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Leah's Love

This is a story about Sam breaking up with Leah and her dealing with it. Maybe, someday, there will be someone to be the one for her... please review! this is the same story as my other one, it's just that it wasn't working so i had to delete it... sorry!

hi!! this is my story... i hope you like it! please review, i don't care what kind! this is my first longish story, so please review with any kind of constructive criticism or tips! i love reviews!

3. Chapter 3

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"You... You mean like running away?" he asked unbelievingly.



"You can’t! You’ll hurt so many people, Leah!"

"Can’t be more pain than I’ve had."

"No! You can’t. Say you won’t! We’ll work it out! Say you won’t!" he said loudly.

"Fine, I won’t then."

"Oh. Okay. Well, feel better, sis," he said.

"‘Kay. Bye," Leah replied. She laid back down on her bed and listened to her iPod for hours. Eventually, her eyes flickered closed. It seemed like she had done a ton of sleeping over the last few days, but somehow she always felt exhausted. Tonight, however, she woke up at two in the morning. She sat up quickly and took a deep breath. She took a little backpack and packed all of her money, three sets of clothes, her iPod, and her cell phone into it. She then stood at her window. Sorry Seth. Sorry Mom. She thought, then opened her window and jumped out. She ran to the woods and phased into a werewolf. Just this once. I have to move fast, she told herself.There was no one else who was a werewolf at this moment, which was lucky, but that didn’t mean someone couldn’t phase suddenly and sense her. She had to move fast. She took off, runningas fast as she could away from everything that caused her pain.

It took a few days, but eventually she reached Oregon. It was hard only being able to move really fast during the dead of night. She decided to just rent a room in a cheap motel and see where she would go from there. Maybe she could get a job. She wandered and eventually found a town called Cold Springs. She checked into a motel called 8 Motel. Luckily it was really cheap. She put her bag on the chair next to the bed and then lay down on the bed. She turned off the lights, closed her eyes, and tried to ignore the stabbing pains that had followed her even here.

The next morning she took a shower, changed, and headed out to find a job. She found a supermarket and took a job as a cashier. They were in need of cashiers so they put her to work straight away. She checked out people’s groceries until nine o’clock PM and then finished her shift. She was exhausted from a day’s worth of checking groceries, so she fell immediately asleep.


Sam was standing talking to Paul and Jacob when Seth came running up. He had a worried look on his face.

"Guys, Leah’s gone."

"What?" Sam said. "Are you sure? Like, she didn’t just go for a walk or something?"

"No, she took all her money, her iPod, and some clothes. It’s all my fault! I was talking to her and she said she was running away. I told her not to and made her say she wasn’t. I guess she didn’t mean it. I should have kept a closer eye on her."

"It’s okay, Seth, we’ll find her. Is anyone on patrol?"

"Umm... Embry, I think. Quil might be out too."

"Okay. They would have told us if they saw Leah anywhere weird. They would have told us if Leah had even phased. Did she bring a cell phone?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Let’s call her," Sam said and took out his phone. He still had her in his contacts. He called her phone, but no one answered. "She’s not answering. I’ll leave a message- Leah where are you? Everyone is really worried! Call me back, or call your mom or Seth. We’re really worried." He snapped his phone shut. "Okay... now all we can do is wait. Don’t worry Seth, we’ll find her."

"Thanks so much. I know it’s kind of... well, never mind," Seth said awkwardly. "Bye."



Leah’s phone was ringing. She looked at the caller ID. It was Sam. She gulped; he was still in her contacts. The ringing stopped and he left a message. It told her to call and tell where she was. Ha! Like she’d do that! They’d probably all come down and make her come back and feel the pain she still felt now even stronger. She fell asleep thinking about what to do about the money situation. She woke up, went to work, cried a little, then fell asleep. A week or two passed in this fashion, until one day changed it all.