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Family Support

My first story! Woot! Woot!
Bella is about to jump. She is about to leave it all behind. But she can't do it. So she runs. But, she runs into somebody who wants her dead. And, in a way, does kill her. Years later Bella is a gymnast. What happens when her "sisters" from the past become gymnastics lovers? Will Bella reunite with her past family?

ok my first fanfic! please go easy on me. : )

2. Chapter 2 Eighty Years Later - Flooring It and Road Trips

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 648   Review this Chapter

"Next up is Isabella Swan," the announcer called. I took of my sweatshirt and stood there in my black leotard. As I sprinted forward I felt a surge of raw power. The power over took me and I kept going towards the springboard. ‘This is for you, you heartbreaker,’ I thought, my golden eyes were shining with passion.

When I reached the board I flung myself at it. I feel my hands collide with the hard surface and I fly through the air. I flip over three times before my feet come down perfectly on the mats lied on the floor. I take a deep breath and look over at the judging table. Strait 10s. ‘Perfect,’ I thought, another perfect score.

I ran over and hugged my coach, Brian. "Good job kid"

“Thanks" I replied. All my friends hug and give me high-fives.

"Great job Bella!" said my best friend, Yoli.

"Yeah! Way to get ANOTHER gold," said Elli.

"Thanks ladies." I go up on the stand and accept my medal. The cold surface rubs against my leotard and I can feel the weight on my chest.

I felt a rush of emotion come through me all at once. Anger. I was angry. Angry at him. Angry at me. Angry at the world. Why did he have to leave me? Why couldn't I be enough? I needed to hit something. Hard. I was able to keep my rage in check until everyone had left the auditorium.

When I lost control of my emotions I just let it all out through gymnastics. Just the way the air felt against my face and the pop of my ankles and knees when I landed was enough to take away all my troubles. So there I was, doing my floor routine only putting my hardest tricks in and throwing all my weight into it. It drove me crazy that I did not have super-human speed like THEY did. I was a freaking vampire! Was I not supposed to have that ability? Was I not good enough? Why?!?!

After an hour of flooring all my energy I calmed down and went home. I went back to Team Housing and took a long hot shower. The scalding water felt magnificent against my freezing cold skin.

‘Good job today,’ I thought. ‘In a few days you go to nationals. Nationals!!! It’s going to be perfect. Well almost perfect.’

There was only one thing that would make it absolutely perfect. That would be if my families were there. Alice, Emmett, and Jasper cheering me on. Esme and Carlisle screaming out my name. And then of course Edward. My family.

‘No! Don’t think like that! They left you remember!?’

Just the thought of him made me want to cry. Though I would never cry again. If he were there at all it would make everything all right. But I knew they would never come. They probably thought I was dead, or really old.

Oh how much I missed them. It would be so perfect to just see them again. But I knew life was anything but perfect.

And nationals would be far from it.

Edward's POV

"Road trip!!!" I heard Alice and Rosalie yell in unison.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I ran down the stairs.

"We're going to see the national gymnastics competition in Augusta!" said Alice ever enthusiastically.

" Why?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Because it is currently our favorite sport and we want to go see it"replied Rosalie.

‘And because this family needs to cheer up,’ Esme thought. Emmett and Jasper snorted at this as they entered the room. Carlisle followed behind them glancing at Esme in confusion, not sure if a trip would be good or bad for the family.

Esme looked at Emmett and Jasper with an annoyed glance and said "pack your bags boys, you're coming with us."

We all groaned as we headed up the stairs to pack.

God this was going to be living hell.