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Convince Me

The Cullens are the ruling class of the Volturi, strict and traditional. What happens when Edward is ordered to go and meet with a new coven of 'Vegetarian' vampires called the Swans? Will he find romance with the youngest, Bella? AU!


5. Alice

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Life here at Volterra without Edward and Emmett was supremely dull. Not only did the two of them make life a lot more interesting, but with Emmett gone Rosalie had become a constant annoyance, badgering me for predictions practically every five minutes. And Edward was the closest thing I had to a friend here, excluding Jasper.

Jasper was my soulmate, but Edward was the other freak in the family, which bonded us in a strange way.

“Alice?” Carlisle knocked on my chamber door tentatively the morning after the third day of their departure. I rolled my eyes and called for him to enter. He had been just as annoying as Rosalie lately.

“I haven’t seen anything new Father,” I informed him before his mouth had had the chance to form the words of the question.

“Oh, well, alright then,” He stammered, appearing flustered as he smoothed his tunic. “Have you been keeping tabs on Isabella as well?”

Bella Father, you know that,” I smiled, realizing I knew our subject well by now. She and I would get along when she came here… “And yes, I have been watching for anything new from her, as always.”

“And?” I let him ask it, even though he’d not needed to.

“Nothing new has come from her… yet,” I tacked on the last word in hopes it would raise his spirits, as he looked slightly crestfallen.

“In that case daughter, I bid you good morning,” He bowed and retreated through the door by which he had come, leaving me to my thoughts as I gazed out over the city that was being bathed in the morning sun.


A meadow, seven figures standing before my father, a brick building with the word ‘Office’ emblazoned upon it, an animal running through the forest, a pair of yellow eyes, and then – blackness.

“Alice? My God Alice, are you alright?” A frantic voice was speaking my name, but where was it coming from?

Then I was being held in a pair of stone cold arms, waves of calm now emanating through me: Jasper.

“I love you,” I whispered as I leaned against one of his arms, my eyes not yet wanting to open.

“Is she alright Jasper?” Esme’s soft voice rang in my head and through the hall where I had collapsed, and my eyes opened slowly. I tried to stand up and my head spun. Jasper held me down anyways, so there was no use in trying.

“I’m fine Mother,” I muttered as my eyes began to focus, and I could actually see who I was talking to.

“What happened?” Carlisle demanded as he ran up, Aro and Marcus fast on his heels. I did not want to explain with them listening in.

I groaned my annoyance at their presence, which would seem as if I was hurt to them, but Carlisle seemed to understand my double entendre, as did Jasper, because he hadn’t yet released me.

Instead he picked me up and announced, with overly done formality, “Alice and I will be retiring to our chambers for some time, and I assure you I will give a full update on her condition as the day expires.”

“Dismissed,” Carlisle flourished his hand exuberantly and we whisked away up the spiral staircase to our left.

“Thank you,” I smiled up at my husband, but he gave me a stern look as he sat me in a chair.

“Explain,” He commanded, taking a seat opposite me and resting his chin in his hand, prepared for anything.

I felt a surge of reassurance enter me, which prompted me to quickly give an explanation for my ‘fainting spell.’ “I had a vision with a meadow, and cloaked figures, and a brick building, and an animal, and yellow eyes and then… and then it went black.”

“So you had many visions all at once, and then you… fainted?” Jasper asked, trying to understand. This had never happened before.

“Yes,” I whispered, looking down at my knees. This embarrassed me. I had never fainted after a vision; I was much stronger than that. Or so I had thought. But I’d never had multiple visions at once either.

These seemed like multiple visions to me anyway. They didn’t appear to be related at all, but perhaps the meadow and the animal… But then what about the office building, the figures in front of Carlisle, and the pair of yellow eyes?

“We have to tell Carlisle,” Jasper reminded me, but I shook my head.

“Not yet. Marcus, Caius and Aro will know doubt try and listen in as well, and I want to be absolutely sure of what I saw before notifying him.”

“You’re the psychic,” Jasper complied, though I could tell my fainting had him worried. It had been a week since the four had left for Forks, and we all wanted some sort of news. But what sort of news was this? This could simply be me going mad.

I leaned forward and took his face in my hands, stroking his cheek as I thought. “I’m not crazy,” I eventually concluded.

“I know you’re not Alice, of course you’re not,” He shook his head and my hands fell, but he caught them and held them tight. “You’re my wife, and I love you, and I know you’ll do the right thing.”

Then he leaned towards me further and kissed me, sending more waves of calming reassurance through me as he did so.

Maybe I would make the right decision, but would Edward?