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Convince Me

The Cullens are the ruling class of the Volturi, strict and traditional. What happens when Edward is ordered to go and meet with a new coven of 'Vegetarian' vampires called the Swans? Will he find romance with the youngest, Bella? AU!


9. Edward's History

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“No,” Bella corrected me, “We’ve got forever.”

“Would you truly sit here forever just to listen to my life story?” She was joking, I knew, but I kept my incredulity in my voice just the same.

“Obviously not,” she elbowed me in the arm and prodded, “Now get going, I want to hear this!”

I sighed and began, deciding to skim past my childhood – it was irrelevant. “My human life began in 1335, in a small village near modern day London. As I grew to the age I look now – 17 – I watched whole families perish around me from the Black Plague. My own parents, the knight and lady of the village, became infected before we could flee to the country, and I did as well. Most our servants fell ill also, but Carlisle, the village doctor, was strangely immune. After I learned what he was, it made complete sense, but why he would take up such a position was beyond me.

“He couldn’t save my parents, since they were too far along in the disease. But I, I could be saved, and Carlisle has told me that my mother’s dying breath was spent wishing for me to live. He changed me that night, and the pain for three days was literally…”

“Hell on Earth?” she giggled, then shuddered, and I knew she understood. Of course she would.

“Yes, very much so,” I continued, “But once it was over, I felt stronger and more powerful than I’d ever been in my sickly human life. I fast learned of my talent, and the first thing I ever saw or heard with it was an image of Esme, now my mother. I asked Carlisle if she was his wife, since he was picturing rather…lovingly of her, shall we say. He’d looked momentarily taken aback and stunned, so I’d decided to elaborate.

“‘I… I can read minds,’ I had smiled, and then laughed, ‘yours, at least. When I was human I had a knack for reading people. . . . So I assume traits like that translate this translate into this life then?’

“‘They can,’ he had answered simply, and shrugged. Ever since then he has blocked his mind from me, unless there’s something he wants me to hear from him. I have no idea why, though I suppose he has a few secrets of his own…

“I will admit to overusing my talent in my early years. When we found Rosalie, ravaged and beaten, I sought the minds of the ones who had done it after we changed her, and received consequences for it. When I found and confronted them they greeted me with such graphic images of her that I was repulsed – imagine, a monster such as I, repulsed! – and had to run away.

“No having the talent I possessed, they couldn’t stop Rosalie. She was to have been married to one of them, the worst one in my opinion, so she put on her wedding dress and marched down to his manor house. The Black Plague was a much better way to die than what Rosalie did to him and his friends…”

Bella shuddered against me, and I pulled her closer, feeling myself shake along with her.

“Anyways,” I quickly ended the bout of silence and fear, “Next I knew, I had a sister. We returned to Volterra - well, Carlisle was returning, Rose and I just coming – and there I met Esme for the first time, and the other women, and the men too.”

“But no woman was right for you there?” Bella whispered into my chest, and I stifled a groan before I explained.

“No woman there could ever hold a candle to you, dearest Bella. It’s taken my whole entire life, but I do believe I have finally found the right woman for me.” I heard her sigh contentedly, though the sound was muffled by my rock hard body – no, not muffled, it vibrated right through me. It was an oddly wonderful feeling.

“What happened after you got to Volterra, Edward?” Her soft reminder brought me back to the story at hand. I grinned sheepishly, though she couldn’t see. Her eyes were closed; she was completely at ease.

“Well, Carlisle started avoiding me as well as hiding his thoughts, and Aro – the ruler at the time – began teaching me the laws and rules of the city. I hunted ruthlessly, not even considering humans to be things with intelligence or emotions anymore.

“About three years after being introduced to this new life, Rosalie brought us Emmett. He was covered in blood, and I wanted so badly to finish off what the bear had started, as did many others feel that way, but Rosalie threatened to kill if anyone got anywhere near him. She nearly snapped off Jane’s arm, as I recall. Rose went to Carlisle and begged for him to be spared, to be made one of us.

“He obliged, and Emmett Cullen became my brother. He was instantly entranced with Rosalie’s being, and she his, which I suppose is why she saved him in the first place. Love can be very powerful, and can make people go to extremes…”

I chuckled and she giggled. We were all too aware of that aspect of love…

I cleared my throat and continued, “After Emmett came, some of us were up in arms about the decision to keep him alive. He took his place in our society soon enough however, abolishing the doubt and anger. You can understand how he did that, I’m sure.”

A nod of comprehension and a shiver told me she got it well enough. “Yes, so after Emmett, there came Jasper and Alice, in the early fifteenth century. Alice knew us all by name, and Jasper was attached to the tiny psychic being like a lovesick puppy. So I had gained a new brother and sister – actually, that’s how Alice had greeted me.

“‘Hello, brother,’ she had said to me as she ran up to the dais where Carlisle and our family sat, towing Jasper along with her. ‘I think I’ll like it here.’”

“So you’d gained a crazy psychic sister and… Jasper,” she began, but I interrupted her.

“Jasper is the ‘empath,’ as you so called him. He can manipulate the emotions of those around him, and he can feel them as well.”

