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Family Support

My first story! Woot! Woot!
Bella is about to jump. She is about to leave it all behind. But she can't do it. So she runs. But, she runs into somebody who wants her dead. And, in a way, does kill her. Years later Bella is a gymnast. What happens when her "sisters" from the past become gymnastics lovers? Will Bella reunite with her past family?

ok my first fanfic! please go easy on me. : )

3. Chapter 3: Worse Than Living Hell

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Chapter 3

Bella's POV I heard the blaring of my alarm clock. I groaned and opened my eyes. Just because I couldn't sleep, doesn't mean I couldn't pretend, right? And right now I DIDN'T want to wake up.

"Come on, 'sleepy' head, wake up!"

"Yoli, just because you stay up all night, doesn't mean I have to," I groaned.

"Oh come on! What's the point of not having to sleep if you lay in bed all night anyway?!"

"I like to pretend I'm still human." I said, getting out of bed.

Like me, Yoli was a vampire. Except she was a fairly young newborn. She still had red eyes. She also was fortunate enough to have superhuman speed...unlike me.

"Thank you for finally getting out of bed. Now hurry up or we'll be late for warm-ups." As much as I hated to admit it, she was right.

"Yeah, yeah whatever," I replied pulling off my pajamas and pulling on my electric blue leotard and black team sweatpants. I put my hair in a ponytail and sighed. "Ok let's go."


After a very long and brutal warm-up, workout and practice, me and the girls went back to Team House, as we called it.

"God that was living hell!" complained Elli.

"God it was effing worse than that," remarked Keller.

"I call the big shower first!" I yelled and raced up the stairs.Everyone groaned.

"I call shower numero dos!" yelled Marja and raced after me.

"Oh! Oh! I call numero tres!" Rayna shrieked and chased after us. I retrieved my ipod and speakers from my room and headed for the bathroom.

"I hate it when she calls the big shower first," I heard Cheyanne whine.

"Get the fuck over it," said Yoli in return. I turned the water on scalding, stripped off my clothes, and pressed shuffle on my ipod. Fake It by Seether came on and I started signing really loudly. I heard the doorbell ring downstairs but figured some one else would get it. I started shampooing my hair and the doorbell rang again. 'Whatever,' I thought; 'I really don't give a damn.'

Edward's POV

When our plane landed I sat impatiently waiting for the pilot to tell us we could get off.

"Edward, please calm down. You're driving me crazy," said Jasper.

"Sorry" I mumbled. A voice came on over the intercom and told us we could leave. I immediately sprung up from my seat and raced off the plane at a somewhat human pace. Alice followed me.

"Edward slow down!" she said once I got outside. It was a cloudy day, thank God.

"Where-?" I started.

Alice cut me off, "SGA - The Salden Gymnastics Academy." 'It's about 60 miles north,' she thought as I ran.I ran as fast as I could. But I was still going painfully slow.

'God! Go faster!' I thought to myself. God! Waiting like this was worse than living hell. A few minutes later I came to a large house that said "SGA Housing" on the front.

"I hate it when she calls the big shower first," I heard a girl whine.

"Get the fuck over it," I heard someone else say. I ran up to the door and rang the doorbell. I waited a few seconds and rang it again.

A Chinese girl in a silver leotard and black sweatpants answered the door. I looked into her eyes and noticed they were bright red. I let out a gasp as I realized she was a newborn. This could not be good.

"Where's Bella?" I asked in worry.