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Emo Boy Love

Ok so Bella is a tomboy and Edward is emo and they are complete opposites. Or that was what they thought...


1. Pirates AHOY!

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I was walking down a road when I saw her. She was standing dangerously close to the edge of the cliff, which I shouldn’t care if she killed herself, but I couldn’t resist so I ran to her. But I was too late she jumped off. I didn’t even hear a shriek, just water splashing below. But when I saw that I realized where I was and that a guy was standing behind her. But unlike her uncanny grace he took a running start and jumped off the cliff with what I suppose was an Indian battle cry. Then I heard booming laughter like that of my eldest brother, Emmett. Although I was sure it wasn’t Emmett I got curious as to why it sounded so familiar. I was only sure it wasn’t Emmett’s is because my entire family has gone on a “family camping trip for bonding time” and since I won’t go I have to watch the house all week. Even if Esme is afraid that I am going to turn the entire house into a black abyss. No matter many times I tell her I won’t she just won’t listen.

Anyway I was walking down the path that led to the place that led to the beach that was below the cliff that she jumped off, only to find the girl and the guy laughing while she is making random poses and the guy running around her making clicking noises. It was a very weird site and yet I couldn’t move from my spot and stop looking at her. When she noticed me I heard her tell the guy to duck and run I think but this girl was just too beautiful I wonder if she likes emo boys? I pondered in my head while she bounded towards me. I didn’t noticed it when a guy grabbed me from behind but I did notice when he said “ I’ve got ye now. Cap-i-ton Swan I’ve got the scally-wag that be on ye ship!”

“Good job sailor, bring him o’er here!” yelled an absolutely beautiful voice. The giant behind me started. Huh no wonder I thought he was Emmett he’s just as childish and just as big. He then brought me into the woods to a tree house that actually looked like a house it was sealed so that water couldn’t enter. And it even had roof tiles, anyway he climbed up the ladder and threw me into the house and climbed back down. There she was the girl that jumped off the cliff, only this time she had a pirate captains hat, a LIVE parrot, an eye patch, and a fake peg leg. "So ye be the one that be on me ship. Care to explain yourself sailor?"

I just stared at her like she was crazy “Uhhhh…. I was concerned when you jumped off the cliff so I came down here to see if you were okay and then the big guy grabbed me. So can you explain why you were jumping off the cliff.” I asked with accusing eyes.

“Oh my god, you have to be kidding me,” She was now completely dropping the pirate façade “JAKE GET IN HERE AND BRING ME A,” She apprased me for a moment “SMALL BLACK SWIMSUIT!”

I looked at her like she was insane. “What are we going to do?” I asked in a cautious voice.

She looked at me like I was crazy “ Silly we’re going cliff diving.”