“Okay, so you gained a crazy psychic sister and a crazy empath brother, but no wife…” she trailed off there, sympathy for my love life dripping in her tone.

I picked up again, poking her as I did so. “No, no wife. I had many admirers though… I was just never interested. Anyways, Carlisle began his rule in 1508, and thus will end it in 2508.”

“So what have you been doing from 1508 until now?” Her questions seemed incessant, as if she really did intend on listening to me forever.

“It’s very boring compared to what you do here,” I mumbled, but I appeased her. “Basically, I went on missions to help keep the peace in the vampire world, to keep our existence secret. I learned Italian and conversed with human rulers about trade and world issues – many of them valued our opinions very highly. I learned to play the piano, and went to exquisite vampire balls and parties.”

“Wait a second,” Bella stopped me, “If you went to parties and socialized, how could you not find a wife? Or a lover at least…”

“Love, what you have to understand is that Volterra’s ladies aren’t exactly…sensible. They’re more pretentious and obnoxious and controlling and…bitchy than any other ladies I’ve ever met. Something about having everything they want has their noses constantly up in the air. Never have I desired to get any better acquainted with any of them, excepting Alice and Esme. Even Rosalie can be very haughty… I don’t know how Emmett can stand it.”

“Oh,” Bella replied, and she pulled away from me to look at my face. Her mouth remained in the perfect O it had formed to get her words out, and she looked slightly startled, as if she’d thought Volterrean ladies were the most genteel beings there was. I laughed and she joined in, though I could tell she didn’t understand why I was.

“Bella!” Renee’s voice echoed through the halls of the little house and all the way up to Bella’s room, though why she would shout was beyond me. “We’re going hunting!”

“Okay Mom,” she spoke clearly, as if in defiance of her mother’s volume. “Would you like to come, Edward?” She turned to me, her face hopeful. I wished I could…

“Sorry, Bella dear, but Emmett is expecting me back.”

“Will I see you tomorrow?” She stared up into my eyes, hers intense and wanting.

I leaned down to kiss her, hoping this wasn’t the last time I ever would. “Perhaps,” I whispered between kisses, hoping she wouldn’t notice my lie. She had to go to school tomorrow, so it could be perceived that way.

“Goodbye Edward,” she whispered back, and for one stinging second I thought she had guessed what I was about to do. “Maybe I will see you tomorrow…”

“Have a good hunt,” I smiled and drew away from her. Then I grabbed her up in my arms and held her as tight as I could, breathing her scent in so I would be able to remember it.

I had to go. I jumped out the open window, took one fleeting look back at her happy, unsuspecting face, then forced myself to jump down to the ground and run away before I could go to her again.

“Hello Edward, where have you been?” Emmett chastised me softly as I approached the bank of the river behind the old house. He had his back to me, and I was willing to bet his expression wasn’t pretty. It’s the end of the week…

“Yeah Em, thanks for reminding me, I think I’m pretty aware.” I didn’t bother to stay civil with my brother.

“Well, have you got her?”

“Do you see her?” He turned around then, sweeping the area with his eyes quickly.

“Why not, Edward?” Felix approached me on my left, his face a calm mask.

Because I love her, I thought, but I said otherwise. “Because her power is too much for me, and I can’t convince her better than she can convince me to leave her alone. I doubt any of you would have better luck.”

“Alright Edward, really, this is silly. She’s a vegetarian, and she’s only two hundred years old. But if you want to go explain yourself to Carlisle, go ahead. I’m sure he’d be overjoyed with your lack of success.” Demetri smirked devilishly as he came into view behind Felix.

“Then we’re leaving tonight.” I refused to get angry at Demetri’s abhorrent comment, since nothing would be able to stop me from getting all four of us away from here. I didn’t want to hurt Bella any longer.

“Fine with me,” Emmett shrugged, and I wondered why he had so little aversion to my decision. Perhaps Carlisle will make me crown prince…

“I’m sure if that’s what you want, he could give it to you,” I responded to his silent wish coolly, keeping my head, though I wanted to slaughter them all.

“Then let’s go,” Felix nodded his agreement. “We’ll blame it on Ed, alright?”

“Fine with me,” I replied through gritted teeth. I could take the heat from my father, as long as I knew Bella was safe from my dreadful life back in Italy. Forks with Bella was heaven, but Italy with Bella would be hell. For both of us instead of one, and better me then her, I’d decided.

So we left, leaving no trace of our short presence in this tiny little town housing a coven of vampires. Getting back to Volterra had taken three days, as I’d expected it would take on the way to Forks. We hunted along the way, though now it felt not right to me, not after seeing Bella’s way of life. Emmett and the others noticed my new outlook on things, though they chose to ignore it. At least I wasn’t refusing human blood.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as we passed through Volterra’s gates, Emmett running off to his Rosalie, Felix and Demetri to who-knows-where. I was to face my father alone.

“Good evening, Edward,” he greeted me cordially, and I was thankful I had come to see him during the night, rather than during court or feeding time. He was also alone, which I thanked his God for, for once. “Have you brought us back a future Queen?”

“Well Father,” I began, praying this wouldn’t upset him too much, “That may have been…a problem.”