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Convince Me

The Cullens are the ruling class of the Volturi, strict and traditional. What happens when Edward is ordered to go and meet with a new coven of 'Vegetarian' vampires called the Swans? Will he find romance with the youngest, Bella? AU!


6. The Truth

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“It’s going to be sunny today folks, which is a nice change from the rain, so get out there and enjoy it while you can!” The alarm clock switched on at 7:00 AM to tell me to get ready for school. Judging by what the DJ had just said though, I wouldn’t be going, so I turned it off and resumed ‘watching TV’.

To my parents, the clock was unnecessary, but to me it was essential. I didn’t sleep, so I didn’t need to be woken up, but I got lost in thought very easily, and therefore lost track of time.

Over the past night I had sat in my room with the TV on – though I had been paying it no mind – and thought, like usual.

But unlike other nights, last night my mind had been invaded by a foreign vampire named Edward Cullen.

He had no business in coming here in the first place, of course, but his father, the ‘ruler’ of the vampire world, had ordered him to come, to find out about our way of life. The three Volturi with him had ogled at my family’s abstinence as if it left a bad taste in their mouths, which was one reason why I highly disliked the whole lot of them. Another reason was because of the way they thought of themselves, as if they were better than us, as if drinking animal blood was the equivalent of eating dirt.

Yet Edward was different, annoyingly civil towards me.

I knew he’d been ordered to bring me back with him, and I constantly wondered why. I’d tried to find the answer to that in his thoughts, but he knew what I could do, as his mind was incessantly busy rephrasing Debussy into cannon.

Other than the blocking off of his mind from my own, he was amazingly polite – perhaps too polite.

He had asked intuitive questions when we had showed the four of them how we hunted, and I found myself wondering what it would be like if he stayed with us. Hunting with him felt right; it was as if we were a team.

We got along well together too, though I could not forget what he was a member of, which was why I had originally detested him. And I couldn’t help but laugh at him when he had gotten fur in his mouth accidentally, which had resulted in a peal of laughter from him as well. He had laughed as he spat fur out of his mouth, and I had laughed along with him. My family and the other three looked on in bewilderment.

I couldn’t fall for him, not now. It would never work…

“Bella!” My thoughts were breached by my mother’s call from downstairs, and I wondered why.

I ran down to the kitchen – an unnecessary room, but it was a human house and removing it would be too conspicuous – only to find him standing there, erasing any of my previous speculations.

“Good morning Bella,” he greeted me with that pesky civility again – one less reason for me to hate him – and informed me, “Your mother and I were just discussing the wonders of living with humans. It sounds quite… fascinating.” He was smirking, sarcasm dripping off the end of his sentence, and I assumed that Renee had told him how I thought school to be meticulously boring.

“Hmm, yes, fascinating…” I rolled my eyes, and then allowed my gaze to fall onto his appearance. He was as stunning as ever, and his face, bathed in morning sunlight, was sparkling brilliantly. Overall, the effect of his elegant clothing paired with the glistening of his skin was quite dazzling. I couldn’t help staring at him longer than I should.

Renee cleared her throat loudly and I looked up at her, startled. “Yes?” I asked rather curtly. If there had been no awkward tension before, there was now.

“Edward has a question for you dear,” she nodded at him and he went on from there.

“I was hoping, Miss Swan, that you would join me on a walk through the nearby forest,” he smiled at me, his white teeth adding to the sparkle that already surrounded him.

How could I possibly decline that beauty? I would still play semi-hard to get though, “I suppose I could…seeing as how I’m not going to school.”

“Excellent!” My mother blurted, flushing slightly when I turned to stare at her.

“Let’s just go,” I gestured towards the door and ushered Edward forward.

“Your mother is very kind,” he remarked once we were through the door, “You’re very fortunate to have your birth parents make up the rest of your coven.”

“Yes, I suppose I was lucky in that regard,” I agreed, though I didn’t know how he could call a vampire lucky at all. “So,” I began, changing the subject, “Where are we going?”

