughts, but nothing came from her.

I turned to address her, unsuccessful in breaching the obvious wall keeping her mind from me. “Bella, right? You don’t look very pleased to see me.”

“Read my mind there,” She replied tersely, and it surprised me that she had discovered my talent so quickly. Then again, I had answered Renee’s thoughts, but that could be perceived differently.

So I decided to humor her, even though she was, indeed, correct. “I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to do so,” I smiled up at her politely but I supposed my eyes gave my displeasure away, so I broke eye contact with her.

That’s strange. “Why is that Edward?” Emmett voiced his thoughts for once, which I knew he was doing out of courtesy for the others around us. Felix and Demetri remained statues against the wall.

“I… I don’t know,” I admitted, meeting Emmett’s gaze, but I clearly saw that he didn’t understand. My voice dripped with anguish as I replied to him, though I had no idea. I supposed my subconscious thought it pertinent to understand the mystery that was Bella Swan.

Suddenly, the aforementioned vampire spoke, sounding angry, “Why are you here?” She glanced over at her mother, and I realized she must have thought we had tried to hurt her.

“We were… curious about your way of life,” Demetri answered her before I could, but his answer was satisfactory enough. It was the truth, after all. “We were hoping you could show us how you hunt.” That I had not been expecting, but I supposed that made sense also, as we would gain more understanding that way, which is what my father wanted.

“No one else has bothered to care before.” She was sounding wholly annoyed now, and her eyes told the same story as she looked at me with fierce hatred. Her mother shook her head in aspiration. I wouldn’t get on the wrong side of these ones, Bella…

Now it was Felix’s turn to reveal more about us. “No one else rules over the vampire world,” He said this in a rather foreboding tone, and I presumed he was trying to sound impressive. “Edward here is the crown–”

“Felix!” Emmett stopped him before I could, which I was silently thankful for. I did not need her knowing that bit of information.

Rather abruptly and unnaturally, Bella had put an air of detached and polite attentiveness about her, and stared into nothing for a minute. Then she smiled, as if she had discovered something, and her voice became falsely cheery as she said, “Once my father returns from work, I am sure he would be honored to allow you all to accompany us on a small hunt. In the meantime, may I get any of you anything?”

I was taken aback at the last part, but I replied all the same. “We have not hunted in a while,” I admitted to her, but I knew this would make her angry.

My assumption turned out to be correct, as she replied, forcibly civil, “You can’t hunt here. Not unless you wish to hunt game as we do.”

“We will do as you wish, and hunt with you once your father returns. We swear not to harm a human while we are visiting here.” Emmett supplied this tactful response, and I glared at him sidelong. Sorry brother. He shrugged as he thought this, and I eventually relaxed. After all, I had promised Renee earlier that we would not cause problems for them.

Bella began to question us on meaningless things, waiting for her father to return, no doubt, but soon she questioned, “How did you know about us?”

I went the mysterious foreign vampire route and gave her only, “We have our ways.”

I knew this had made her angry, but to my surprise, she smiled. By now I could guess what she was about to do and stopped her. “I wouldn’t try it,” I murmured, my lips almost unmoving as I spoke. “I saw what you were doing to Felix earlier. I may not be able to read what you’re thinking, but I can guess what you’re doing.”

This seemed to make her utterly furious, and she looked at me with such intense dislike I nearly cringed into the couch. Then she growled, a low, terrifying sound, and crouched, ready to attack.

Should I? Demetri asked me silently, and I barely moved my head in response. He would know.

He moved in a blur, and soon I was watching Bella growl and spit in fury as she was pinned against the wall. Her mother stood up and growled as well, but I forced myself to remain civil in hopes to control the situation.

“Miss Swan,” I sighed before going any further, “I really do understand what you’re feeling right now, and I must agree I would feel the same way. However, my father will not take it too kindly that you have disobeyed our orders and wishes, so if you would like to remain alive, I strongly advise you to comply. We have promised not to hunt humans on your land, and you have agreed to show us how you hunt in turn. Then we shall be on our way, and you will most likely never hear from us again. Demetri, please release her.”

Demetri complied, and I relaxed against the couch, but as soon as she was free she ran towards me and screamed in my face.

“You’re lying!” She told me before peeling out of the room and up the stairs in a whirlwind of fury.

I strained to reach her thoughts as I sat there, but they remained blocked from me. Her mother was sitting down again, but when her father came through the door, she ran to him.

They spoke in fast whispers, but I heard it all.

They’re here… No I don’t think they have harsh objectives… No they won’t hurt us, they’re just curious… She’s in her room.” Renee hurriedly explained the situation to her husband, and he ran up the stairs to Bella’s room, his thoughts going a mile a minute.

Why would they bother? We haven’t done anything wrong… Bloody savages… I hope Bella’s alright…

The atmosphere in the room was tense between the four of us, every one of the others trying not to think, for they knew I was listening to the Swans. Renee remained in the kitchen, dry sobbing into a hand towel.

I heard the entire exchange between Bella and Charlie, even though Renee’s sobbing was much louder than their voices.

“Bella?” Charlie hesitated. Should I go in? I suppose I should… ““Your mother told me what happened.”

“Where is he?’ I instantly knew she was speaking of me. “Where did he go?”

It slightly amused me that she chose only to acknowledge my presence in her house, when there were three other unwanted vampires as well. How peculiar…

I have to lie to her. Charlie made his decision, “They have left for a time, but they will be back.” It was a good thing Bella was too distraught to notice his lie. She readily believed him. “They’re just curious Bella. They will leave eventually.”

She didn’t believe that. He wasn’t lying though: he honestly believed that. “You’re wrong!” She shrieked at him, her voice echoing throughout the house. “He’s a liar Dad! A no good, royal liar! He wants me Dad! He was sent to get me!”

That stung me. How had she known that? She must have got it from Felix… I would have to make sure they kept their thoughts more private if they could.

How can she know that? Charlie’s thoughts were frantic as he replied, “Are you sure?”

He may not have known if she was certain, but I did. We had come for her.