“Oh, nowhere in particular,” He smiled sidelong at me, his red eyes glowing in the sun.

“Well can you tell me why you wanted to walk with me at least?”

“I… I wanted to tell you the truth, Isabella,” he hung his head as he walked, letting his bronze hair fall over his eyes, “After last night, I don’t think I can keep this a secret any longer.”

My interest had been peaked at the word truth, and I could barely contain my excitement. Coming from him, the word truth meant a lot. “You’ve been sent to get me,” I stated simply and shrugged nonchalantly, as if I was accepting the fact.

“Yes,” he whispered. Then suddenly he grabbed my hand and ran through the woods, and didn’t stop until we had reached a clearing. The clearing held an old, decrepit house which would have been considered highly extravagant and beautiful about a hundred years earlier. It was like I’d gone back in time.

“What is this place?” was all I managed to utter in sheer awe of my surroundings.

“I was bitten in 1352, Isabella, and I can remember nothing from before that time, as I am sure you have experienced as well. My great nephew thirty-five times over, Richard Masen, built this house, but left the area in 1932 due to the Great Depression. My ‘father’ Carlisle told me of this shortly after he decided to send for you,” he beckoned towards the front door, and I hesitantly trod up the steps and into the house.

“So why did he send you to come get me?” I asked again once we were seated on the dusty floor in the middle of what I assumed used to be the living room.

“Because,” he began as he matched my gaze with his own and held it. I leaned closer, since he was speaking quieter than I had ever heard him talk before, “They want your power.”

It looked as if he’d wanted to say more, but he looked away and I could have sworn he looked slightly embarrassed. I leaned closer still and rested my hand on his own, “There’s more, isn’t there?” My scent and my eyes worked exceedingly well on human boys for predatory reasons, and I could only hope they would have the same effect on Edward.

They almost worked, as he looked slightly flustered for a second, but his hand quickly withdrew from underneath mine as he crossed his arms. “Yes, there is, unfortunately,” he stood up and backed away to the other side of the room, “They want you to… I mean, they want us to… Well, it would seem Carlisle believes it to be prudent if…” He seemed at a loss for words to finish his sentence, but I could understand well enough.

“He wants us to marry,” I said softly, and at that moment, I wanted desperately to run into his arms and stay there, to comfort him. He had no choice in the matter, and no freedom whatsoever. His life was being run for him, by a father that was so detached from the world around him that he had no idea what his son really wanted. (A/N This is a total lie, if you’ve read Carlisle’s POV, you’ll know the truth.)

Edward sank to the floor dejectedly and whispered, “You weren’t supposed to know.”

“But I do, and its okay, I’m sure there’s an alternative,” I stood up and walked over to where he was sitting, then sat beside him against the wall.

He laid his head on my shoulder, as if he wanted someone to cry on, but alas, we couldn’t cry. Then he lifted his head up suddenly and asked, “Wait a minute, are you saying you don’t want to marry me?”

I was stunned. And it showed in my words. “Edward, I… I hardly know you!” I finally blurted out, “We’re completely different vampires, it would never, could never work!”

Even as I said it I knew it to be true. I could fall for him if I wished, but I would never leave my family, and he would never leave his.

“It might,” he breathed as he took my hand and stroked the back of it with his thumb.

That was too much for me to handle. “I’m sorry Edward, I have to leave now, good day…”

And with that I fled from the house, my thoughts going in every direction as I ran almost blindly back home through the woods.

I did not want to see Renee at the moment, so I flew up the tree by my window and into my room that way. I locked my door, and only then did I truly allow my mind to get the better of me.

Many possible decisions passed through my mind at a time, but there were chiefly five that were more recurring than the others: Edward and I could run, run into the forest and forget about his family and mine; I could convince him to allow my parents to accompany us to Volterra; I could convince him to leave his own family and live with my own; I could go hunting by myself for a while so he couldn’t take me back with him; or I could make him a vegetarian and we could run away from society for a while.

I had no idea what to do, and I frequently wished that Edward was a psychic instead of a mind reader.